Chaos Invasion

Last Updated: 12 January 2023

Season 2 - Blacksail

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Chaos Invasion is Torchlight Infinite's Endgame System, it causes Stages in each Zone of the Netherrealm to draw cards that provide powerful modifiers.

The cards are drawn from the players personal Trait Deck as well as random Confusion Cards which provide much more powerful modifiers.

Understanding how to rank up your Trait Cards and sequence them correctly is essential for maximizing rewards. New Trait Cards are added every season to keep the farming fresh and give players new strategies to explore!

Infatuated is one the strongest confusion cards!

Chaos Invasion Attempts

After exhausting your Chaos Invasion attempts you get the opportunity to edit your Trait Deck!

You immediately begin interacting with Chaos Invasion once reaching the Netherrealm. Every invasion has 5 attempts (this is considered a round) that are reduced by 1 whenever you clear a Stage within the same Zone.

After completing a Chaos Invasion, all current Trait and Confusion Cards are removed from the Stages. And the following cards are drawn:

  • 5 Trait Deck Cards
  • 3 Confusion Cards

Trait Deck Cards

Rewards Types



  • Agile
  • Alert
  • Just
  • Reserved

Leveling Trait Deck Cards

Cards have 5 ranks and then have a chance to appear Awakened for incredibly powerful effects!

At the start of every Chaos Invasion you receive a choice between 3 Trait Deck Cards, selecting a card adds it to your Trait Deck library if uncollected, or raise it's level by 1. The current level of your card is denoted by the number of stars underneath it.

Different cards can be unlocked at different Timemarks, which means if you're attempting to fully upgrade a lower tier card like Sharp, run the lowest Tier of Beacon it is available to show at in order to increase the odds of it being one the cards offered to you at the beginning of your Chaos Invasion.

Inheritance and Memory

Trait and Confusion cards have 2 important keywords associated with them, Inheritance and Memory. These 2 keywords are what allow you to form a sequence of cards that can work together to create increasingly more rewarding Beacons.


Inheritance is the more common of these 2 keywords and it is very important to understand as it is crucial for sequencing your cards and making your Beacons more rewarding.

Inheritance refers to the number of Chaos Invasion attempts that benefits from the modifier listed on the card used. For example, an Inheritance 2 card such as Benevolent has it's effect applied to 3 Chaos Invasion attempts. The map it is activated on and then the following 2.

TIP: Inheritance expires if you exhaust all your Chaos Invasion attempts in the current round!

Be sure to plan out your sequence to not miss out on your most valuable inheritance cards!


Memory typically applies to cards with Memory Fragment rewards!

Memory is exclusive to the Memory Fragment reward cards and functions slightly differently than Inheritance.

Typically when you run a stage of the Netherrealm, the card on the stage is consumed. Memory allows players to run the same stage multiple times without consuming the Card with Memory keyword.

This makes cards with Memory excellent ways to finish a sequence, as you can use inheritance cards to add modifiers to your maps and then finish with multiple runs of the same stage with the powerful Memory modifiers.

TIP: Unlike inheritance, Memory consumes 1 use on the first stage you use it on!

Confusion Cards

Confusion Cards are separate to your Trait Deck, in most cases they offer more powerful rewards but it is entirely random whether or not you see one on your Stages. At the start of every chaos invasion 3 of the following (unlocked) cards are drawn:



  • Armor - Greed
  • Trinket - Greed
  • Weapon - Greed
  • Suspicion
  • Armor - Ultimate Greed
  • Trinket - Ultimate Greed
  • Weapon - Ultimate Greed
  • Radical

Unlocking Confusion Cards

Confusion Cards are unlocked permanently when completing a specific encounter within the game. The rarest and most rewarding cards are hidden behind the most difficult encounters!

Click "show unowned" when viewing you Chaos Deck to show all the cards you have not unlocked. Clicking on the card brings up the conditions that need to be met.

Once you've completed that prerequisite the card can be drawn at the start of all future Chaos Invasions rounds.

Sleepless - Jealous is one of the rarest Chaos Cards and guarantees a Legendary Ember when killing a Boss!


  • Chaos Invasions unlock when you reach the Netherrealm.
  • At the start of each Chaos Invasion, draw 5 Trait Cards and 3 Confusion cards on the stages of the whichever plane you are running. Each Invasion lasts for 5 clears unless modified by Honest.
  • After completing a Chaos Invasion, choose to unlock a new Trait Card or upgrade one you have previously acquired.
  • Ranking up Trait Deck cards strengthens their effects. Running lower Timemarks fast is a good method of leveling up your stronger cards.
  • Inheritance refers to the number of stages that the card affects. "Inheritance 3" affects 4 Beacons; the Beacon the card is cleared on and the following 3 stages. This does not carry over into future Chaos Invasions.
  • Confusion Cards are unlocked through various in game activities. The activity can be determined by clicking on the card in your Chaos Deck. These are extremely random but can provide much more powerful effects than Trait Deck Cards.


Written by: Milkybk
Reviewed by: Facefoot, Xtra


  • 4 January 2023
    Article Published for Season 2

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