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Hero Traits to Start in Invincible Champion

Last Updated: February 22nd 2024

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The Invincible Champion Preseason event is coming soon, here are some Hero Traits we recommend to survive the event. The event begins on February 22nd at 18:00 PST.

Starter Hero Traits

The Invincible Champion Preseason event is nearly upon us, so here are 5 hero traits we recommend for a smooth leveling experience! We don't yet know how dangerous the Gladiators are, but our recommendations lean towards the defensive side of things. If you need more guidance be sure to click the character portrait and explore one of our leveling guides.

Rosa - High Court Chariot

Rosa is an irreverent Paladin, who would rather destroy Torchlight's foes than kiss the feet of Keegan's adherents. Rosa's High Court Chariot is highly mobile. Wielding a shield in one hand and whatever else she damn well pleases in the other, Rosa dominates the battlefield. Blocking foes builds up Murderous Intent which she unleashes to create a Holy Domain, pulling enemies in for a nice shield bash to the face. Rosa is not trapped in an arena with the Gladiators, they are trapped in an arena with her!

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Rehan - Anger

Berserker Rehan's Anger Trait uses attacks to generate Rage, which Bursts forth to damage enemies. If you're looking for a straightforward attack build then Rehan's Anger Trait is a great choice for new players. He's easy to play and very fast. Once Rehan starts Berserking you know things have gotten serious! Anger is a consistent and strong season starter. He has easy access to defenses and is freely available to everyone making Anger one of the top season starter picks. His first few levels are a bit painful but after that the experience is buttery smooth.

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Gemma - Frostbitten Heart

Gemma's Frostbitten Heart Trait specializes in using Cold Skills to apply Frostbite, and Freeze enemies. This is an incredibly powerful Hero Trait that gains access to unique tools that help you keep bosses (almost) permanently Frozen. Being trapped in a small arena with Gladiators won't be as concerning once you freeze them solid. During the Twinightmare Season Frostbitten Heart has been a popular choice and we expect this to continue in the preseason event.

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Moto - Charge Calling

Sometimes to build you have to destroy. Moto, Charge Calling arms his minions with Self-Destruct Protocol causing them to charge a nearby enemy and explode for massive damage. This enables an auto-bomber style build where Guerilla Tactics automatically triggers your Synthetic Troop Main Skill. Be sure to run around picking up Mechanical Parts to keep the loop going! Charge Calling remains highly mobile and provides a constant stream of exploding minions to deal exceptional single target damage.

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Iris - Growing Breeze

Iris was once a Spirit Magi, therefore she's uniquely able to Nourish the Minions Summoned by Spirit Magi skills. Where most players need to equip Spirit Magi in their Passive Skill Slots, Iris has the option to equip them as Active Skills (they still Seal Mana), granting them accelerated Growth. Spirit Magus Skills use Growth to unlock their true potential, gaining a chance to use more powerful versions of their abilities. Iris's Nourishment is a Trait-specific Empower skill which further enhances Spirit Magi, granting them additional damage. Having some friends helps distract dangerous enemies, and Spirit Magi are capable of prodigious single target damage.

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Continue the Hunt

If you're excited about the Invincible Champion Preseason Event, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

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