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Torchlight Infinite Build Planner Update

Last Updated: September 10th 2023

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SS2 - The City of Aeterna

Maxroll's Torchlight Infinite Build Planner has been updated for the Season 4 / SS2 City of Aeterna Launch! Accordingly, it's now easier than ever to plan out your builds, and share them with your friends.

Maxroll Torchlight Infinite Build Planner

Major Updates

  • Divinity Slates
    • You can now create custom Divinity Slates and assemble them onto our simulated Statue of the New God. Planning high-end Tetris build-crafting has never been easier!
  • Soul Candles
    • Soul Candles are a new itemized progression system, launching alongside the City of Aeterna. You can now create custom Soul Candles and equip up to 2!
  • Updated Database
    • A lot has changed in Season 4, and the Builder has it all! Customize your character with new Skills, new Legendary items, and much more!

More From Us

As more content gets added to Torchlight Infinite, we'll be sure to further update our Build Planner. Keep an eye out for a Build Database, it's still in development and we can't wait to get it into everyone's hands.

Season 4 Launch

Dev Interview

Season 4 Patch Notes

Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite will continue, with more content from us on the way. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Xtra37

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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