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Twinightmare Season Reveal Information

Last Updated: December 25th 2023

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SS3 - Twinightmare

Torchlight Infinite Season 5 (SS3) Twinightmare is set to release on December 28th, 18:00 PST! The new season brings a new Hero Rosa, a new Seasonal mechanic, item enhancement and much more!

After the reveal, XD hosted a Developer Q&A with Maxroll's own Tenkiei, Milkybk_ and Rhykker to discuss multiplayer, the Twinightmare Season and accompanying game changes.

Watch the Reveal

To watch Tenkiei's reaction to the reveal click the image below.

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Twinightmare Season Information

The Twinightmare Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic which focuses on delving into your dreams until they become a loot-filled nightmare. Dive Deep enough and you'll be able to put some of your favorite Legendary aspects on rare crafted items. We're also seeing the irreverent Paladin, Rosa joining Torchlight Infinite's packed Hero Roster, bringing justice to Aember. There's also new and reworked skill archetypes, revamped City of Aeterna and Soul Candles are now tradable!

Seasonal Mechanic: Twinightmare

In Season 5, maps will contain a mysterious flower, letting players enter the realm of dreams. As you explore your dreams you gather rewards, but beware the deeper you go the higher the chances of your dream becoming a lethal Nightmare.

Interact with the Dream Lotus to enter a Sweet Dream

There are Sweet Dreams, and Nightmares. Sweet Dreams provide a timed challenge which rewards you with Dream Bubbles. The rewards from Dream Bubbles cannot be collected immediately. Continue stacking the rewards by stacking additional layers of the Sweet dream. The more challenges you complete, the greater your rewards.

But beware, delve too deeply into your dreams and you'll find yourself within a Nightmare! Dream Bubbles come with Nightmare Omens, which manifest into reality upon entering the Nightmare. The only way to escape is by removing the root of the Nightmare Lotus, embedded within the Dream's deepest level.

You must escape your Nightmares with the loot

You have 6 attempts to escape the Nightmare and each time you fail you lose a portion of the rewards. This system rewards players for managing their risk but isn't as punishing as other systems where you lose all the rewards upon failing the encounter.

Dream Cloud Atlas

Use the Dream Cloud Atlas to enhance your Dreams and Nightmares. Collect Lotus Seeds to cultivate the Dream Lotus and eventually you'll be able to unlock all of the Season talents.

Cultivate Lotus Seeds to progress your Dreams

Unlike the Cube of Rapacity's Avarice Code, you can unlock every talent on the Dream Cloud Atlas. But some are more important than others to the early game experience.

Paloma - Queen of Eternal Sun

Torchlight Infinite's 5th Season also introduces its 5th Seasonal Endgame boss, Paloma - Queen of Eternal Sun! Collect Queen's Grace to challenge the Queen herself in the Great Void. This is a familiar boss, featured in the Ichi section of the game's campaign.

Challenge Paloma - Queen of Eternal Sun

Paloma drops a variety of powerful exclusive Legendary items. But more importantly, you need to defeat her to obtain the Profound Dream Talking item used to add Legendary Affixes to your crafting project. Along the way, collect several Legendary Dream Talking modifiers used to enhance your items.

Dream/Nightmare Affixes

Dream Talking grants Dream Bases. These have a Sweet Dream Affix and Nightmare Affix which you record onto your gear, replacing the item's Implicit Modifier.

Use Dream Talking to empower your items!

The Sweet Dream Base includes Legendary Affixes like; #% of Critical Strike Rating and Critical Strike Damage are also applied to Minions. Many Legendary items have poor stats to balance out the incredible power of their unique affixes. By placing the unique affix on a crafted item, you get access to an incredible amount of power. Crafting a Legendary affix requires Profound Dream Talking dropped by Queen Paloma.

But beware the Nightmare Affix introduces Blemishes, downgrades Affixes or adds other negative effects to your item. Once using Dream Talking on an item, players cannot craft it by normal means. Furthermore, you're only able to equip 3 items with Dream Affixes.

Lightbringer Rosa - High Court Chariot

Season 5 of Torchlight Infinite features the brand new Hero: Lightbringer Rosa - High Court Chariot.

Rosa the Irreverent Paladin joins the Torchlight Roster

Rosa focuses on Defense, blocking enemy damage then retaliating by pulling foes into her Sacred Light Domain. This is Torchlight Infinite's take on a supporting role, with plenty of options for aggressive retaliation. Her personality is irreverent, which is a refreshing change from the normal goody two-shoes paladin types.

Future Heroes and Traits

The Twinightmare Season brings 1 new Hero, and no additional Traits. Torchlight Infinite's roster is pretty full, so XD is focusing on buffing underused hero traits like Gemma - Frostbitten Heart, Carino - Ranger of Glory, Rehan - Anger and Youga - Spacetime Elapse, rather than adding more new ones this time around.

  • Gemma - Frostbitten Heart, has been fully reworked and additionally the Frostbite & Freeze mechanics.
    • You're able to Freeze bosses, but instead of prevention their actions this reduces the damage they deal.
    • Frostbitten Heart is able to inflict Frostbite and Freeze more easily than other Heroes.
  • Carino - Ranger of Glory, got significant buffs to his early game experience, including a new starting Skill, and expanded drop pool.
  • Rehan - Anger, also has a new starting Skill and more appropriate early game drop pool.
  • Youga - Spacetime Elapse's Twisted Spacetime got significant buffs, including the ability to benefit from Reap Purification.
  • There have been numerous adjustments to other Heroes & Traits as well.

