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Whispering Mist Season Launch Updates

Last Updated: April 18th 2024

Whispering Mist

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The Torchlight Infinite Whispering Mist Season Launch is upon us. This release features the new Hero Trait, Erika - Lightning Shadow and a completely revamped leveling experience. The Whispering Mist Seasonal mechanic adds a roguelike mode where you explore Mistville. Check out our Whispering Mist reveal and Patch Notes for more information

We've added several new and updated build guides, new resources, and much more!

Build Guides

New Leveling Guide

We've also updated all of our leveling builds to adjust for the new Talent Trees & Skill changes.

Updated Leveling Guides

Erika - Lightning Shadow

Lightning Shadow

Erika's second hero trait runs on Aember technology. This allows her to record the largest Shock on herself and use it to supercharge Feline Figure, dealing damage to nearby foes. Lightning Shadow is highly mobile and excels at running circles around enemies, in essence your greatest defense is not getting hit in the first place. This Lightning specialist uses movement speed to scale damage making for fluid gameplay.

Leveling Guide

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Whispering Mist Season Information

The Whispering Mist Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic where you explore Mistville in an attempt to reap the rewards that are hidden in the mysterious clock tower at the town's center. With each new day the mist returns and strengthens, allowing you to explore the area again for more rewards. After surviving for 15 days, Hunters obtain a special reward.

Seasonal Mechanic: Whispering Mist

When you defeat a Mistville resident within the Netherrealm you are infected with the Mist. As the infection progresses you unlock the ability to explore Mistville by speaking to Wally at Ember's Rest.

Mistville is shrouded in a thick fog, you explore the village by spending your Sanity to disperse the mist within a Cell. You find a variety of encounters during the exploration phase. This includes Sanitoriums that restore Sanity, Curses, Food, and Old Stuff (a type of artifact exclusive to Mistville).

Consume food to restore Sanity or trigger additional effects. You're only able to carry a limited amount of food.

Old Stuff changes how you progress through Mistville by lowering the Sanity cost, revealing Cells, or providing buffs. Many of these effects persist throughout the run, this functions like the buffs you get in Roguelike games leading to each Mistville exploration feeling a bit different.

When the Clock Tower's bell tolls, Folklores descend upon the town. You need to complete challenges like locating and capturing Moths located throughout the area to solve the Folklore. Once solving the Tale you obtain rewards, potentially including the new Activation Medium Skills.

Deduction Record

Collect Mistville intel and use it to progress the Deduction Record. This is the season's meta-progression mechanic offering permanent bonuses during your exploration of Mistville. This allows you to increase your Sanity, choose from a wider variety of resources at the Mistville Trader, or gain the new Mitosis buff.

Trial of Divinity

Trial of Divinity is an endgame mode alternative to the Netherrealm, featuring the ultimate Trial of Might: 5 minutes of arena combat where every Level improves the rewards while every 10th Level escalates the difficulty.

Difficulty ramps up quickly, high Levels within the Trial of Divinity are brutal and only very powerful builds can hope to survive.

Treasure Troves and Set Bonuses

We've changed our Leveling guides significantly for the Whispering Mist Season launch. This is because the Torchlight infinite campaign and leveling progression changed significantly. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • 3 Chapter campaign, with 6 "Treasure Troves" special zones that give significantly enhanced experience and loot.
  • Simplified unlocks during leveling, you get your Support + Passive slots more slowly over time.
  • Chaos cards are used to target Set items and loot with T1 affixes.
  • Faster Netherrealm progression.
  • Set Bonuses, the Voyager's Commemorative set provides class specific bonuses intended to ease your Netherrealm progression.

Treasure Troves

Treasure Troves are a way to super-charge your leveling experience. They give vastly more experience than regular zones and yield exclusive Legendary items. You need to complete each of them once for a Talent Point. For an easier leveling experience, you repeat the Treasure Trove until you're 8-10 levels above the zone, then rush through the next few areas. Follow your side quest to find the Treasure Trove locations.

