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Beacon Juicing

Last Updated: January 10th 2023

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Season 2 - Blacksail

Beacon juicing is very important in Torchlight Infinite's Endgame. Rolling your Beacons correctly and combining Compasses with your Trait Deck Cards you see a massively increase to the loot you drop inside a Beacon.

This guide showcases all the methods to increase the rewards you receive from Beacons. If you want to learn more about the specific of Trait Cards visit our Chaos Invasion guide here.

Beacons have 5 ranks are used to run the Stages of the Netherrealm!

Beacon Tier

As you progress through different Timemarks you are required to use different tiers of Beacons, each Timemark comes with a base amount of Drop Quantity and Drop Rarity that can be improved with Netherrealm resonance.

Timemark Bonuses

TimemarkDrop QuantityDrop Rarity

Spacetime Turbulence

Spacetime Turbulence also known as Timemark 8 provides more loot but is far more dangerous!

Spacetime Turbulence is unlocked after defeating the Tier 7 Traveler and allows you to run Rank 5 Beacons. It also provides inherent bonuses to the Beacons ran at this Timemark:

  • +65% Base Monsters
  • 5 Base Affixes (Maximum 9)
  • Monster Level 85
  • Base monsters can drop Rank 5 Beacons

These Beacons are much more dangerous and rewarding than Rank 4 Beacons but can only be acquired from Timemark 7 Watchers or monsters within Rank 5 Beacons. They should only be used when you have a good combination of Trait Deck cards to maximize the rewards you receive.

Learn more about Watchers in our Boss Guides here.

Map Materials

Netherrealm resonance

Netherrealm resonance is a currency that drops in Netherrealm Stages. It can be applied to your Beacons before activating them to gain Drop Quantity and Drop Rarity.

Doing so adds negative effects to the Beacon that makes them more difficult. Pay attention to the modifiers that you add to the map to make sure they do not impact your build in a way that makes you unable to clear the Stage.

PRO TIP: When running Timemark 7 apply Netherrealm resonance until you reach 65% Drop Quantity.

Netherrealm resonance increases the rewards of your Beacons but adds negative effects!




  • Rusted Brilliance Compass
  • Dated Brilliance Compass
  • Shiny Brilliance Compass
  • Dazzling Brilliance Compass

Memory Fragment

  • Rusted Profiling Compass
  • Dated Profiling Compass
  • Shiny Profiling Compass
  • Dazzling Profiling Compass

Gear Drop Quantity

  • Rusted Militant Compass
  • Dated Militant Compass
  • Shiny Militant Compass
  • Dazzling Militant Compass


  • Rusted Prosperity Compass
  • Dated Prosperity Compass
  • Shiny Prosperity Compass
  • Dazzling Prosperity Compass

Offset Degrees

Using a compass applies Offset Degrees to your Beacon. These stack together and make the map incredibly difficult if you use a large number of Dazzling Compasses.

Using these in Rank 5 Beacons requires you to have an very strong endgame build capable of clearing Beacons despite the Offset Degree, modifiers granted by the Netherrealm resonance and the specific harmful effect granted by Dazzling Compasses as Dazzling Profiling Compass.

Offset Degrees are added by compasses, combining multiple High Tier compasses can get these to very dangerous levels!


Trait Cards and Chaos Cards are unlocked through the Chaos Invasion system. Cards come with Short-term Inheritance and Memory, these modifiers determine which stages are effected by the bonus provided.

Short-term Inheritance is important as Cards with this Tooltip apply to future stages, allowing to combine the effects granted. For example:

  • Admiring
  • Expectant
  • Desire

On Beacon number 3 of this sequence you benefit from ALL the Trait Card effects. In this case you would gain 90% Drop Quantity and 135% Drop Rarity.

Cards are split into 2 Decks, your Trait Deck and Chaos Deck

Learn more about Trait Decks and how to build them for farming in our Currency section here!


  • Juicing up your Beacons allows you to massively increase the amount of loot they provide!
  • The Rank of your Beacon determine the base Drop Quantity and Rarity of the zone.
  • Improve the Drop Quantity and Rarity further by applying Netherrealm resonance to the Beacon before opening it.
  • Add compasses into the map for a more targeted approach, there are 4 tiers which add varying levels of difficulty and increases to the listed benefits.
  • The level of difficulty provided by compasses is determined by the amount of Offset Degrees they inflict your Beacon with.
  • Your Trait Deck is the main method of controlling your Chaos Invasions.
  • Visit our Currency section to learn how to build your Trait Deck for maximum rewards!


Written by: Milkybk
Reviewed by: Mike1Up, Facefoot

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