New Skills and Skill Mechanics

New Twinightmare Skills

Active Skills

Star Stalker

This projectile tracks Elite enemies, providing a damage over time bonus to Hunters within its radius. If your target dies, the projectile locks onto and tracks a new elite. Damage over Time builds often struggle to find supporting skills so Star Stalker is a welcome alternative to running multiple Curses.

Harmonious Field

Channel to build up power, then release the Channel to empower your Sentries with additional damage. This skill not only increases Sentry Damage but also their duration, making it easier to maintain maximum Sentries during combat.

Blade Whirlwind

A new projectile skill which launches several whirling blades. These blades penetrate enemies, traveling to your cursor before spinning in place to deal damage at fixed intervals. Much like Sparkle, the skill's Projectile Speed determines how many times it damages an enemy before reaching the end point. Blade Whirlwind is designed to shotgun, by placing multiple overlapping blades on top of an enemy.

Thunderstorm Beam

Torchlight Infinite's first non-channeled beam skill. Create Thunderballs which follow the player and discharge electricity at nearby enemies.

Revamped Beam & Parabolic Skills

For the new Season we're also seeing an improvement to Parabolic Skills. They have improved splitting potential, and a lower Shotgun penalty increasing the usability of Thunderbolt Overload, Corrosive Shot and other Parabolic skills.

We're also seeing a revamp to Beam Skills. Scorching Beam is getting significant buffs, allowing you to blast an enemy with multiple Rays.

Netherrealm & QoL Improvements

The Netherrealm Trait Cards have been revamped for Twinightmare

Chaos Invasion & Trait Changes

  • Trait Card Improvements:
    • Your Trait Deck has been expanded from 10 to 12 cards.
    • Six God Mechanics and Seasonal Trait Cards have been expanded for more customization.
    • The maximum Trait Card rank has been reduced from 5 to 3 to easier facilitate Hunters maxing out their Trait Deck.
  • Chaos Card Improvements:
    • Chaos Cards have been given a balance pass, offering hunters a more varied and rewarding experience.
    • Each Netherrealm Zone generates a 2-Stage Chaos Card allowing you to quickly clear undesirable Rounds.

Compass Removal

The price for various compasses have been rebalanced for the Twinightmare Season.

Compass TypesOriginal Price (Flame Elementium)New Price (Flame Elementium)
Shiny War Compass33
Shiny Might Compass36
Shiny Hunting Compass34
Shiny Mechanical Compass310
Shiny Dark Surge Compass33
Shiny Blacksail Compass33
Shiny Cube Compass36

Unified Trade House

The Trade Houses for the North America, Europe, Asia, and Chinese regions have been unified. You won't be able to transfer account data across regions, but can trade with players worldwide. This opens up a much larger economy for even greater build potential. The Maximum Listing Interval has also been reduced to 10 minutes.

New Legendary Items

The new season brings a variety of powerful new items Hunters can use to enhance their favorite build, or enable entirely new archetypes!

Normally a Blemish is a worthless affix, added through the crafting process when attempting to add certain rare modifiers. It takes up a Prefix or Suffix slot, and provides no benefit. Certain Nightmare affixes also replace a modifier on your item with a Blemish. Using the Enamor belt turns these useless Blemishes into Aura and Curse effect.

Torchlight Infinite has several archetypes which rely on stacking Defenses, the new Butterfly Wings shield offers powerful bonuses to Hunters who can balance their Evasion, Armor, and Energy Shield perfectly.

Normally, you want to move as much as possible when playing an ARPG, dodging enemies and picking up loot all require movement. But with the Thornbearer's Shackles you want to stand still after a short controlled burst of movement. It's a bit difficult to tell if this has any use cases currently.

Custom Loot Filter, Build Sharing & Game Modes

There are numerous exciting quality of life changes coming in the Twinightmare Season. We've got custom loot filters, easy build sharing, new game modes and much much more!

Custom Loot Filters

Hunters can now create and share custom Loot Filters. With a bit of work, you can completely customize your looting experience. Or you can leave the work to someone else using the new filter sharing system.

Note: The Loot Filter UI is a work in progress.

Build Sharing

It's now easy to find your new favorite build! Use the 1-click build sharing system to share what you're playing either in-game or generate a code which Hunters can use to copy your build. When using someone else's Build, you'll see guidance on key items, Talents and other character progression features.

New Game Modes

If you're up for a challenge, try the new Solo Self-Found or Hardcore modes.

  • In Solo Self-Found you are unable to use the Trade House to buy items from other players, or sell them drops you don't need. You and you alone control your destiny.
  • When playing Hardcore you've only got 1 shot to make your mark on Leptis, if your character dies it's rendered unavailable for the remainder of the Season then merged into the Standard realm at the end.

City of Aeterna Optimization

  • The Infinite City of Aeterna now unlocks by default, without requiring you to progress the Psalms of Aeterna.
  • Access the City of Aeterna via special tickets found by defeating Aeterna monsters within your Netherrealm Stages.
  • Soul Candles are now tradable.

Much More

There are many other improvements coming to Torchlight Infinite with the Twinightmare Season.

  • Load Screen Optimizations - Hunters will spend less time in loading screens and more time killing monsters or collecting loot.
  • Path of the Brave - monsters now spawn in more quickly.
  • Performance Optimization for several monster affixes to reduce in-combat lag.
  • Cube of Rapacity - quicker animations allow you to get the loot faster.

Read more about the Twinightmare Season in the Patch Notes!

Guide Updates Soon

Torchlight Infinite's 5th Season, Twinightmare is set to release on December 28th, 18:00 PST! Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite will continue, with more content from us on the way. We're planing to update our guides and add new ones to cover the Seasonal content. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Northwar

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