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Boons, Pets and Pacts

Last Updated: April 15th 2024

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The Boon system in Torchlight Infinite is accessed via the Shop button in the menu, spend Crystals through the Boons to gain either Pactspirits or Appearances. Appearances are purely cosmetic, whereas Pactspirits provide minor bonuses to Hero power by altering the effects granted in the Pactspirit Tree. Outside of the Free Jagged Primocrysts and Insight Crystals acquired through in game activities and challenges, they must be purchased.


Appearance Boon

Appearance Boon

The Boon page can be accessed by pressing "F3" on PC or via the Menu on Mobile. The Appearance Boon is found at the bottom of this page and despite its name it does not guarantee that you gain a Cosmetic item when using a Fantasy Crystal. Press the Details Button and select the "Outfit List" to view all the potential rewards from this Boon.

You can also view the chances to gain a desired outfit via the "Chances" tab on this page. The chance to gain a cosmetic from these boons is set at 3%, with one being Guaranteed within 30 pulls.

Pactspirit Boon

All Pactspirit Boons grant a Pactspirit when used. The different Boons allow you to affect the specific Pactspirits or type of Pactspirits you want to receive. The different boons are as follows:

IMPORTANT: The "Hunter's Journey" boon is available that can be used until you receive a Legendary Pactspirit. It guarantees a Legendary within 30 pulls. Use your pet pulls on this banner before moving onto other options.

Tagged Pactspirit

Anchor Action

The Tagged Pactspirit boon is a way to increase the chances of receiving a Pactspirit with the desired Tag. Select any number of tags from the Tag List to get a 50% chance to obtain Pactspirits with the chosen tags (multiple Pactspirits with the same tag share the chance equally). You can select from:

  • Survival
  • Attack
  • Spell
  • Persistent
  • Summon

If you are looking for 1 specific Legendary Pactspirit, there are better ways to use your Jagged Primocrysts with alternative boons.

Eternal Crown

The Featured Pactspirit Boon has a rotating batch of Legendary Pactspirits which you can apply a Rate Up to any of the displayed Pactspirits. Doing so means that for every 2 Legendary Pactspirits you receive, at least 1 of them will have your selected tag. This Boon requires Ceremonial Insight Crystals which can be purchased with Jagged Primocryst which is earned through in game activities or regular Primocryst from the Cash Shop.

If you want to receive a specific Legendary Pactspirit, saving up your Jagged Primocrysts and waiting for your desired Pactspirit to appear on the boon requires on average 21,120 Jagged Primocrysts and worst case scenario 37,120 Jagged Primcrysts. Despite needing this many Jagged Primocrysts it is still the best way to get your desired Legendary Pactspirit.

Regular Pactspirit

Pactspirit Boon

The Regular Pactspirit Boon is an unchanging Boon that contains all Pactspirits except the Season Exclusive. It requires Insight Crystals which are rewarded through in game activities or purchased with Primocrysts from the Cash Shop. There is no Rate Up for this boon meaning you have the baseline:

  • Legendary Pactspirits Base Rate: 1.5%
  • Rare Pactspirits Base Rate: 12%
  • Magic Pactspirits Base Rate: 86.5%

When no UP or Minimum Guarantee rules are active, all Pactspirits share the base rate equally.


Your collection of Pactspirits are one of the few things that are not reset at the start of a new Season, as such they should be viewed as long term progression to your account. You receive many Free Jagged Primocrysts and Insight Crystals each season which used to hunt down your desired Pactspirits.

Pactspirits come in 3 different rarities and are split into 6 different categories, Attack, Spell, Persistent, Drops, Survival and Summon. Pactspirit Impacts:

  • Magic: Inner Ring.
  • Rare: Middle & Inner Rings.
  • Legendary: Outer, Middle & Inner Rings.

Pactspirits contribute minor effects when compared to Talent Trees, Hero Traits, Gear and Skill selection, they are a luxury are not mandatory for any build.

Ranking up Pactspirits

Receiving a Pactspirit from a Boon adds it to your collection forever. Further copies of the Pactspirit grant an Insignia specific to that Pactspirit.

The Insignia's are used to upgrade your Pactspirit by 1 Level up to a maximum of 6. You can safely use these as soon as you receive them as they can only be used to upgrade the specific Pactspirit you pulled a duplicate of.

This leveling system means that the rarity of the Pactspirit used is not always the most important factor. Many Rank 6 Magic Pactspirits provide more powerful bonuses than a Rank 1 Legendary Pactspirit.

Pactspirit Tree

There are 3 Pactspirit Trees, the first of which is unlocked during Chapter 1, the second at Level 20 and the third at Level 30. Each tree provides different passive points that you can allocate by spending Pact Points which are granted at various levels and also by your Pactspirits placed into the Tree.

Level 10

Level 10

The first tree focuses on survival:

Inner Ring

  • 2x Survival Inner Ring 1
  • 2x Survival Inner Ring 3
  • 2x Survival Inner Ring 6

Middle Ring

  • Survival Middle Ring 1
  • Survival Middle Ring 2
  • Survival Middle Ring 3

Outer Ring

  • Enhanced Survival

Using Pactspirits

Click on the socket of the tree where you would like to add your Pactspirit.

Once added, the Pactspirits effect is available as alternative Pact Points that can be allocated.

Sometimes you want to socket in a Pactspirit for its effect on one of the rings but not another, to restore the base effects of the Node whilst keeping your Pactspirit socketed. To do so, click on the Node you want to change and click the "Switch" button to choose between the 2 available effects.


  • Appearance Boons occasionally grant cosmetic rewards that alter the appearance of your Hero.
    • They have no impact on your character's power.
  • Pactspirits are a form of long term progression tied to your account. They alter passive effects granted by the Pactspirits tree.
  • Pactspirits can be gained with Free Jagged Primocrysts and Insight Crystals or purchases with Primocrysts via the Shop.
  • Boons allow you to increase the chance of receiving specific Pactspirits or types of Pactspirits.
  • Receiving a duplicate Pactspirit instead gives you an Insignia which can be used to Rank Up the corresponding Pactspirit. You can spend these immediately.
  • Pactspirits gain additional effects per rank up to a maximum of 6. This mean that the rarity of Pactspirit used is not the only factor to consider when choosing your Pactspirits.


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