Advanced Crafting

Welcome to the Advanced Crafting guide for Torchlight infinite. This guide assumes that you already understand how to use the basic features of the Crafting system. The focus is on advanced techniques like modifier manipulation, crafting multiple mods on an item using Ominous Ember or Restless Ember, and the difference between the drop and craft table.

When you understand how the crafting system works you can craft items featured in endgame builds, use Legendary Embers and Fossils with ease, or begin crafting items to sell on the Trade House for a significant profit! Torchlight Infinite's crafting system is easy to understand at a basic level, but takes time and dedication to truly master.

The crafting window holds many secrets unlocked by advanced techniques!

If you're new or need to know basic information about the Crafting system check out our Crafting for Beginners Guide.

Advanced Crafting: Mod Ordering

Crafting follows a strict order of operations which must be understood before you can use advanced crafting techniques. When you use an Ember and Flame Fuel to attempt crafting on an item, the system first determines whether an existing mod on the item is replaced with the newly crafted mod, or if a new modifier is added to the item. Then a valid modifier is rolled which is appropriate for the item's level and base type. Remember, 2 versions of the same mod cannot exist on an item. So if you are crafting T1 Erosion Resistance as a suffix with Tenacity Embers, and the item already has any tier Erosion Resistance, the odds of hitting T1 Erosion Resistance is MUCH lower than crafting on a fresh base!

Pro Tip: Whenever this guide refers to a number of tries, this is just the average. So 100 tries means you could craft it on your 1st try or your 1,000th. But most of the time you get it in around 100.

Mod Rarity

Different modifiers have different crafting odds!
Use this button to see the odds of rolling each Affix.

Each modifier has a different weighting, therefore some mod combinations are easier to craft than others. You can see all of these weightings in-game, and it's important to pay attention to them. For example, if you wanted to craft 3 modifiers on your amulet. T1 Max Life, T1 Cold Resistance, and T1 Attack speed, how would you do it?

  • Check the odds of rolling each, this is calculated with (1 / T1 mod odds) * Mod group odds.
  • For Attack Speed with a Soulburst Ember the odds are (1 / 0.0261) * 5 = 191 Tries.
  • For Cold Resistance with a Tenacity Ember the odds are (1 / 0.0124) * 4 = 322 Tries.
  • For Max Life with a Vigor Ember the odds are (1 / 0.0256) * 4 = 156 Tries.

So now you know that Cold Resistance is the hardest thing to roll, and Max Life is the easiest, but the order to roll them depends on how much it costs to purchase each Ember and Flame Fuel on the Trade House. In this example, let's assume Flame Dust costs half as much as Flame Sand. In this case the price of the embers won't matter for crafting order, only the first mod crafted on an item is added 100% of the time, the second is added 75% of the time and the third is added 50% of the time, so this changes the cost.

Crafting Order

  • Craft Cold Resistance first, this uses 322 Flame Dust (322 tries).
  • Craft Max Life second, this uses 624 Flame Dust (208 tries).
  • Craft Attack Speed third, this uses 382 Flame Sand (382 tries).

For example, the first mod is the least expensive per try, the second is the most expensive and the third is in the middle. Therefore, you want the most attempts on the first craft, and the least on the second. The first 3 mods on your items follow this pattern, but crafting mods 4, 5, and 6 are significantly more expensive so always try to add filler mods later in the crafting process using an Acute Fossil. The cost varies depending on the price of Flame Fuel, whenever possible do the crafts that average the most attempts earlier in the process.

Pro Tip: Spiral Fossils prevent mods below tier 3 from rolling. Using these to remove highly weighted low tier modifiers from the affix pool. In most cases this doesn't save you money on crafting, however it can take hours of spamming Embers to make an item with 6 T1 mods. So the faster you craft an item the faster you get back to farming and making more Flame Elementium.

Advanced Crafting: Mod Blocking

One of the most effective advanced crafting techniques is mod blocking, this involves crafting a "filler" modifier on your item to greatly increase your odds of hitting what you want. There are two uses of these filler mods, the first is crafting any modifier on an item when you plan to overwrite that affix with one from an Ominous Ember or Restless Ember. Whenever possible these should be the 5th and 6th mods you add to an item, use an Acute Fossil to guarantee a mod is added. The other use of filler mods is when you're trying to add multiple mods from the same Ember and the odds are extremely low.

Blocking for Rare Mods

For example, if you wanted to craft T1 Erosion Resistance and T1 Elemental Resistance on a chestpiece, this normally takes 1,041 tries to get both mods. 446 for the first mod, and 595 for the second costing 1,041 Tenacity Ember and 2,231 Flame Dust.

The crafting system chooses whether or not to replace an existing modifier, or add a new modifier before choosing the exact mod. If you start crafting and hit T1 Erosion resistance. On your next crafting attempt accept any modifier that is NOT Elemental.

