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Blacksail Season Guide

Last Updated: September 5th 2023

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Season 2 - Blacksail

Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game. Season 2 - Blacksail added the Void Pirates mechanic to the Netherrealm, and two bosses. One of which being the pinnacle encounter - Lord of the Void Sea. Blacksail also introduced the Hero Relic system, drastically increasing player power and build diversity.

To learn all about Hero Relics and what they can do for you, check out our guide!


Players may begin encountering Void Pirates in the 4th chapter of the Story.

Zones with Blacksail active normally have up to 10 monsters marked on your map, kill them to get Void Sea Flames which you use at the Shattered Blacksail Totem that appears after you kill the map boss.

Interact with the Shattered Blacksail Totem to choose a reward option, the number of options you have are based upon the amount of Void Sea Flame you have collected, some options are more powerful and rarer than others. After making your selection, you are ambushed by waves of Void Pirates. Kill them and collect your plunder.

Completing the Void Pirates encounter may award Equipment, Currency, Memory Cards, and is one of the best ways to get Hero Relics and Hero Memories.

This is the Shattered Blacksail Totem.

Seal Whispers

Higher rarity Seal Whispers can be very rewarding. Rarity is based on color.

Completing a Void Pirate encounter allows you to select a Seal Whisper from the Void Terminal, access this by talking to Zenoth the Lightless or the flashy purple button towards the top of your screen.

Choose from 1 of 4 presented Seal Whispers to enhance the loot from your next fight against the boss within the Void Sea Terminal. In the Netherrealm, this boss is the Ghost Sea Bride. Some Seal Whispers are more rewarding and rarer than others.

Ghost Sea Bride

Ghost Sea Bride guards the hoard of treasure you've been working towards in the Netherrealm, challenge her after collecting 6 Seal Whispers. The difficulty of this encounter is based on the highest Timemark an applied Seal Whisper was collected from, and higher difficulty improves rewards further.

Your curated treasure haul can award Equipment, Currency, Memory Fragments, and is a great source of Hero Relics and Hero Memories. Ghost Sea Bride can also drop the 3 invitations used to fight the seasonal pinnacle boss: Lord of the Void Sea.

You'll be obliged to dispatch Ghost Sea Bride many times as you fight in the Netherrealm, learn how to do so with our Boss Guide!

Challenge the Bride within the Void Sea Terminal.

Lord of the Void Sea

Lord of the Void Sea is the Blacksail mechanic's pinnacle boss, to challenge him you must collect invitations from his Ghost Sea Bride, then offer them to the Great Void.

This boss has 3 variants of increasing difficulty and rewards, the latter of which being among the most difficult encounters in the game. All variants can drop a variety of exclusive Legendary Equipment and Hero Relics.

Use Void Sea Invitation - Craving to challenge the first variant. Read our boss guide for that encounter here!

Use Void Sea Invitation - Craving and Void Sea Invitation - Ecstasy to challenge the second variant. Read our boss guide for that encounter here!

Use Void Sea Invitation - Craving, Void Sea Invitation - Ecstasy, and Void Sea Invitation - Sorrow to challenge the third and most dangerous variant. Read our boss guide for that encounter here!

Lord of the Void Sea is the Blacksail Seasonal pinnacle boss.


  • You may start encountering Void Pirates Chapter 4 of the Campaign.
  • Kill monsters to get Void Sea Flame, use Void Sea Flame to get rewards from the Totem at the end of the map after fending off an ambush.
  • Choose 6 Seal Whispers to curate the treasure of the Ghost Sea Bride, defeat her to take it.
  • Use Invitations to challenge one of the three variants of the Lord of the Void Sea pinnacle boss.
  • Blacksail introduces Hero Relics, new content in this Season drops them.


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