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Maxroll Mid Season Updates

Last Updated: May 23rd 2023

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Torchlight Infinite Blacksail Guide Updates

Maxroll’s team has been hard at work these past few weeks updating & reworking many of our Torchlight Infinite guides.

We are also proud to announce a brand new feature coming in Season 3, the Torchlight Infinite Build Database. This allows us to share a much wider range of builds making it easier for you to find something to suit your budget and playstyle!

Maxroll’s Guide to Blacksail Farming

The Blacksail mechanic seems completely random at first glance, but with Maxroll's Blacksail Farming Strategy guide you can reliably get Flame Elementium every 6 beacons after you defeat the Bride of the Void Sea.

Tenkiei and Milkybk_ have been hard at work researching and refining this strategy, now we're ready to share it with everyone!

Seething Silhouette Rehan Berserking Blade

Rehan's Seething Silhouette trait is new to Season 2. This build takes advantage of the Seething Spirit's ability to attack passively to capture the spirit of Season 1's Whirlwind with another take on the classic spin-to-win feel.

This build has been tested extensively and can take down all content including Lord of the Void Sea with 3 invitations. Maxroll's endgame guide takes you through everything you need to know about the build.

Charge Calling Moto Leveling Guide

If you're looking for something new to level, Commander Moto's new Charge Calling trait was added in Season 2 and provides an alternative playstyle based on exploding your Synthetic Troop Minions!

Our leveling guide takes you through everything you need to get to level 80 and prepare for Torchlight Infinite's endgame.

Charge Calling Moto Season Starter Guide Guide

On the other hand, if you want a budget build that scales incredibly well into the endgame check out our Charge Calling Moto Season Starter guide. The only thing more fun than playing a Minion build, is making your Minions explode!

While still Season start appropriate with more investment this build can take on all the content Leptis has to offer including Path of the Brave 45.

Dark Surge Farming Guide

the Dark Surge mechanic was added in Season 1. The rewards include Aemberon cores, used to corrode gear and Edicts to fight Keegan. This new guide covers everything you need to know about farming Dark Surge Content.

This strategy can be done in Timemark 7 or 8 and synergizes well with Boss Rushing. So if you're feeling broke and need Flame Elementium check out our guide below!

Anger Rehan Whirlwind Endgame Guide

Whirlwind got a lot of changes with a complete rework for Season 2 and we've reworked our guide as well. If you want to go with the classic spin to win this is a great build for clearing the Netherrealm quickly.

Maxroll's endgame guides take you from level 80 to clearing Timemark 7 or beyond with plenty of details to help you along the way.

Build Archive

Finally, we're happy to announce the Build Archive, where you can look at our guides from seasons past. These builds aren't up to date for the current season, and many won't function the way they once did but it's still a good resource to learn from!

With the implementation of the Archive we're also releasing our Carino Ignite build from Season 1. This build was significantly nerfed going into Season 2 with the rework of the Corroded Open Wounds modifier. Go to the Archive tab under build guides to check it out for yourself!

Torchlight Infinite Build Database

Making and playing new builds is one of the best parts of Torchlight Infinite and with Maxroll's new Build Database (coming in Season 3) you will have more options than ever before. We are gathering a wide variety of different builds across all hero traits including many popular builds from the game's community.

If there are any builds or content creators you feel would be a "must include" in the Build Database, be sure to let us know on Discord! All build recommendations need to have a link made on our Builder, and a video showing gameplay of both mapping and bossing.

Good Luck from the Maxroll Team!

We wish you the very best on your adventures in The Blacksail Season! Enjoy your journey and we will see you in game!

The Maxroll Team

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