Hitting T1 Elemental Resistance and T1 Erosion Resistance on a Chestpiece can be quite tricky!

Therefore when the a new modifier is added (50% of the time) you have a 1:267 to hit T1 Elemental Resistance, and when a modifier is replaced (50% of the time), you have a 1/5 to replace Erosion Resistance, and a 1:356 to hit what you want, so you'll hit what you want in 311 tries. This lowers the total tries to 757 and the cost to 446 Flame Dust and 311 Flame Sand.

WARNING: Sometimes it can be more economical to buy a fully crafted item, or a partially crafted base than it is to craft the item yourself, so always check the Trade House before big projects.

Ominous/Restless Blocking

Advanced Crafting
In this example, +35% Movement speed; Own 1 additional stacks of Agility Blessing shares a mod group with Movement Speed and can "block" for it, it is a "Soulburst" Suffix so you can have the Sleepless Cooldown Recovery Speed modifier.

Ominous Embers and Restless Embers can only be used on items with 6 modifiers. You can only have 1 Ominous Prefix, and 1 Sleepless Suffix per item!

But this restriction only applies to modifiers from the "Ominous" and "Sleepless" mod groups. Mods that share a mod group with those from another Ember do not count against your limit. For example, these boots have 2 modifiers crafted by the Restless Ember. But Movement Speed/Agility Blessing is in the Movement Speed mod group from the Soulburst Ember therefore does not count for the 1 legendary ember mod per item limit. So you can then craft the Sleepless suffix for Cooldown Recovery Speed.

Pro Tip: If you hit the wrong Ominous Prefix/Sleepless Suffix replacing the correct filler mod, take it. Because future uses of the Ember always overrides that slot because there can only be one Ominous modifier, and 1 Sleepless modifier per item.

Drop Table vs Craft Table

Items dropped on the ground roll their affixes from a different pool of modifiers than crafted items. Dropped items usually require a lower level to roll a T1 mod, and won't roll modifiers exclusive to Legendary Embers. Some of the weightings also differ, but for more about that check out our item wiki.

Advanced Crafting: Reincarnation Ember

Most of the time you don't want to craft with Reincarnation Embers because the results are random as opposed to targeted. However in a case where you want to exclude certain modifiers from an item, or craft on a lower level base you can use Reincarnation Embers to target what you want.

Reincarnation Embers cannot roll mods that exist on the item. You can use this to block common modifiers that you don't want appearing on your final item. If you want Energy Shield prefixes for example, try starting with Life or Attack Damage Prefixes.

Reincarnation Embers can be used to roll Have Fervor rating on ilevel 80 gloves. This modifier has a weighting of 6 making it pretty rare, But to craft the same mod on gloves with Technique Embers you need to use an ilevel 85 base with 4 modifiers and it takes 588 tries.

Advanced Crafting
Reincarnation Embers never roll mods that already exist on an item.

WARNING: Sometimes it can be more economical to buy a fully crafted item, or a partially crafted base than it is to craft the item yourself, so always check the Trade House before big projects.

Trade House & Crafting

Sometimes when crafting an item it's better to purchase a base with the mod you want than craft it from scratch. For example if you want to make a Reaping ring, with Reaping Cooldown Recovery and Reaping Duration. It could be more cost effective to purchase a ring with 1-3 total modifiers and Reaping Cooldown Recovery to avoid using the Ominous Ember or get the mod and be able to enchant the item with -5 Skill Cost

When searching for bases, try to look for Magic items with 1-2 mods on them because the cost increases significantly if your base item is Rare and does not have the T1 mods you want. This method can be especially helpful for finding bases with rare modifiers like gain Fervor rating, and Reaping Cooldown Recovery.

Some examples of modifiers to buy this way include:

  • Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed on Rings.
  • Have Fervor rating on Gloves.
  • Max Channeled Stacks +1 on Amulets.
  • +2 typed Skill Level on Wands.
  • 2-4 Added Attack Physical Damage per 12 Strength.
Advanced Crafting
This item couldn't be crafted from a normal base.

For more information about how to trade in Torchlight Infinite check out our Trade House for Beginners and Advanced Trade House Guides.

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Here are some Advanced Tips and Tricks to master Crafting in Torchlight Infinite!

  • Pay attention to the order in which you craft modifiers.
    • The game chooses if a mod is added or replaced before picking the modifier.
  • Craft mods that require the mod attempts early in the process whenever possible.
  • If you need a filler mod, craft it last.
  • You can block mods to increase your odds of hitting what you want.
  • Mod Blocking is also useful for crafting multiple modifiers with Ominous Embers or Restless Embers.
  • Dropped items roll modifiers differently from crafted items!
    • Reincarnation Embers roll mods from the drop pool not the crafting pool.
  • Sometimes it's more economical to buy an item with 1 rare mod and build it up or replace mods, than start from a fresh base.


Written by Tenkiei.
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Jan 4th 2023
Article Published for Season 2