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Clockwork Ballet Reveal

Last Updated: June 29th 2024

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Clockwork Ballet

Check out the reveal for Torchlight Infinite's 7th Season Clockwork Ballet (SS5). The upcoming content includes the Clockwork Ballet seasonal mechanic, a new Seasonal Boss, Carino's Zealot of War Hero Trait, new Legendary Item Crafting and a new Netherrealm Talent Constellation.

Clockwork Ballet Season Information

The Clockwork Ballet Season brings a new Seasonal mechanic where you approach Cogwheels and activate them to awaken nearby clockwork automaton enemies. Each area contains multiple Cogwheels for you to activate for additional Cogwheel Vouchers.

Seasonal Mechanic: Clockwork Ballet

When you first enter an area, you are given a chance to select Clockwork Ballet Member Services. This allows you to choose between additional rewards or specific buffs to assist you in Operation Clockwork. After starting the event you begin the timer, kill enemies and destroy Cogwheels to increase your time and rewards.

Activate a Cogwheel and eliminate all nearby Clockwork Automaton enemies to receive a Cogwheel Voucher of the same rarity as the Cogwheel that was activated. Move quickly as each Cogwheel is harder to destroy than the prior one.

As you destroy more Cogwheels, the difficulty increases and the timer ticks down. You can manually end the Operation at any time to collect the rewards that have been already earned. Each Cogwheel Voucher then explodes with various rewards depending on the rarity of the Cogwheel Voucher.

Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation

As you complete Clockwork Games you earn points to enter into the Clockwork Ballet Talent Constellation. These points increase the rewards and increase your base timer for the Clockwork Games. As you progress further into the Constellation, you unlock the Member Service options to greatly increase the combat difficulty and rewards accordingly.

Silverwing Danseuse - The Enigmatic Leader

The Clockwork Ballet Reveal introduces Torchlight Infinite's 6th Seasonal Endgame Boss, Silverwing Danseuse. After unlocking the required Membership Services, a portal to the Iron Curtain of Eminence may appear. Enter the portal to challenge the new boss in Torchlight, Silverwing Danseuse.

Challenge Silverwing Danseuse - The Enigmatic Leader

Silverwing Danseuse drops a variety of powerful exclusive Legendary items.

Divineshot Carino - Zealot of War

The Clockwork Ballet Reveal brings the new Hero Trait for Carino - Zealot of War. Driven by his quest for vengeance Carino swaps seamlessly between different combat modes, choosing either Mobility or Annihilation to decimate his foes.

Zealot of War has numerous bonuses for projectile skills and swaps seamlessly between Mobile Mode and Annihilator Mode to deal with enemies of all kinds. Even when his ammunition is depleted, Carino can continue to unleash a barrage of powerful firepower, ensuring no enemy escapes his relentless pursuit.

Zealot of War

Here's a look at Carino - Zealot of War's talents from the CN version of the patch notes.

  • Projectile Skills consume ammo, +8 initial Magazine Capacity
  • Base reloading time is 1s
  • Projectile Quantity +2
  • For every +1 Projectile Quantity or +1 Split(s), +6 Magazine Capacity
  • Unable to use projectile skills while Reloading
  • Mobile Mode - +50% additional damage to non-elite Enemies
  • Annihilator Mode - +50% additional Attack and Cast Speed (The Projectile Quantity and Splits of Projectile Skills are only affected by the skill itself and linked Support Skills)

Level 25-45 Traits

  • Incinerated Glory (Level 25)
    • Gains 1 stack of Heat Up for every ammo consumed. After Reloading, loses all stacks of Heat Up
    • Heat Up:
    • During Mobile Mode, +2% Movement Speed for every stack of Heat Up
    • During Annihilator Mode, +6% additional damage dealt by Projectile Skills and +0.1 Projectile Max Deviation Angle for every stack of Heat Up
  • Bullet Storm (Level 45)
    • During Mobile Mode, +1% additional damage dealt by Projectile Skills and +1% Projectile Size for every stack of Heat Up, stacking up to 60 times. Retains this effect after switching to Annihilator Mode until switching back to Mobile Mode from Annihilator Mode
  • Shackles of Mania (Level 45)
    • No longer Reload when switching shooting modes
    • During Mobile Mode, Heat Up gains an additional effect: Projectiles eliminate non-Elite enemies under 1% Life on hit (stacks based on Heat Up stacks)
    • Eliminates non-elite enemies with life lower than 75%

Zealot of War Level 60-75 Traits

  • Blank Shots (Level 60)
    • Allows Blank Firing
    • During Blank Firing, gains 1 stack of Overheated when casting a Projectile Skill
    • Forced to Reload when having more Overheated stacks than Heat Up stacks for 10s.
    • Loses all stacks of Overheated after reloading
    • Overheated:
    • During Mobile Mode, +0.2 Projectile Spreading Angle for every stack of Overheated
    • During Annihilator Mode, +0.1 Projectile Max Deviation Angle for every stack of Overheated
  • Ceasefire (Level 75)
    • When having move Overheated stacks than Heat Up stacks, for every 1m of movement made, loses 1 stack of Overheated
    • +1% additional damage for every stack of Overheated lost, up to +100%, for 10s
  • Extreme Heat (Level 75)
    • When having more Overheated stacks than Heat Up stacks for more than 10s, gains Burning Red instead for 10s
    • Immediately reloads when Burning Red ends. For every 10 stacks of Overheated, +0.1s reloading time, up to +2s
    • Click the trait skill twice within 0.3s to immediately activate Burning Red
    • Burning Red: no longer gain overheating, and do not reload. For every layer of heating up or overheating, deal an additional +1.5% damage, up to +300%.

