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Torchlight Infinite Cube of Rapacity Season 3

Last Updated: May 23rd 2023

Season 3 - Cube of Rapacity

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What's New?

Torchlight Infinite has launched globally and released its 3rd Season - Cube of Rapacity. This release features the new character Bing and a new alternative Hero Trait for Thea, an overhauled crafting system, a new mechanic to help you grow in power, Divinity Slates and the Statue of the New God. Crafting has undergone a complete overhaul, and much more!

We are happy to announce updates to some of our existing build guides, Season Starters for Cube of Rapacity, and the introduction of many brand new or fully revamped Mechanic and Game systems guides made to help you succeed in the world of Leptis.

Build Guides

Disclaimer: Many of the fine details regarding the new Season and its extensive changes are still unknown to us. We're working diligently to correct any inaccuracies found within our tools or guides.

Choose Your Hero Trait

Choosing a Hero Trait in Torchlight Infinite is a big deal, as each one is specialized in doing different things. Unless its Ranger of Glory Carino. If your having trouble picking out a Hero Trait to play through the game at any stage of it, we recommend checking out our updated Hero Overview Guide to learn about them all. We'd also love to show you our brand new Hero Trait Tier list, which ranks every Hero Trait by Season Start viability.

Hero Overview

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Hero Trait Tier List

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New Leveling Guides & Season Starters

Bing - Blast Nova

Find yourself fond of explosives? You'll love Bing and his throwable bombs that trigger your projectile skills. Bing is new to Torchlight Infinite and we've prepared you a leveling guide for him that will allow you to smoothly level him, from levels 1 to 80 and even beyond.

Leveling Guide

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Rehan - Seething Silhouette

Rehan's Seething Silhouette Trait allows him to harness the power of his Seething Spirit to automatically strike nearby foes with your Main Attack Skill. Basically, there's two of you. If the thought of being Rehan twice sounds appealing to you, you'll want to check out our new leveling guide that will take you from levels 1 to 80, and even beyond!

Leveling Guide

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Moto - Charge Calling - Grim Phantoms

Everyone likes explosions and with Charge Calling your minions become walking bombs. Summon Grim Phantom triggers every second making this build a fully-automatic walking simulator. This build is a great season starter and clears an incredible amount of content on minimal gear. Legendary items add damage later in the endgame but aren't required to get started and clear Timemark 7.

Season Starter

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Erika - Wind Stalker - Dex Stacking

Erika is extremely fast and built around a hit-and-run playstyle. Stat stacking is one of the best ways to leverage this playstyle and get your damage up to par early in a season. Being able to craft most of your gear without needing many Legendary items makes this one of the best builds to farm the Endgame Netherrealm.

Season Starter

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New & Updated Endgame Build Guides

Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion & Frostbitten Heart - Frigid Transmission

Archived for now due to unexpected changes after patch notes.

If you've ever fantasized about blinking around the map destroying everything around you then these builds are a great choice. Frigid Transmission is typically a movement skill but combining it with Trigger effects and Blade-dancer's Steps transforms it into an ideal damage skill for speed mapping.

So what's the difference between the two? Gemma's Ice-Fire fusion trait is available for free and specializes in scaling multiple elemental damage types at once, this means you get to double dip on damage by applying fire bonuses to cold and vice versa! On the other hand Gemma's Frostbitten Heart is available for 980 Primocrysts or 100 Hero Emblems, and specializes exclusively in Cold damage. She grants bonuses to Frostbite, causes Icy Explosions on hit and even has a cheat death mechanic!

Which should you pick? If you want easy damage scaling go with ice-fire fusion, whereas if you want better defenses, or a build that's super smooth to play try Frostbitten Heart.

Endgame Build Guides

Ice-Fire Fusion
Frostbitten Heart

Rehan - Anger - Whirlwind

This classic Whirlwind build focuses on adding huge amounts of Flat Physical Damage with Strength Stacking modifiers from your weapons. Simple and fast, this build specializes in effortless farming of the Endgame Netherrealm.

