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Twinightmare Season Competition

Last Updated: February 22nd 2024

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A month into the Twinightmare Season, XD announced Torchlight Infinite's first event on the brand new competition server! The event begins on January 25th at 18:00 PST.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeways from the upcoming Twinightmare Season competition to keep in mind!

  • Your goal is to kill Timemark 7 Ream Lord in the shortest playtime possible.
    • The event is Asynchronous, counting all time spent logged into the character.
  • This takes place on the Competition servers, which has the following special rules;
    • You are limited to 3 characters and cannot delete characters.
    • Netherrealm progress and Stash space is character specific.
    • You cannot form a pact with any Pactspirit, nor gain the effects of a Pact node.
    • However, if you set any Pactspirit to "Follow" you gain the advanced auto-loot automatically.
    • The Competition server tracks and displays your playtime.
    • Defeat the Realm Lord to record your playtime on the leaderboard.
  • Players can compete on both the overall leaderboard, and the trait specific leaderboard.
    • Therefore, it might pay off to play a less popular trait instead of focusing on the overall leaderboard.
    • You can win multiple prizes by placing with multiple characters!
  • While our Leveling Guides aren't made for racing, they are designed to complete the campaign and progress to Timemark 7 without a lot of gear.
  • This event presents a level playing field where you can truly put your skill to the test.

Read more about XD's newest race event below!

Race Event

Hello, Torchlight Hunters!

The Nightmare Season has been underway for nearly a month, and we've seen many hunters shift their focus to Hardcore Mode and Solo Self Found Mode... And now, the race is on! All hunters can compete on the Competition Server to win generous leaderboard rewards!

Racing Objective

Defeat the Netherrealm Timemark's 7 Realm Lords in the shortest time possible.

——The time will be taken from "Create Character to enter the game" to "the Character defeating the Realm Lord on Netherrealm Timemark 7" (based on the Character's Online time, any offline periods are not included in the timing).

Racing Rules

The brand-new Competition Server opens on January 25th at 18:00(PST)!

On January 25th at 18:00, a brand-new Competition Server will launch in the game for a racing event—simply select to create your Character on the [Competition Server] when creating a new character to participate in this racing challenge.

On the Competition Server, you can only create three characters and cannot actively delete them, which means each account has only three opportunities to climb the leaderboards on the Competition Server.

Important Notes

Progress between characters on the Competition Server is independent—Netherrealm progress, Stash, and Netherrealm Journey, etc., are all separate and not shared.

The Competition Server does not support the use of the Trade House and Season Pass.

In the Competition Server, you cannot form a pact with a Pactspirit to gain the effects of Pact Node, but simply setting any Pactspirit to "Follow" will automatically enable the "Advanced Auto Loot" feature.

Character data on the Competition Server will not be merged with the Permanent Server. After the event concludes, character data will be deleted, but rewards will be distributed to your account via mail once the event is over.

The "Current Playtime Used" for characters on the Competition Server will be permanently displayed. Once the character achieves the target, the "Current Playtime Used" will stop timing and the record will be uploaded to the leaderboard.

Competition Server Leaderboard:

Overall Leaderboard: A ranking list that unifies the scores of all Hero Traits, the character with the best performance from all the Competition Server characters under a single account will be selected to participate in the ranking.

Separate Leaderboards: Rankings for each Hero Trait, with a total of 17 leaderboards. The highest-scoring character for each Hero Trait under a single account will be considered for the rankings. (If you create three characters with different traits, you can separately claim rewards for each of the three Hero Trait leaderboards.)

Reward Distribution: All rewards will be sent to players' character accounts via in-game mail after the racing event concludes. Hunters, please remember to check your mail at that time.

RankingsOverall RankingTrait Ranking
1Jagged Primocryst x10,000Jagged Primocryst x5,000
2Jagged Primocryst x7,000Jagged Primocryst x3,500
3Jagged Primocryst x5,000Jagged Primocryst x2,500
4Jagged Primocryst x3,500Jagged Primocryst x1,750
5Jagged Primocryst x2,000Jagged Primocryst x1,000
6-10Jagged Primocryst x1,000Jagged Primocryst x500
11-100Jagged Primocryst x400Jagged Primocryst x400
101+Jagged Primocryst x200Jagged Primocryst x200

Continue the Hunt

If you're excited for the Twinightmare Season Competition, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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