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Talent Trees

Last Updated: April 17th 2024

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Season 2 - Blacksail

Welcome to the Talent Trees Guide for Torchlight: infinite. In this guide, you'll learn how to draw power from the 24 Talent Trees currently available in game. Talent Trees are a massive source of power for all builds, and they are a large part of your hero's progression. Mastering them is a skill required to make your own powerful builds. Though they can be daunting, they are simplistic and forgiving.

Hit P, or select Talent in the Menu to bring up the Talents menu.

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Talent Trees

There are 24 Talent Trees in Torchlight Infinite, split up among the 6 gods, and 3 can be used at a time. The 6 gods themselves represent the 6 Base Talent Trees: God of Might, Goddess of Hunting, Goddess of Wisdom, God of War, Goddess of Darkness, God of Machines. You need to choose one of these after reaching level 2.

The Base Talent Trees marked with a star are what the developers recommend for your chosen Hero Trait.


After reaching level 20, you can select a Subtree associated with your Base Talent Tree as your second choice. After reaching level 45, you can select ANY Subtree as your third choice.

When making your own build, choosing a Base Talent Tree is a very important decision. They each offer strengths that the other trees do not.

Base Talent Trees tend to have broader purposes while Subtrees offer specialization in specific areas. Click or tap a Talent Tree to see the tags that summarize what that it offers.

Your second choice must be a Subtree of your Base Talent Tree.

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God of Might
Goddess of Hunting
Goddess of Knowledge
God of War
Goddess of Deception
God of Machines

God of Might and his associated Subtrees all deal with Strength, Armor, and Tenacity Blessings.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Attacks, Fire Damage, Weapons, Life, and Area Damage.

Goddess of Hunting and her associated subtrees all deal with Dexterity, Evasion, and Agility Blessings.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Movement Speed, Lightning Damage, Projectiles, Attack Speed, Cast Speed, and Regain.

Goddess of Knowledge and her associated Subtrees all deal with Intelligence, Energy Shield, and Focus Blessings.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Spells, Cold Damage, Mana, Channeling, and Elemental Damage.

God of War and his associated subtrees all deal with Strength, Dexterity, Armor, Evasion, and Fervor.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Physical Damage, Critical Strikes, Triggering, Melee Damage, Blocking, and Distance.

Goddess of Deception and her associated subtrees all deal with Intelligence, Dexterity, Energy Shield, Evasion, and Blur.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Erosion Damage, Damage over Time, Sealing Mana or Life, Debuffing, and Ailments.

God of Machines and his associated Subtrees all deal with Strength, Intelligence, Armor, Energy Shield, and Barrier.

These Talent Trees offer specialization in Minions, Sentries, Auras, Resistances, and Restoration.

All Talent Trees specialize in 1 of 6 Godly Buffs, learn more about these special mechanics within our Buffs Guide.

Power from Talent Trees

To gain power from Talent Trees, you need Talent Points. You gain a Talent Point every time you level up and 17 points are gained as you complete Treasure Troves and follow the main quest line, leading to 116 maximum Talent Points as the maximum level is 100. Talent Points are used to gain power from Minor and Medium Talents, and using enough Talent Points within a Talent Tree unlocks a Major Talents selection.

Changing out Talents? No problem! You can reclaim spent Talent Points and change your Talent Trees as much as you want for free until level 81. After level 81 you need Oblivion Points. The best way to get these is to use Elixir of Oblivion, these can be found in Netherrealm content or you can buy them on the Auction House.

Minor and Medium Talents

Medium Talents found closer to the end of the tree can grant especially powerful bonuses.

Minor Talents are low power passive bonuses, up to 3, sometimes 4 Talent Points can be used to gain power from them. After fully allocating a Minor Talent, a Medium Talent becomes available.

Medium Talents are more powerful and interesting than their prerequisite Minor Talent, and in some cases Talent Points spent on a Medium Talent grant access to another Medium Talent.

Spending 3 Talent Points anywhere in most Talent Trees opens up new Talents to spend Talent Points on. For Base Talent Trees, all Minor talents become available after using 18 points. For Subtrees, all Minor talents become available after using 24 points.

Major Talents

Major Talents offer extremely powerful - if not build defining - passive bonuses. Each Talent Tree has 6 available unique Major Talents, but only 2 can be used from each Talent Tree. After using 12 and 24 Talent Points within your Base Talent Tree, you can select 1 of 3 Major Talents. After using 16 and 32 Talent Points within a Subtree, you can select 1 of 3 Major Talents. Major Talents can be changed at any time for free.

Some equipment grant Major Talents, such as Glacial Abyss Arrow and Magnus' Mindflame. WARNING: Major Talents do not stack with themselves.

Major Talents offered by the Goddess of Hunting when 10 Talent Points are used.


Here are the most important things you need to know about Torchlight: Infinite's Talent Tree system:

  • Talent Trees are a massive source of power and are important for all builds.
  • You can have 3 Talent Trees. The first is a Base Talent Tree, the second is an associated Subtree, and the last can be any Subtree.
  • There are 18 Subtrees associated with the 6 Base Talent Trees. Each Talent Tree offers unique strengths.
  • Get Talent Points from leveling up and from main quests. The maximum amount of Talent Points is 116.
  • Use Talent Points on Minor Talents to unlock Medium Talents. Use Talent Points to unlock 2 Major Talents per Tree.


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