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Torchlight Infinite Demise of the False God Event

Last Updated: September 15th 2023

SS2 - The City of Aeterna

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The Demise of the False God Event has begun! From September 14th, 2023 to November 30th, 2023 players can challenge Keegan the False God for free. Should you manage to defeat him, a bounty of rewards awaits, including Jagged Primocrysts, Appearance Crystals (used to pull on Appearance Boons), and an exclusive avatar.

Event Rules

  • This event includes 5 event stages, which can only be accessed through the [False God's End] event interface.
  • Event Stages do not require tickets, can be challenged repeatedly, and failure does not deduct XP.
  • Upon completing the challenges, the following stages will be unlocked in sequence:
    • False Divine Temple - Forgotten
    • False Divine Temple - Awakened
    • False Divine Temple - Sublimation
    • False Divine Temple - Formless Creation
    • False Divine Temple - Annihilation Echo.
  • In the Pseudo-Mysterious Temple - Annihilation Echoes stage, the Pseudo-God's skills can cause fatal damage to players, so please be cautious.
  • After completing the challenge, you need to return to the event interface to claim rewards.
    • Rewards can only be claimed once.
    • After claiming the rewards, you can still replay the stage.
  • After the event ends, the challenge quests will no longer be completable, and unclaimed rewards will not be claimable.
    • Please complete the challenges and claim your rewards in a timely manner.

Patch Notes

In addition to the Demise of the False God Event, XD has been hard at work fixing bugs and resolving player issues. Here's what they've been working on since the City of Aeterna launch.

Key Takeaways

  • Lots of bug fixes for Youga - Spacetime Elapse.
  • Fixes for the Cube of Rapacity and Blacksail trait cards.
  • Multiple Summon Frost Spirit bug fixes related to Frost Release.
  • Trade House improvements including a fix for multiple unsearchable affixes.
  • Fixes for multiple performance inhibiting issues

8th of September

  1. Fixed an issue where affixes that should not have appeared in equipment affixes were present.
  2. Path of Flames, Icebound Beam, Scorching Beam, Wilting Beam, Thundercloud, Howling Gale, and Mind Control have their cooldown times removed, and the issue with Auto Channel not being able to cancel properly has been fixed.

9th of September

  1. Resolved the problem where the following Confusion Cards did not trigger the Cube season-exclusive gameplay within the stage when progress was full, including: Slightly Suspicious - Cube, Suspicious - Cube, Extremely Suspicious - Cube, Slightly Desirous - Cube, Desirous - Cube, Extremely Desirous - Cube.
  2. Fixed the issue where the Confusion Card Slightly Cold "When completing a stage, +100% chance to gain an extra 1 Attention Point" was not functioning properly.
  3. Rectified the problem where certain affixes couldn't be searched in the Trade House.
  4. Corrected some UI error issues.
  5. Addressed the issue where the 32nd skill point of Youga - Spacetime Elapse Spacetime Conversion "The 30% increase and decrease in skill radius also affect skill duration" was not functional.

10th of September

  1. Fixed an issue where carrying multiple identical Legendary Memory items To You Who Are Calm, To You Who Are Zealous, or To You Who Are Lively would cause some effects to mistakenly trigger multiple times.
  2. Added a video guide recommendation feature.
  3. Slightly reduced the difficulty of the Level 80 Hunter's Forge Fixed the issue where monsters did not have a death animation in some cases.
  4. Fixed the issue with abnormal affix parameters in the Trade House Advanced Search - Affix Level selection.
  5. Fixed the issue where the value of "Every X Stats, +1% Damage" on belts did not match the T-tier.
  6. Fixed the issue where Wilting Beam could not deal damage to the Eternity's Tongue under specific conditions.
  7. Fixed the issue where Soul Candle Fusion caused client errors in some cases.