Endgame Build Guide

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"Bonkarino" - Lethal Flash - Hammer of Ash

If your fantasy is to eviscerate your opposition using only blunt force trauma and high-yield explosives, Lethal Flash Carino - Hammer of Ash is the build for you. Hammer of Ash's Demolisher Charge mechanic pairs with Lethal Flash's Desperate Measure Trait. The result hits very hard, slowly, and produces large explosions.

Endgame Build Guide

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"Backpack" - Seething Rehan - Berserking Blade

The goal of this build is to automatically summon your Seething Spirit, allowing you to the demolish screens of enemies without lifting a finger. The build features extremely fast attack speed, allowing you to Leap Attack rapidly through Beacons while letting your Seething Spirit take care of business. All you have to do is loot.

Endgame Build Guide

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Boss Killer Moto - Charge Calling

This Boss Obliterating take on Charge Calling takes advantage of the insane damage dealt by exploding minions to take down bosses extremely fast, and utilizes strong defensive mechanics such as Barrier to survive their attacks just as easily.

Endgame Build Guide

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Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion - Flame Slash

This powerhouse is capable of destroying even the strongest bosses in mere seconds. The combination of Flame Slash and Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma is very popular as it can easily be put together as your first build for the Season. It scales to insane levels of damage and survivability with the correct gear.

Endgame Build Guide

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The Cube of Rapacity

Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game. Season 3 - added the Cube of Rapacity mechanic and a new progression system called Statue of The New God that makes your character more powerful thanks to the new items called Divinity Slates.

During Season 3, Zones are influenced by the Cube of Rapacity which appears before you after you defeat the map's boss. Interact with it to Covet rewards like Divinity Slates, Casting Wedges and Desire Beads as well as valuable commodities such as Flame Elementium. The Cube of Rapacity awards and also punishes Greed, feeling Lucky?

Divinity Slates

Divinity Slates in Torchlight Infinite are used to create a custom Talent tree built on the powers of the New God.

Your custom built Talent Tree can be made with Minor, Medium, and Major talents from any of the 6 Gods plus special New God talents. Divinity Slates represent puzzle, or Tetris pieces so you need to fit them together and use the entire space efficiently.

Divinity Slates represent a huge amount of power and freedom when it comes to character building in Torchlight Infinite. We're looking forward to seeing what the community can do with them.

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Overhauled Crafting

Season 3: Cube of Rapacity has fundamentally reworked how you craft Gear in Torchlight Infinite. The old ways are gone, but not forgotten. In their stead is the new Prototype Crafting and Targeted Processing systems. These are the 2 stages of crafting; Prototype Crating allows you to create a 4 affix item by locking in place desirable modifiers and rerolling new ones. Use Targeted Processing afterwards to add modifiers with Embers, though far more "Targeted", this form of crafting is far more expensive!

New Mechanics Guides

If your looking to improve your build, or if you'd like to master Torchlight Infinite's many nuanced mechanics, you'll find that there is quite a lot to learn within our brand new Mechanics Guides!

DoT & Reaping

Damage over Time - or DoT for short - is applied to enemies by using certain Ailments and Skills. DoT's lethality is boosted with the Affliction debuff and Reaping your enemies is a great way to thoroughly decimate them. Though they are somewhat complex, Damage over Time and Reaping mechanics are fundamental to many builds.

Healing, Regain & Recovery Mechanics

Recovery mechanics allow you to recover your Life, Mana, or Energy Shield, and can be enhanced with a wide variety of modifiers. Learning how to adapt Torchlight Infinite's Recovery Mechanics is an essential prerequisite for surviving the brutal endgame, since almost all builds utilize at least one of these mechanics.

Trials of the Gods

Trials of the Gods are exciting mechanics that you encounter throughout Torchlight Infinite. They include; Trial of War, Trial of Machines, Trial of Hunting and the Trial of Machines. Each Trial rewards loot from a pre-determined loot pool, and have a fixed chance to drop exclusive Legendary items.

Season Launch & Beyond

Season start brings new builds, strategies and much more content so stay tuned for more news! We also plan to release the Maxroll - Torchlight Infinite Builds Database within the Season, a great place to find endgame builds - we hope you all look forward to it! In the meantime, we wish everyone good luck with their League Start!

We always appreciate feedback, so if you have any feedback on these guides, use our official Discord!

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