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Top Torchlight Infinite City of Aeterna Builds So Far

Last Updated: September 22nd 2023

SS2 - The City of Aeterna

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The City of Aeterna Season is in full swing, and in today's article we're looking at some of the top builds constructed by clever Hunters! These community created builds were recently gathered, and showcased by Maxroll's own Milkybk_, be sure to check him out for more!

10 Builds

Here are 10 endgame build ideas (so far) from the City of Aeterna season.

  • Thea - Incarnation of the Gods Cast While Channeling Ring of Ice
  • Gemma - Flame of Pleasure Path of Flame
  • Bing - Blast Nova Corrosive Shot
  • Rehan - Seething Silhouette Unarmed Tenacity Blessing Stacker
  • Thea - Wisdom of the Gods Thundercloud
  • Iris - Growing Breeze Frost Magus
  • Erika - Wind Stalker Ghostblade Einherjar
  • Carino - Lethal Flash Shadow Shot Shadow Swamp
  • Gemma - Flame of Pleasure Arrow Einherjar
  • Thea - Wisdom of the Gods Shadow Shot Shadow Swamp

Thea Incarnation of the Gods Build

Stack Blessings for damage, and Energy Shield for defense on this Low LifeCast while Channeling Ring of Ice build.

The playstyle is simple, channel Path of Flames to continually release Icy explosions and duplicate them with Spell Burst for massive damage and clear.

Click here to learn how to level Thea, Incarnation of the Gods

Gemma Flame of Pleasure Builds

We've got two options for you on Gemma Flame of Pleasure, a Path of Flames Reap Purification build, or a Arrow Einherjar Life Stacking Sentry Snapshot. Both leverage Flame of Pleasure's unique mechanics to ensure you bring Death by Fire to all your enemies.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Gemma
Click here to learn how to level Gemma, Flame of Pleasure

On Gemma Path of Flames, you channel your way through beacons while Reaping enemies as you go, dealing insane damage and filling the screen with explosions.

Alternatively you can stack Life and Tenacity Blessings with Divine Ember for damage & defense. Then drop Sentries and watch them annihilate your foes.

Learn about Arrow Einherjar from Tenkiei

Bing Blast Nova build

Bing's ability to package Projectile Skills into dozens of throwable bombs pairs nicely with Corrosive Shot's infinite stacking potential, making for a great boss killer and a fun casual mapper.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Bing
Click here to learn how to level Bing, Blast Nova

Embrace intricacy with unusual scaling techniques like Blur Effect, Skill Duration, and Splits to Reap the rewards of an incredibly good time. This build offers unmeasurable damage and reliable survivability at the cost of giving all your beacons a vague grape aftertaste.

Rehan Seething Silhouette Build

Weaponize Rehan's imaginary friend with Future Burnt Offering and watch him clear maps for you. The Life Stacking archetype introduced during the Cube of Rapacity Season is still among the top builds in City of Aeterna.

Stack Life and Tenacity Blessings with Divine Ember for a massive generic damage increase. This build has well rounded defenses and the Seething Spirit automatically kills things, making it incredibly easy to play.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Rehan
Click here to learn how to level Rehan, Seething Silhouette

Thea Wisdom of the Gods Builds

The classic Thea/Gemma Thundercloud farming build is still around, and in some ways it's better than ever before.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Thea
Click here to learn how to level Thea, Wisdom of the Gods

Channel up your Thundercloud, then blast enemies with Shocking amounts of damage. In addition to high clear speed, the build mixes Energy Shield and Deflection for a well rounded defensive package.

If you're feeling Nostalgic for the old Youga Shadow Swamp Shadow Shot builds, this might just tickle your fancy. Memory remains a core item, but the new T0 Rare affixes add a lot of fun new options.

  • Creator: Cwy

Iris Growing Breeze Build

The brand new Iris Growing Breeze has been causing quite the stir, she offers powerful builds for all 3 Spirit Magi with Pokémon-style evolutions.

Once you get your gear together, the damage offered by Summon Frost Spirit is frankly absurd. We're hesitant to say any build trivializes Torchlight Infinite's Uber boss encounters, but if one did, then this would be it.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Iris
Click here to learn how to level Iris, Growing Breeze

Erika Wind Stalker Build

If you're looking for an excuse to wear that newly pulled cat girl skin, why not build around the Multistrike Sentry?

Top City of Aeterna Builds Erika
Click here to learn how to level Erika, Wind Stalker

Combine Erika's mobility with set and forget Ghost Blade Einherjar for a fantastic fast build. The newly buffed Evasion mechanics give you decent defenses. Just remember to never stop moving!

Carino Lethal Flash Build

Drop Shadow Swamp to Wilt your enemies then move it with Shadow Shot for a highly mobile explosion build.

Evil Heart Armor lets you rapidly stack more Wilt effects, though with a small chance to remove them all. Luckily with Evil Ouroboros you'll reapply any lost stacks within a few seconds.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Carino
Click here to learn how to level Carino, Lethal Flash


If you want to know more about the Top Builds in City of Aterna check out Milky's Video or drop by his Twitch Stream!

Check out Milky's thoughts on these top builds

That's it for the top City of Aeterna endgame build ideas (so far), we look forward to seeing what Hunters put together as the season continues to unfold.

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Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Xtra37

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