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Clockwork Ballet Season Launch Updates

Last Updated: July 4th 2024

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Clockwork Ballet

The Torchlight Infinite Clockwork Ballet Season Launch is upon us. This release features the new Hero Trait, Carino - Zealot of War and the new Legendary Crafting system. The Clockwork Ballet Seasonal mechanic adds extra stuff to kill as you progress your newly revamped Netherrealm. Check out our Clockwork Ballet reveal and Patch Notes for more information

We've added several new and updated build guides, new resources, and much more!

Build Guides

New Leveling Guide

We've also updated all of our leveling builds to adjust for the new Talent Trees & Skill changes.

Updated Leveling Guides

Or check our Hero Trait tier list to find out how the guides perform relative to each other!

Carino - Zealot of War

Zealot of War

Divineshot Carino's Zealot of War trait represents him abandoning everything to focus on the thrill of the fight. Zealot of War has two modes of operation, Mobility Mode where he zips around the battlefield rapidly eliminating weaker foes, and Annihilation Mode which brings maximum damage against Elite foes.

Leveling Guide

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Clockwork Ballet Season Information

The Clockwork Ballet Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic where you approach Cogwheels and activate them to awaken nearby clockwork automaton enemies. Each area contains multiple Cogwheels for you to activate for additional Cogwheel Vouchers.

Seasonal Mechanic: Clockwork Ballet

When you first enter an area, you are given a chance to select Clockwork Ballet Member Services. This allows you to choose between additional rewards or specific buffs to assist you in Operation Clockwork. After starting the event you begin the timer, kill enemies and destroy Cogwheels to increase your time and rewards.

Activate a Cogwheel and eliminate all nearby Clockwork Automaton enemies to receive a Cogwheel Voucher of the same rarity as the Cogwheel that was activated. Move quickly as each Cogwheel is harder to destroy than the prior one.

As you destroy more Cogwheels, the difficulty increases and the timer ticks down. You can manually end the Operation at any time to collect the rewards that have been already earned. Each Cogwheel Voucher then explodes with various rewards depending on the rarity of the Cogwheel Voucher.

Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation

As you complete Clockwork Games you earn points to enter into the Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation. These points increase the rewards and increase your base timer for the Clockwork Games. As you progress further into the Constellation, you unlock the Member Service options to greatly increase the combat difficulty and rewards accordingly.

Loot Filter Guide

Creating and editing item filters in Torchlight Infinite is a valuable skill that helps ensure you never miss out on item upgrades for your character.  With a specialized loot filter you can save your precious time by quickly seeing the exact items you want to pick up.

Our guide teaches you the basics rules for item filtering, importing a filter and how to edit filters created by others.

Void Chart

The Void Chart Map allows you to place talent points into the content to match your preferences. The Void Star Map contains approximately 20 Talent Star Clusters, each with an independent theme and corresponding Talent Tree. The varied Talent Nodes in the Star Map greatly amplify drop rates and provide more diverse and stable grinding strategies.

Void Chart Talent Tree Pages

In the past when you wanted to change your Netherrealm strategy you had to complete many Beacons to clear a confusion card before you could make a change to your strategy. Now with the addition of Talent Plans, you can easily swap between various Talent Trees with a single click.

Streamlined Voyager Chaos Cards

Currently when you are working towards your Voyager Set, you can get incredibly unlucky to get duplicates of an item while getting none of the piece you are missing. The Voyager Chaos cards are now rewarded on completion of the map and reward a single specific piece of gear. Now you can quickly target the piece you are missing for your set.

More Coming Soon

As the Season launch unfolds, Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite's Clockwork Ballet Season will continue, with more content from us on the way. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

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