  • Chapter 1
    • New Ear Hills located in the Dragonbone Ridge
    • Nectar Valley located in the Verdant Lands
  • Chapter 2
    • Dawn Avenue located in the Alleys of Packs
    • Sanctuary of Solitude located in the Awakened Shrine
  • Chapter 3
    • Silver Sands' End located in Lion Heart
    • Hall of Grandiosity located in the Defiled Throne

Set Bonuses

The new Voyager's Commemorative set provides Hero Trait-specific bonuses for equipping 2, 4, and 6 pieces. This offers a significant power spike which allows you to smoothly transition into Timemark 7. Here's an example of Rehan - Anger's set.

  • Voyager's Commemorative Cape
  • Voyager's Commemorative Strap
  • Voyager's Commemorative Boots
  • Voyager's Commemorative Goggles
  • Voyager's Commemorative Cufflinks
  • Voyager's Commemorative Brooch
  • Voyager's Commemorative Pinky Ring

To see the rest head over to our Builder.

TLI Build Database

Along side our updates for the Whispering Mist Season launch, we're happy to announce our TLI Build database! First up if you want to window shop you can browse our build database by going to our Builder and selecting "Browse". Here you can find builds from Maxroll members (denoted with a checkmark) along with builds from the community.

You can use a variety of filters to sort the build options in our database:

  • Class - Use this to select your desired Hero or Hero Trait.
  • Category - This is for the content you want to experience with general options like Netherrealm and more specialized ones such as City of Aeterna or Deep Space farming.
  • Season - Filter builds by season, older builds from Twinightmare are under Season 5 but once Whispering Mist begins this option will default to Season 6.
  • Search - You can also type in the search bar to find things, which supports a variety of keywords such as using "Rehan" to find builds for both Anger and Seething Silhouette. Or searching "Savage Charge" to find everyone playing a Train build.
  • Rating - If you're enjoying a build or have some interesting ideas be sure to give it a rating to push it towards the top of the list.

Importing Builds

You can quickly and easily import a build into the TLI Builder directly from the game. This is not done via the build sharing code but instead via an Account Code which makes it easy for you to import all of your characters. This code lasts 30 days but can easily be refreshed via the Account Code menu.

First, go to the settings menu and select "Account Code." Here you can generate an account code and then copy it to your clipboard. This is the code for your account and allows you to access all of your characters.

Then on our TLI Builder click the "Import Character" button from the top menu. Enter your account code here to see a list of all your characters. After that, simply select your desired character to import the full build including Items, Traits, Talents, Skills & Passives, Divinity Slates, and Pacts. If you have characters in multiple regions you can use the drop down menu on the left to select your server.

Saving and Sharing

After importing your build of choice feel free to tweak things. Fix that blemish you never got around to replacing or make a few adjustments to those pesky Divinity Slates! After that it's time to save and share your creation. For this part, you'll need to be logged into your Maxroll account. To save go to "Settings"

  • Start off by checking the "Public build" checkbox.
  • Then select the Season (this will be the newest Season by default).
  • Pick the Category, think of this as the sort of content you think is most appropriate for the build.
  • Then select the main skill (in this example, Groundshaker).
  • If you have a Youtube or Twitch feel free to link some content showcasing the build.
  • After that, a name will be generated based on your Skill, Category, and Hero Trait.
  • Public Build profiles show up in Gold after being saved.

From there your build is publicly searchable on our TLI build database. But you can also share your build manually by copying the URL, for example, here's the Rosa build shown above: https://maxroll.gg/torchlight-infinite/builder/5sc70p97.

If you ever need to change something or want to update your build simply load the profile then select the "Update existing profile" option. When you do this the URL remains the same making it easy to share with your friends.

More Coming Soon

As the Season launch unfolds, Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite's Whispering Mist Season will continue, with more content from us on the way. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dreadscythe

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