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Invincible Champion Preseason & Co-op

Last Updated: March 1st 2024

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The Invincible Champion Preseason event is coming soon, dive into an economy reset and fight empowered enemies. The event begins on February 22nd at 18:00 PST. During the second week of the preseason event, there will be a small test of the long awaited Co-op play.

Twinightmare Inclusion

Here's a quick update from XD about the Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic's inclusion in the Invincible Champion preseason event.

Initially, we decided to close the "Twinightmare" season-exclusive gameplay in the "Invincible Champion" preseason, mainly considering that hunters have just experienced the Twinightmare season.  If the preseason comes again, it may lead to a repetitive experience without freshness.  We received a lot of feedback on this point during the last preseason "Hunter's Odyssey", where many hunters thought that it would be more troublesome and boring to brush through the repetitive "City of Aeterna" in the preseason.  In addition, the "Invincible Champion" preseason itself has its own "Gladiator" mechanism.  The Gladiator mechanism not only brings more difficult challenges but also has considerable rewards.  Combined with the true triple drop rate adjustment in this preseason, we decided not to open the Twinightmare gameplay in the preseason.

However, after the announcement, we found that everyone loves the Nightmare gameplay and recognizes the drop benefits it brings.  After discussion, we decided to keep the "Twinightmare" season-exclusive gameplay in the "Invincible Champion" preseason, consistent with the current official season.

Preseason News

There have been some crucial changes to the Invincible Champion preseason event, including the inclusion of the Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic and a test for co-op.

Twinightmare Combat

The Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic is one of the most dangerous (and rewarding) mechanics in Torchlight Infinite's history. Be very careful when interacting with it during the Invincible Champion event, Gladiators look extremely dangerous and you're forced to fight them in an enclosed area.

Gladiator Combat

Each time Hunters defeat a Gold Gladiator, they gain physique, area, and attack speed. Keep the killstreak up to decimate everything in your path. The Event exclusive gameplay focuses on defeating tough foes. Build the strongest character to ensure enemies are stuck inside the arena with you, rather than you being locked inside with them.

Drop Rate Increase

During the Invincible Champion Preseason event, there is a 300% drop rate increase on exclusive drops including Legendary gear, Beacons, Zone exclusive Memory cards and more. Put this bonus to good use to obtain some stunning items to crush the competition!


The Co-op trial will go live during the second week of the Preseason. Hunters can partner with friends and defeat powerful bosses for even more loot explosions. This is very much a test of the co-op system and may not be fully feature complete, but XD is hoping for lots of feedback on cooperative play. If you've been itching to jump in and play with friends try out the co-op play during the Invincible Champion preseason event, then let XD know how it went via their Discord, or Forums on Taptap.

Continue the Hunt

If you're excited about the Invincible Champion Preseason Event and co-op, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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