11th of September

  1. Fixed the issue where the [Special Event] of the Cube of Rapacity could not be triggered properly.
  2. Fixed the issue where the Pactspirit's major point effect did not increase when switching from a maxed-out Season Pactspirit to the basic board.
  3. Fixed the issue where the full-level Pactspirit base board's major effect activation and displayed values were inconsistent.
  4. Fixed the issue where the Forsaken Iris's Trait Skill did not move with the mouse when long-pressing the Hero's Trait Skill or setting Auto Guide (the Spirit Magus Skill still has a problem when placed in the Passive slot, and this issue is being resolved) in Windrider.
  5. Fixed the issue where the Auto Guide in the settings needed to be re-selected each time after entering the map in order for it to take effect.
  6. Fixed the issue where the restoration of spacetime energy in Youga's Spacetime Elapse 62 trait Spacetime Speed-up was inactive.
  7. Fixed the issue where the Confusion Card in the Permanent Server's Netherrealm was not unlocking correctly.
  8. Changed the location of the Portal that appears after completing all the Sacrificial Candlelight tasks to prevent players from accidentally teleporting.
  9. Complete all the Devotion Candles in The City of Aeterna. When the Hunter has not connected to the boss room, a Town Portal will appear.
  10. Fine-tuned the interface within the strategy collection.
  11. Fixed an issue where the affix "Inflict Bleed for 0.2 seconds, then Reap Nearby Enemies for 0.1 seconds of Damage Over Time, with a Cooldown of 2 seconds" caused an error under specific circumstances.

13th of September

  1. Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the buff effect of Frost Spirit's Empower Skill, Frost Release, was not calculated correctly.
  2. Fixed the issue where, in some cases, the Trade House could not properly turn pages.
  3. Fixed the issue with the Legendary Ring Burning Ice affix "You cannot inflict Freeze" not working properly.
  4. Fixed the issue where Fluorescent Memory Shards Hero Statue had a low probability of exchanging for unimplemented Legendary Hero Relics and Legendary Hero Memories.
  5. We have identified a calculation error with the Frost Spirit's Empower Skill Frost Release buff effect in specific situations. We will resolve this issue promptly and request Hunters to manage their resources accordingly.

14th of September

  1. Fixed an issue where the damage reduction provided by each layer of Nourishment would incorrectly stack linearly based on the Quantity carried when The Forsaken Iris was carrying multiple Legendary Memories Breezy Rain.
  2. Fixed the issue where the Trait Skill Cold Pulse of Frostfire - Frostbitten Heart would not receive the Skill Radius Bonus.
  3. Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the Reaping effect in the Frostfire - Flame of Pleasure's Hero Memories Affix "Inflict Death by Fire, Reaping X seconds of Damage Over Time, with a 6-second Cooldown for the same enemy" was not activating properly.
  4. Fixed the issue with incorrect values after the Legendary Gear Ocean of Rock Shield Affix was corroded.
  5. Fixed the issue where the following Netherrealm cards did not work correctly in some cases, including: Wealth - Blacksail, Armament - Blacksail, Rare Treasure - Blacksail, and Fallen - Blacksail.
  6. Fixed the Soul Candle affix bug: The weight of the Vertical Projectile Damage T3 affix has been doubled, but the T4 affix will not appear.
  7. Fixed the issue where the Hunter's Forge prompts were not displaying correctly under certain circumstances.
  8. Fixed the issue of error messages appearing when clicking on certain Affixes in the Trade House's Advanced Search.
  9. Fixed the issue with Trade House Advanced Search - abnormal display of some Affix parameters.

15th of September

  1. Fixed the issue with Youga - Spacetime Illusion where the Twisted Spacetime area could not be changed after the Skill Radius changed during the acquired Spacetime Illusion period.
  2. Fixed the issue where the level 32 trait points for Carino's Lethal Flash, Precise Hit, and Dart Shot were not properly taking effect.
  3. Fixed the issue where the Focus Blessing effect of the Legendary Gear [Winter of Origin] did not properly convert.
  4. Fixed the crash issue that may be caused by the Soul Candle affix "For every # Command the player has, gain +#% Critical Strike Damage for Synthetic Troops; this bonus is doubled when an Elite enemy is nearby."
  5. Now, after all Trait Cards are fully upgraded to max stars, the interface for selecting Trait Cards will no longer appear.
  6. Fixed the issue with abnormal SFX in the Netherrealm Device.
  7. Optimized the performance of Carino - Ranger of Glory Relic Affix "During Magic Shot, for each Special Ammo consumed, +#% Attack and Cast Speed, up to +#%"
  8. Optimized the performance of Carino - Ranger of Glory Memory Affix "During Magic Shot, for each Special Ammo consumed, +#% Projectile Damage, up to +#%."
  9. Optimized the performance of the Legendary Gear - Devouring Tide affix "During Multistrike, each Attack On Hit grants +75% Critical Strike Rating" and its Corrosion affix.
  10. Fixed the issue where equipping or unequipping The Forsaken Iris's Legendary Memory [Breezy Rain] might cause the game to crash.

That's it for the Demise of the False God Event and recent Torchlight Infinite, City of Aeterna Patch Notes. But if you're hungry for more check out one of our recent articles.

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