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Whispering Mist Reveal

Last Updated: April 15th 2024

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Check out the reveal for Torchlight Infinite's 6th Season Whispering Mist (SS4). The upcoming content includes the Whispering Mist Seasonal mechanic, new Activation Medium trigger supports, Erika's Lightning Shadow Hero Trait and quality of life improvements.

Whispering Mist Season Information

The Whispering Mist Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic where you explore Mistville in an attempt to reap the rewards that are hidden in the mysterious clock tower at the town's center. With each new day the mist returns and strengthens, allowing you to explore the area again for more rewards. After surviving for 15 days, Hunters obtain a special reward.

Seasonal Mechanic: Whispering Mist

When you defeat a Mistville resident within the Netherrealm you are infected with the Mist. As the infection progresses you unlock the ability to explore Mistville by speaking to Wally at Ember's Rest.

Mistville is shrouded in a thick fog, you explore the village by spending your Sanity to disperse the mist within a Cell. You find a variety of encounters during the exploration phase. This includes Sanitoriums that restore Sanity, Curses, Food, and Old Stuff (a type of artifact exclusive to Mistville).

Consume food to restore Sanity or trigger additional effects. You're only able to carry a limited amount of food.

Old Stuff changes how you progress through Mistville by lowering the Sanity cost, revealing Cells, or providing buffs. Many of these effects persist throughout the run, this functions like the buffs you get in Roguelike games leading to each Mistville exploration feeling a bit different.

When the Clock Tower's bell tolls, Folklores descend upon the town. You need to complete challenges like locating and capturing Moths located throughout the area to solve the Folklore. Once solving the Tale you obtain rewards, potentially including the new Activation Medium Skills.

Deduction Record

Collect Mistville intel and use it to progress the Deduction Record. This is the season's meta-progression mechanic offering permanent bonuses during your exploration of Mistville. This allows you to increase your Sanity, choose from a wider variety of resources at the Mistville Trader, or gain the new Mitosis buff.

Activation Medium Support Skills

The new Activation Mediums are a special type of Support Skill showcased in the Whispering Mist Seasonal Reveal designed to enable "Trigger" and "Automation" playstyles, replacing Skills like Triggered on Critical Strike.

These Activation Mediums support other skills and contain various Trigger conditions. This can include an amount of time passing, while channeling, standing still, or when there are no Sentries within a certain distance of your character. You must place Activation Mediums in the first support slot for an Active Skill.

There are 26 different Activation Mediums. Several were showcased as part of the Whispering Mist Season Reveal but you can read about the rest in the Patch Notes.

As part of these changes, Active and Passive skills work a bit differently. In the past you could link multiple passive skills together, for example, if you combined; Elemental Resistance - Elemental Amplification - Restrain. The Restrain applies to both Auras. This is changing in the Whispering Mist Season!

Now you can only place 1 Passive Skill in each slot, but to compensate you now have 4 Passive Skill Slots up from 3. This limits the number of Auras you can stack. Many Aura skills have had their Reservation or power adjusted as part of this update which is going to significantly shake up the endgame build meta.

The Whispering Mist Reveal stream also teased some of the new Passive Skill Supports like Malleable which gives a large bonus to Aura Effect when a boss is within 10m but otherwise applies a penalty. You can find information about all the new supports in the Patch Notes.

Cateye Erika - Lightning Shadow

The new Hero Trait for Erika "Lightning Shadow" uses Aember Technology to shock her foes into submission. A flashy gameplay showcase was included in the Whispering Mist Seasonal Reveal livestream.

Lightning Shadow has numerous bonuses for Shock and Shocks herself when applying the Ailment to enemies. Her Feline Figure records Shock damage to distribute it to more enemies and many of her Hero Traits, Relics, and Memories further enhance this. But one thing you won't find on Erika - Lightning Shadow is defenses, you'll have to build those on your own.

Lightning Shadow

  • For every 1 meter moved, the next Main Skill hit will definitely inflict Shock status on the enemy.
  • When inflicting Shock status on an enemy, also inflict Shock status on yourself.
  • The duration of the Shock status applied to yourself is doubled, and when receiving Shock damage, the value is equal to your base Shock damage.
  • Cannot be inflicted with Shock status through means other than basic traits.
  • Additional -60% Shock damage received.
  • For every 1 Level, add 1 base Shock damage.
  • When having Shock status, +40% Movement Speed.
  • For every +1% Movement Speed, an additional +0.5% On Hit Damage, up to a maximum of +50%.

