Mistakes to Avoid in Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite is a Mobile & PC ARPG set in the Torchlight universe! It's like Diablo and Path of Exile had a child with a lot of explosions. But the way ahead is dangerous, so here are 13 of the biggest mistakes to avoid when starting Torchlight Infinite.

Hero Trait Mistakes to Avoid

Picking a Hero Trait is one of the few permanent choices in Torchlight Infinite. If you make a mistake your only option is to level a new character later.

For example, Youga's Spacetime Illusion is all about casting lots of spells, but his second trait Spacetime Elapse is focused on damage over time. So if you are planning to make a build for Youga - Spacetime Elapse you need to pick Spacetime Elapse at character select. You cannot select Youga - Spacetime Illusion and then swap later.

Youga's Hero Traits.

Need a Youga Build? Check out our Youga Spacetime Elapse Shadow Swamp Shadow Shot Endgame Guide!

Don't Ignore Tutorials & Help Pages

In-game Help page.

Pay attention to the in-game tutorials and help pages! They walk you through the key game systems early on and save you from a lot of common mistakes. Tutorials cover the basics like itemization, Skills, and the Energy system.

Help pages go through more advanced topics like how the Netherrealm works. When in doubt, you can always check this by tapping your backpack, or pressing F4 on PC to bring up the Help Menu.

Don't Trust DPS/Survival

When equipping or comparing items in Torchlight Infinite, many people make the mistake of trusting the Damage and Survival number down at the bottom of the tooltip. These numbers are NOT accurate! Instead of using this, you should look at your character stat sheet to see what defenses you are missing. A Skill's displayed dps is also often incorrect. So hit the dummy in town for a bit, and swap your gear around to see what's best.

Comparison Tooltip.

See our Defenses Guide for more Information.

Use the Loot Key

The Loot Key saves time.

Running around picking up loot is another common mistake. Instead, use the loot key (bound to A on PC by default). This will automatically pick up any nearby items, starting with the highest rarity. If you have the paid Season Pass, or are level 15 on the free track, your Pactspirit loots most commodities automatically. You'll have to pick up equipment and certain valuable commodities yourself, so using a loot key saves a lot of time and clicks.

Mass Identify Items

Don't waste your time identifying items one by one! Instead, use the Mass Identify Button located at the bottom of your inventory. This identifies every item in your inventory with a single click or tap. You can also recycle unwanted gear with the Recycle button instead of trading with the vendor.

This identifies all items.

Cap Your Resistances


Capped Resistances mean more time spent killing enemies and less time spent staring at the death screen. Resistances cap at 75% in Torchlight Infinite; get as close to this as possible even early on!

Pro Tip: You can get 20% Elemental Resistance from your Pact Points.

Use Your Mana for Auras

Passive Aura and Trigger skills can be placed here to seal a portion of your mana and give you a buff. Mana is a resource, so start equipping auras early on, don't seal so much mana that you can't use your Main Skill. But your mana pool is a resource that gets you a lot of damage and defenses. Don't forget to press Activate All to make sure they're on, and always check your auras after you change gear.

Passive Skills.

Pro Tip: If you frequently run out of mana when using your main skill, use the Passive Aura Magical Source.

Allocate Pact Points

mistakes to avoid
Hit O to allocate Pact Points.

Pact points give you Damage, Defenses, and more Loot! After unlocking the Pact system, always check back after you level up to allocate your points.

Pactspirits modify the effect of the Pact Points in their radius of influence but you gain powerful bonuses like 13% additional damage even without equipping a Pactspirit. Put points in the inner ring to unlock middle nodes, and put points in the middle ring to unlock the most powerful outer nodes.

Interact with Seasonal Mechanics

Every Season in Torchlight Infinite brings exciting new mechanics! Start interacting with the Seasonal mechanic as soon as you can because Seasonal mechanics are very rewarding. For example, Season 1's Dark Surge mechanic is used to add powerful Aember mods to your items!

Corrosion is part of the Dark Surge Season.

If you want to know more about the current Season be sure to check out our Seasonal Guide here.

Maximize Your Energy

Energy Distribution.

You Use Energy in Torchlight Infinite to link your skills to supports that make them more powerful. It costs 0, 10, 15, 50, and 100 Energy to add another link to an active skill. As you level up and equip gear with more Energy, always prioritize linking your Main Skill to do as much damage as possible.

Crafting Mistakes to Avoid

Crafting Materials in Torchlight Infinite include some of the following items:

  • Flame Sand
  • Flame Elementium
  • Embers (Vigor Ember Ruling Ember)
  • Fossils (Acute Fossil Spiral Fossil)

It can be tempting to use these items early to try to make yourself some upgrades as you level but this is a big mistake! Always craft on item level 80, or 85 bases (item level and level required to equip the item are separate; double check the item level before crafting). 85+ bases can roll more powerful modifiers, including many that cannot be crafted on low level bases. Save your crafting materials until you get a good base.

In the meantime, wait until level 60. Then use some of your early Flame Sand or Flame Elementium to buy upgrades off of the trade house. Try to look for Legendary items or other upgrades that cost 5 Flame Sand or less. Wasting Crafting Materials is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid!

mistakes to avoid
Crafting Menu.

Check out our Beginner Crafting Guide for more information.

Use the Black Market

mistakes to avoid
The Black Market Exchange.

The Trader's Black Market has a selection of identified and unidentified rare items. Refresh his selection with Black Gold, an item that drops commonly while you level through the campaign. This gives 2 Exchange Proof per Black Gold allowing 2 purchases each time the shop refreshes. Unused exchange proofs do not carry over to the next selection so always use them before refreshing.

Black Market gear is capped at level 60 so this is the ideal time to use all of your Black Gold. If you struggle earlier in the leveling process don't be afraid to use some to snag a nice upgrade.

You Can Respec for Free!

Made a mistake in your build? Don't worry! You can always change your Energy, Skills, Hero Trait Specialization points, or Pact choices completely for free. Changing Talents normally requires 1 Oblivion Point which you get from the Elixir of Oblivion. For characters level 80 and below it's completely free! If you're unhappy with your talent choices hit Reselect and pick new ones.

mistakes to avoid
Talent Panel respec confirmation.

If you are struggling in the campaign, or want a build check out one of our Hero Leveling Guides.

Video Guide


Here are the 13 biggest mistakes to avoid in Torchlight Infinite!

  1. Pick the right Hero Trait at character select.
  2. Don't Ignore in-game tutorials and help pages.
  3. Don't trust DPS tooltips or survival ratings.
  4. Use the loot key as much as possible.
  5. Mass identify your items.
  6. Cap your Resistances at 75%.
  7. Use Mana for Passive Skills.
  8. Don't forget to allocate Pact Points after you level up.
  9. Interact with Seasonal mechanics.
  10. Make sure you use Energy to support your Main Skill.
  11. Save Crafting materials until you get a good base.
  12. Use the Black Market for early upgrades.
  13. You can change Talents for free until level 81.


Written by Tenkiei
Reviewed by Facefoot, Mike1Up


Dec 1st 2022
Article published for Season 2