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Invincible Champion Preseason Event

Last Updated: February 22nd 2024

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The Invincible Champion Preseason event is coming soon, dive into an economy reset and fight empowered enemies. The event begins on February 22nd at 18:00 PST.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeways from the upcoming Invincible Champion Preseason event to keep in mind!

  • Preseasons are mini-events with their own mechanics and powerful "Unique Legendary" items.
  • On mobile you need to update, but on PC via Steam your game update to the Preseason automatically, at that point just select "Invincible Champion" and make a new character.
  • After the Preseason event ends, your character and all associated items are deleted.
  • What is the Invincible Champion Mechanic?
    • As you defeat foes, Rare monsters have a chance to level up into Gladiators.
    • You can encounter Bronze, Silver, or Gold Gladiators.
    • These enemies are far more dangerous than normal.
  • The Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic is not available in the Invincible Champion preseason event.

Read more about XD's newest event below!

Preseason Event

In the distant Epoch of War, within the gleaming Eternal Coliseum, a warrior named Ralph brandished his sharp blade, stood alone against a legion of formidable foes and remained undefeated in the fray.

To this day, the Epoch of War has long since passed, yet the spirit of valiant bravery and fearless defiance against formidable foes continues to shine like gold. Warrior, vanquish the countless foes in the Netherrealm, march towards the center of the Eternal Coliseum, and claim the supreme rewards for the Invincible Champion!

What is a "Preseason"?

"Preseason" is an independent mini-season that takes place between official seasons.  It has its own season theme, and according to this theme, there will be corresponding special mechanisms, events, and rules.  The theme of this preseason is "Invincible Champion" and there will be various special mechanics and featured events revolving around this theme during the preseason.

How do you Participate?

Before February 22nd, we will release a new client.  Hunters who want to participate in the preseason can go to the official platform to download and install the client in advance.  After the preseason server opens at February 22th at 18:00 (PST), hunters who use this client can choose the “Invincible Champion” Preseason Server when creating a character to participate in the preseason.

What happens to your character when the Preseason ends?

The "Invincible Champion" Preseason is expected to last one month.  After that, It's important to note that all character data will be deleted and not retained in the permanent server.  However, the account-level rewards in the Season Pass will be sent to the account via mail.

What is the Preseason mechanic?

Inspired by the God of War, rare monsters within the stage have a chance to Level Up into Bronze Gladiators, Silver Gladiators, or even the exceedingly Rare Gold Gladiators.  Every time the Hunter defeats a Gladiator monster, their physique becomes enlarged and damage gets bonus.  Of course, there will still be preseason-exclusive unique legendary gear for hunters to loot.

Special Note

Due to the presence of Gladiators, the overall difficulty of this Preseason may be higher.  Hunters, please be extremely cautious when battling against them.

To ensure a good battle experience in this preseason, the "Twinightmare" season-exclusive gameplay will not be available during preseason.

Detailed features will be revealed for hunters after the Spring Festival!

Continue the Hunt

If you're excited for the Invincible Champion Preseason Event, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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