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The Best Twinightmare Builds to Follow

Last Updated: February 22nd 2024

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The Twinightmare Season is in full swing, and in today's article we're looking at some of the best builds constructed by clever Hunters! These community created builds were recently gathered by the Maxroll Torchlight Infinite Team with contributions from the Torchlight Infinite community.

Top 9 Builds

These are the top 9 new & returning builds we'd like to highlight for the Twinightmare season. We've picked a mix of Skills and Heroes to appeal to a wide variety of playstyles.

  • Bleed Rosa - High Court Chariot
  • Cast on Crit Lightning Beam Gemma - Frostbitten Heart
  • Icebound Beam Blink Gemma - Frostbitten Heart
  • Cast on Crit Frost Terra Gemma - Frostbitten Heart
  • Snapshot or Conversion Ring of Blades Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion
  • Mind Control Youga - Spacetime Elapse
  • Chaos Train Rehan - Anger
  • Ice Train Iris - Growing Breeze
  • Thundercloud Thea - Wisdom of the Gods

Rosa - High Court Chariot

Rosa is the newest addition to Torchlight Infinite's roster of heroes. She's been extremely popular so far with support for a variety of playstyles including Attacks and Spells. If you got your start on Groundshaker and want to transition to a bloody good time, this might be the build for you.

With the addition of Star Stalker DoT builds saw significant buffs this season. Bleed Rosa leverages this, in combination with Blizzard and other effects to rapidly Reap Trauma for massive damage. Rosa's defenses ensure you survive until the enemies pop in satisfying screen wipes.

Click here to learn how to level Rosa, High Court Chariot

Gemma Builds

Frostbitten Heart

Gemma's Frostbitten Heart trait got a huge rework in the Twinightmare Season and she's one of the best choices for high damage builds. Being able to permanently Freeze Elites provides a massive advantage while clearing the Netherrealm.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Gemma
Click here to learn how to level Gemma, Frostbitten Heart

The new Lightning Beam generates Orbs which act similarly to minions, aggressively seeking out and destroying your foes. Because your orbs are capped this allows Precise: Triggered on Critical Strike to be used for massive damage! Grab some defenses and you're ready to take on any challenge Leptis has to offer.

  • Creator: Tenkiei
Tenkiei's CoC Lightning Beam Gemma

MilkyBK_ also spent some time playing a beam-based Frostbitten Heart. Icebound Beam generates projectiles which can easily shotgun enemies at the focal point leading to massive damage. He adapted a budget setup from bunnassin/Thor and min-maxed it, taking out many of Torchlight's toughest bosses like tier 3 Paloma in the process.

Milky's Icebound Laser Gemma

For a wicked cool Frost Terra build check out the Trigger setup Crouching_Tuna recently cooked up. You can use Reap Purification with DoT skills for massive damage while leveraging Frostbitten Heart's defenses and damage via Freeze scaling.

Tuna's Icebound Laser Gemma

Ice-Fire Fusion

Gemma's base trait remains one of the most versatile in Torchlight Infinite. As a result there's a wide variety of builds to be played on her. After combing through this season's meta however, one has consistently outperformed the rest.

With channeling skills getting official support for snapshotting Ring of Blades offers massive damage, great AoE and easy gameplay. Cold Snapshotting is popular on several hero traits including Gemma's Ice-Fire Fusion and Frostbitten Heart or Thea's Wisdom and Incarnation of the Gods.

Click here to learn how to level Gemma, Ice-Fire Fusion

Youga - Spacetime Elapse

Torchlight's master of time has been given a shiny new makeover this season including significant buffs to his interactions with Reaping. This has enabled powerful new builds and the return of old favorites, but one skill has been dominating the Elapse meta.

The Mind Control skill is a channeled DoT which scales into screen wide clear with persistent damage. This helps to counteract the natural ramp-up time inherent to Elapse's hero abilities.

Click here to learn how to level Youga, Spacetime Elapse

Rehan - Anger

Everyone's still on the Rehan hype train with top Burst builds remaining some of the best starters in the Twimightmare Season. Savage Charge offers buttery smooth gameplay and the build continues scaling all the way to 8-4 Deep Space farming viability.

Click here to learn how to level Rehan, Anger

One interesting example of this is the Chaos Train build recently showcased by DonTheCrown. The longer a fight goes on the higher your Chaos stacks leading to massive damage after a short delay.

Or check out the final build

Iris - Growing Breeze

Iris was easily the best Hero in the City of Aeterna Season. She got a few nerfs going into Twinightmare, but her best builds are still highly competitive. All 3 Magi builds are viable, but Summon Frost Spirit stands out as the strongest.

Once you get your gear together, the damage offered by Summon Frost Spirit is frankly absurd. This build is great for blasting 8-4 Deep Space or taking on challenging boss encounters.

  • Creator: Obnix
Obnix's Train Iris
Top City of Aeterna Builds Iris
Click here to learn how to level Iris, Growing Breeze

Thea - Wisdom of the Gods

The classic Thea/Gemma Thundercloud farming build has survived yet another season, with official snapshotting support this is looking to be a Torchlight Infinite staple.

Top City of Aeterna Builds Thea
Click here to learn how to level Thea, Wisdom of the Gods

Channel up your Thundercloud, then blast enemies with Shocking amounts of damage. In addition to high clear speed, the build mixes Energy Shield and Deflection for a well-rounded defensive package.

Continue the Hunt

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Contributions by: The Torchlight Infinite Community.

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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