Level 25-45 Traits

  • Electric Replication (Level 25)
    • When in a Shock state, the highest Shock damage applied on hit will be recorded by Feline Figure until the Shock state is lost.
    • When in a Shock state, there is a 30% chance to trigger Feline Figure on up to 3 enemies upon hitting, with a 0.5-second cooldown.
    • When Feline Figure deals Shock damage, it does not consume Shock resolution counts, nor does it record the corresponding Shock damage of the Shock state it applies.
    • Feline Figure: Applies a Shock state equal to the recorded value to enemies in its path and immediately deals 10 instances of Shock damage.
  • Electrified Flash (Level 45)
    • When in Shocked state, Attacks and Spells gain Added Lightning Damage, with a Minimum value equal to 10% of your base Shock Damage, and a Maximum value equal to 550% of your base Shock Damage.
  • Thunder (Level 45)
    • Recently, Feline Figure deals an additional +1% Max Damage for every 2 instances of Shock Damage, up to a maximum of +50%.
    • Non-Lightning Damage gains an additional +110% Max Damage, but suffers a -90% reduction in Min Damage.

Lightning Shadow Level 60-75 Traits

  • Flashing Sparks (Level 60)
    • Click on the Trait Skill, and for the next 1.5 seconds, accumulate one Charge Stack for every 2 meters moved, up to a maximum of 20 stacks.
    • After 1.5 seconds or when the Charge Stacks reach the upper limit, gain the corresponding Electrify stacks, which last for 10 seconds and are affected by skill effect duration.
    • The Trait Skill is automatically activated while moving.
    • [Electrify]: For each Electrify stack, Feline Figure deals an additional 1 Shock damage.
  • Lightning Fast (Level 75)
    • On hit, Feline Figure will no longer be triggered.
    • When in Shock state, there is a 30% chance to trigger Feline Figure on up to 3 enemies for every 1 meter moved, with a 0.5-second cooldown.
    • For each instance of Shock damage dealt by Feline Figure, the enemy will take an additional +8% damage on the next hit from the character, stacking up to a maximum of +320% additional damage.
  • Static Meteor (Level 75)
    • You will also take Shock damage from Feline Figure.
    • For every 2 recent instances of Shock damage taken, gain +0.3% Movement Speed and an additional +1.5% Max Damage, stacking up to 200 times.
    • Additionally, reduce Shock damage taken by 90%.

Level 90 Traits

  • Wild Lightning (Level 90)
    • Max Lightning Resistance is fixed at 40%
    • On Hit, gain 3% of the hit damage as base Shock damage
    • For every 1% Lightning Resistance exceeding the upper limit, gain an additional 0.3% of the hit damage as base Shock damage, up to a maximum of +20%
  • Lightning Walker (Level 90)
    • For every +5% Movement Speed, +1 Shock count Upper limit, +2% maximum Shock Damage recorded by Feline Figure, an additional +3% Shock duration, stacking up to 40 times.

Coop Launched

The long awaited co-op feature is finally coming to Torchlight Infinite! Team up with your friends to explore the Netherrealm and obtain valuable loot.

Some of the loot distribution modes you can choose include:

  • Team Distribution: The loot is assigned to a team member when it drops.
    • If an item remains on the ground for more than 2 minutes, or the player it was assigned to leaves the stage it becomes freely available for anyone on the team.
  • System Distribution: This works like Team Distribution but without the 2 minute timer.
  • Free Distribution: Anyone can pick up anything.

In addition, you can gift items to your friends. Once an item is gifted it cannot be re-gifted or sold on the Trade House. Only non-stackable items can be gifted.

Campaign and Leveling Improvements

Main Story Revamp

The main story now has 3 chapters down from the original 5, in addition, the difficulty has been adjusted. The goal is to make the progression smoother as you play through the Story. To make loot more meaningful, you get less Rare gear while leveling, but the drops you get have more valuable affixes.