Level 90 Traits

  • Endless Frenzy (Level 90)
    • For every +2% Knockback distance, +1% additional damage up to +200%
    • During Mobile Mode, you are guaranteed to Knock Back Yourself when casting a non-Channeled or non-Mobility Projectile Skill
    • During Annihilator Mode, Heat Up gains an additional effect: +1% Knockback Distance
  • Eternal Flames (Level 90)
    • When having as many or more Overheated stacks as Heat Up stacks, inflicts Unlucky Critical Strike
    • When having as many or more Overheated stacks as Heat Up stacks, for every stack of Heat Up, +2% additional damage when landing a Critical Strike, up to +200%

Legendary Equipment Overhaul

A large section of the Clockwork Ballet Reveal focused on the Legendary equipment overhaul. In the past, Legendary items had fixed affixes with little room for customization. Now, most legendary equipment has a limited number of Legendary Affixes in addition to random crafted modifiers. You can modify the crafted modifiers to further customize your legendary items based on the item's Legendary Aptitude.

Legendary Item Crafting

The number of crafted modifiers on a Legendary item are determined by the Legendary Aptitude of the item. Items can drop with anywhere between 0 and 4 Legendary Aptitude. Items that have 3+ Legendary Aptitude have a - Priceless suffix and are item level 100. This allows the ability to use Ultimate Embers to increase mods to Tier 0 at the risk of losing either a Legendary Aptitude or one of the modifiers on the item.

Legendary Aptitude Inheritance

In addition, you can now combine two Legendary items of the same name and Legendary Aptitude, in order to perfect items more than ever before.

Netherrealm Adjustments

Void Chart Map

The Void Chart Map allows you to place talent points into the content to match your preferences. The Void Star Map contains approximately 20 Talent Star Clusters, each with an independent theme and corresponding Talent Tree. The varied Talent Nodes in the Star Map greatly amplify drop rates and provide more diverse and stable grinding strategies.

Void Chart Talent Tree Pages

In the past when you wanted to change your Netherrealm strategy you had to complete many Beacons to clear a confusion card before you could make a change to your strategy. Now with the addition of Talent Plans, you can easily swap between various Talent Trees with a single click.

Streamlined Voyager Chaos Cards

Currently when you are working towards your Voyager Set, you can get incredibly unlucky to get duplicates of an item while getting none of the piece you are missing. The Voyager Chaos cards are now rewarded on completion of the map and reward a single specific piece of gear. Now you can quickly target the piece you are missing for your set.

Divinity Slate Branding

Unlimited Branding Attempts

Divinity Slates can now be branded an unlimited amount of times. Each Divinity slate drops with fixed Talent Node slots that are either Magic, Rare or Legendary. Magic and Rare slots can be overwritten repeatedly, but Legendary Nodes can only be overwritten with Unifying Wedges.

Restoring Divinity Slates

Divinity Slates with a Legendary Node that you would like to change require Unifying Slates. Each time you restore a divinity slate, the to Restore it again increases.

Purchasing Divinity Slates

Divinity Slates purchased from the Heart of Rapacity are guaranteed to have at least one Legendary Medium Talent Node. These can be bought an unlimited number of times in any amount.

Quality of Life Adjustments

The Torchlight Infinite Clockwork Ballet seasonal reveal also includes numerous quality of life updates detailed below.

Automatic "Covet" in Cube of Rapacity Gameplay

The Covet function in Cube gameplay can now be automatically used, eliminating the need to click repeatedly for your rewards.

Simplified Netherrealm Gameplay

Upon defeating the Plane Watcher of each location once you now unlock Timemark 7. You no longer have to slog through lower tiers of the Netherrealm to progress your Timemarks.

Automatic Pactspirit Plan Switching

Upon unlocking the Golden Season Pass, you can set automatic switching of customized Pactspirit plans for different battle types, such as entering Netherrealm map, engaging in certain gameplay, or challenging seasonal bosses.

Legendary Visions Event Launch

The Legendary Visions event launches simultaneously with the season. Choose your favorite Legendary gear to increase its drop rate.

Pages of Aeterna and Aeterna Candle Tears

Eternal Pages from the Aeterna gameplay can now be traded. Now you don't have to participate in Aeterna gameplay to unlock the second Soul Candle and the ability to merge Soul Candles.

Free Talent Reset extended to Level 90

The eligibility for the free talent reset has been extended from Level 80 to Level 90. You no longer need Elixir of Oblivion for talent resets before Level 90. This allows you to unlock your final Hero Trait and test accordingly before locking in your build.

Guide Updates Soon

That's all we know so far from the reveal, Torchlight Infinite's 7th Season, Clockwork Ballet (SS5) releases on July 4th, 19:00 PDT! Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite will continue, with more content from us on the way. We're planning to update our guides and add new ones to cover the Seasonal content. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: CoffeeBns

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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