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Hunters’ Odyssey Event Revealed

Last Updated: October 15th 2023

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XD Revealed the Hunters' Odyssey Preseason event for Torchlight Infinite, coming on October 26th. Think of this as a mini-season with new content, exclusive Legendary items, and crazy builds.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways from what XD revealed on the Hunters' Odyssey Preseason Event.

  • This is a mini-season lasting 1 month.
  • There are new season exclusive mechanics.
  • The Hunters' Odyssey Preseason Event takes place on a separate client.
  • Preseason characters do not carry over to the permanent server.
    • Account level rewards will be sent via in-game mail.
  • There is a Preseason pass.
    • You will need to purchase separate trade tabs.
    • There are exclusive Preseason pets.
  • Players will achieve higher damage, better drops, and clear more challenging maps.
    • There are preseason exclusive Legendary items.
  • The new Time Transition Capsules cannot be used in the Preseason.

Preseason Teaser Video

Hunters' Odyssey Preseason Revealed

Hunters' Odyssey Preseason Event Revealed

When the Primordial Flame shone brightly, the gods walked among all living creatures, bringing prosperity and faith to the mortal world.

As the Primordial Flame fades, the gods distance themselves from the mortal world, and the land is overrun with sprawling embers.

Now, the Goddess of Hunting has returned from among the stars, once again roaming the vast land shrouded in the evil starlight.

Warriors should also follow in the footsteps of the gods, hunt down the Star of Calamity that descends from the heavens, and eradicate the thriving evil shadows.

Offer the prey symbolizing courage to the gods and receive the supreme reward of radiant glory……

Hunter’s Odyssey will officially start on October 26th at 19:00 (PDT), lasting for one month!

What is "Preseason"

"Preseason" is an independent mini-season that takes place between official seasons. It has its own season theme, and according to this theme, there will be corresponding special mechanisms, events, and rules. The theme of this preseason is "Hunter’s Odyssey" and there will be various special mechanics and featured events revolving around this theme during the preseason.

How to participate in the "Preseason"

Before October 26th, we will release a new client. Hunters who want to participate in the preseason can go to the official platform to download and install the client in advance. After the preseason server opens at October 26th at 19:00 (PDT), hunters who use this client can choose the “Hunter’s Odyssey” Preseason Server when creating a character to participate in the preseason.

What will happen to the data after the "Preseason" ends?

The "Hunter's Odyssey" Preseason is expected to last one month. After that, all character data will be deleted and not retained in the permanent server - please note this, hunters. However, the account-level rewards in the Season Pass will be sent to the account via mail.

Will there be special paid content in the "Preseason"?

The "Hunter's Odyssey" Preseason has an exclusive Season Pass, priced the same as the official season's Season Pass. If you purchase the Golden Season Pass for the preseason and level up to the specified level, you will be able to get the SS3 Golden Season Pass for free when the next official season SS3 starts! In addition, there are half-price booth tab and preseason-exclusive Pactspirits - with lower prices but only effective during the preseason.

What are the unique features of the "Preseason"?

This "Hunter's Odyssey" Preseason has three special mechanisms that allow all hunters to achieve higher damage efficiency, better drop, and a more challenging map-clearing experience. In addition, there are preseason-exclusive ultimate legendary gear, and the legendary gear that hunters have dreamed of before may become a reality!

Can Time Transition Capsules be used in the "Preseason"?

No, the level-up item "Time Transition Capsule" can only be used in the official season and cannot be used in the preseason.

Detailed features will be revealed for hunters next week!

Hungry for More?

That's everything XD revealed about the Hunters' Odyssey Preseason event. You can expect more news coverage from Maxroll for Torchlight Infinite as more information becomes available. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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