The Treasure Trove

In the past when you struggled during the campaign you could just corpse haul your way to victory. However, as part of the revamp campaign stages now have a limited number of challenge attempts. If you're struggling you'll want to head over to the Treasure Trove. In this special zone, you're able to claim a large amount of experience and specific Legendary gear.

Resistance Cap Change

Currently Resistances in Torchlight Infinite cap at 75%. In the Whispering Mist season Resistances are now capped at 60% by default with a maximum cap of 90%. Resistances are no longer reduced at levels 48, 58, and 80. Monster Elemental and Erosion damage has been adjusted to compensate, as have Resistance affixes on Gear.

New Target farming Cards

To continue the trend of smoothing your progression in the early Netherrealm you need to clear fewer stages to progress. Additionally, there are new Confusion Cards you can use to target farm gear during your early Netherrealm experience.

Set Items

Finally to ease the transition into endgame Legendary Set items were showcased in the Whispering Mist reveal. These sets have bonuses for equipping 2, 4, and 6 items. These bonuses are specific to your hero and trait. For example, the 6pc Bonus for Gemma's Frostbitten heart trait "When inflicting Freeze, there is a 30% chance to trigger a Level 20 Blizzard, Frost Bond, or Frost Terra, with a 0.1-second interval." The goal here is gear that provides a powerful baseline but does not continue to scale into the late game.

Endgame Improvements

Prototype Legendaries

These are lesser versions of popular Legendary items like Forlorn Crystal and Surging Inspiration.

  • Prototype Forlorn:
    • Adds 1-1 Physical Damage to Attacks and Spells for every 350-400 Armor, up to 150-150.
    • Your Evasion and Max Energy Shield are Fixed at 0.
    • Resolve.
  • Prototype Surging Inspiration:
    • 100-150 gear Energy Shield.
    • -5 Skill Cost
    • +12% Cold Resistance
    • When casting a skill, immediately gains 2 stack(s) of Spell Burst Charge.
      • Interval 1

Revamped Rare Monsters

Rare monsters are now more challenging and rewarding. They now have affixes, similar to Elites from Diablo or rare monsters from Path of Exile. Hopefully the promised loot explosions are big enough to make up for the increased danger!

Epic Loot

In addition, there's new epic loot to acquire! You can use the new Twin Reflection to create a copy of a non-legendary item. This rare and powerful item appears alongside new rare memories to farm like Boundless Realm of the Divine (which rewards Space Rift or Last God's Revelation). Many low value Fluorescent Memories like Six Gods' Boon were removed.

There are numerous new and reworked Legendary items to hunt down in the Whispering Mist season. Then, to get epic loot you need an epic farming strategy. There are several new compasses offering Drop Quantity, Drop Rarity, and more monsters to aid in your farming.

Trial of Divinity

The Whispering Mist reveal introduced Torchlight Infinite's newest endgame system, the Trial of Divinity. Participate in the six gods mechanic to collect Emblems then use 4 of them to enter the Trial of Divinity and face its challenges.

In addition to rewarding Legendary Items, competing in the trial gives you Divinity Stones. This replaces Desire Beads at the Avarice Bounty where you can still gamble for precious Legendary Gear.

1 Year of Torchlight and QoL Updates

To celebrate the first Anniversary of Torchlight Infinite's release XD is giving away goodies to Hunters who log in during the event. This includes a free Legendary Battle Pactspirit from the list of options.

Quality of Life Changes

There are numerous additional quality of life changes coming in the Whispering Mist season.

A few more quality of life changes from the Whispering Mist reveal stream include;

  • A Loot filter board where you can post your filter for all to see.
  • New Accounts get 100 Hero Emblems allowing them to purchase a Hero Trait.
  • Energy Core stack size increased to 999 in the Trade house.
  • New Legendary Affixes added to Dream Interpretation.
  • Reincarnation Embers reroll a Resistance affix on your item.
  • Shock now ignores enemy Lightning Resistance.


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Guide Updates Soon

That's all we know so far from the reveal, Torchlight Infinite's 6th Season, Whispering Mist (SS4) releases on April 18th, 19:00 PST! Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite will continue, with more content from us on the way. We're planning to update our guides and add new ones to cover the Seasonal content. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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