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Chaos Invasion

Last Updated: December 28th 2023

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Chaos Invasion is Torchlight Infinite's Endgame System. It allows you to influence the content that appears in each of your Beacons as well as provide opportunities to target specific types of loot such as;

  • Flame Sand, Flame Elementium
  • and high tier Beacons.

Your Trait Deck is comprised of 10 Cards which can be increased in power by completing rounds, or by completing Netherrealm Stages which have a Chaos Card active on them.

Example of a Rare Chaos Card


Edit your Trait Deck after completing a Round.

At the start of each Chaos Invasion round you draw 3 Chaos Cards onto random Netherrealm Stages. These are randomly drawn from the Chaos Card deck with common rarity cards being drawn much more frequently.

Each Stage you run with an attached Chaos Card provides 100% additional Drop Quantity, and you get one progress towards the value represented on the card.

On the final use of the card, it's unique effect is activated, such as the ability for Bosses to Drop additional Rank 5+ Beacons present on Slightly Radical II

After completing a Stage with an active Chaos Card, if it still has remaining uses it moves to another Stage within the same region.

Trait Deck Cards

Trait Cards are an important part of the Chaos Invasion system as they provide persistent loot buffs to all Stages run within the Zone. Your Trait deck is made up of 10 Trait Cards, and you select a different deck in each of the 5 Netherrealm zones.

Leveling Trait Deck Cards

Running a Chaos Card with the Choice affix will allow you to obtain a new card or upgrade an existing one!

Each round begins with a choice between 3 Trait Deck Cards, selecting a card adds it to your Trait Deck library if uncollected. If you've already collected a copy of the card selecting it again increases it's level by 1. The current level of your card is denoted by the number of stars underneath it.

Alternatively, running a Chaos Card with the Choice affix present, provides the same opportunity.

While it may be tempting to run your favorite Netherrealm Stage on repeat, it's important first to maximize the value of your Trait Cards. You must follow the Chaos Cards to different Stages in order to improve their level.

Chaos Card

The Chaos Invasion system takes its name from Chaos Cards, which are separate from your Trait Deck. In most cases Chaos Cards they offer more powerful rewards but it is entirely random whether or not you see a particular card on one of your Stages. At the start of every round, 3 cards will be drawn, one of which will always require only two beacons to be completed to restart the round.


Written by: Milkybk
Reviewed by: Facefoot, Tenkiei, Xtra

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