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Leveling Guide – Game Walkthrough

Last Updated: March 4th 2024

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The Main Story line of Torchlight Infinite is segmented with chapters that you push through to prepare for the endgame - The Netherrealm! Along the way, you unlock important systems to further enhance your character to be able to defeat the toughest of bosses. Before we get into the leveling guide, let’s cover a few pre-leveling steps first.

Character select screen
  1. Choose a Hero- Go to our Hero Overview and read over each Hero to learn how they operate. While leveling is not a big chore in Torchlight Infinite, saving yourself several hours can help get you to the endgame quicker.
  2. Choose Seasonal or Non-Seasonal - Depending on your choice, you are able to take advantage of new Seasonal content or continue your characters from past Seasons in Standard league.
  3. Main Storyline is Best for Leveling - In general, following the main storyline quest is the easiest and most efficient way to level. Killing the majority of enemies in-between story objective points ensures you gain as much experience in the least amount of time. Be sure to stay within 3 levels of the zone you’re in for maximum experience gains.
  4. Use Seasonal Themes - Take advantage of Seasonal themes (if they help) to get bonus experience and level up even quicker. The Dark Surge mechanic for example is a great way to boost your progress. Always utilize these mechanics to get the most out of your leveling.

With this all setup and ready to go, let’s jump in and start blasting!

Note: Check out our Hero Overview to help you decide which Hero to pick, then head over to our Build Guides to see how to progress your Hero throughout the Campaign.


Your character starts in a twisted zone. The primary function of the tutorial is to get you used to movement, attacking, and dodging. You get a sense for attacking solo enemies along with packs. After reaching and defeating a boss, you move on to Chapter 1.

Start of the Tutorial

Gameplay Basics

  • Quests are displayed in the left display menu and update as you meet certain objectives. The main storyline quest and side quests are properly labeled, so you're never confused on which you are doing.
  • Follow the golden diamonds from objective to objective. If you ever lose sight of them, left-click on any quest in the left display menu to make them appear for a short duration.
  • Sub systems you unlock throughout your play are accessible through the top-right menu, indicated by the Torchlight flame icon.
  • Level up bonuses to Skills, Talents, etc. are displayed in a separate plus icon, in the top-right of the screen. Check this regularly as you level up; there's always many points to distribute.
  • Buying your skills from the skill vendor gives you level appropriate skills. Use these instead of the ones rewarded from quests.
  • Gear and character information can be viewed by clicking on the bag icon in the top-right, or using “B” on your keyboard.
  • You can lock all things in your bag by selecting what you want to keep, then clicking the lock button on the top corner of the selected item. Be sure to use this on valuable gear so you don't accidentally destroy or vendor them.
  • When selling gear to Edwin use the REDEEM ALL button instead of loading gear in one at a time. Be sure to make sure you have all the gear you want to keep locked.
  • Side quests are 100% optional and do not provide many rewards.

Chapter 1 Flames of Calamity (Levels 1 - 15)

You start off in Ember’s Rest. Talk to Aria to start the main storyline quest. You make your way through various zones of the chapter with Aria and Liv as you chase after "The Spark" taken by Lean the Agito. Upon completion of the Chapter, you receive a bonus Talent Point.

Start of Chapter 1


  • Gear now drops from defeated enemies. Access your bag to inspect your items. Some gear needs to be identified. You can do this by hitting the small question mark icon below the stash items. The game has two helpful indicators labeled Damage and Survival. If either number is RED, it is a loss. If GREEN, it is a gain. While being a general indicator, there are tons of stats that can affect your character and this isn’t always trustworthy later in the game. For now, go with whatever is GREEN.
  • Skills and Support skills are rewarded throughout your playthrough. They may have requirements, such as being a certain character level or weapon restriction.  Pick the one that best suits your hero/playstyle. To aid your decisions, read your Heroes leveling guides for the best choice.
  • Boss fights can have little lead up, making them feel like a surprise. Take time to move during special boss attacks and learn each one’s pattern. Taking a movement skill is essentially mandatory to help avoid some of these attacks. If you die, go through the portal to re-enter the boss fight and keep chopping them down; you can repeat this with no penalty as many times as needed. You will see these bosses again in the future, so practice makes perfect.

The Hunter Forge & Rifts

the Hunter Forge

Around level 13 you unlock access to the Hunter Forge and your first trial. Complete these trials within the time limit to unlock Hero Trait Specialization Points and Talents. If you fail you can always try again or level up a bit and come back when you're stronger.

During Chapter 1 you also begin encountering Rifts. These are side areas which contain monsters and a bonus chest at the end.

Game System Unlocks
Vendor Unlocks

Talents (Level 2) - Minor, Medium, and Major talent Nodes.

Cube of Rapacity (Level 3) - Can participate in the Cube of Rapacity Seasonal Mechanic

Hero Ranking (Level 5) - Can view other high level players.

Pack System (Around Level 9) - Unlocked after clearing Zone 1.9.

Hunter Forge (Level 13) - Unlock your Hero Trait's Specialization.

Passive/Trigger Skills (Level 15) - Unlock your first Passive/Trigger Skill slot.

Skill Trader - Found in town, used to buy all your Skills and Supports.

Trader - Edwin is the trader found in town and randomly in some Zones.

Black Market - Edwin also runs the black market. Use Black Gold here to find upgrades if needed.

Arms Dealer - Maud is found in Town, he will become your Crafting, Enchanting and Gear Empowering station.

Space Time Wonder - Is found in Towns, turn in your Memory Fragments here for rewards!

Stash - Found in town, store all your rare and extra loot here.

Chapter 2 Hallowed Evil (Levels 15 - 32)

Your pursuit of Lean the Agito continues. You head to the main church to catch him. A foul plot unfolds with the church as you make your way through each zone, leading to a big revelation and tough fight at the end. Upon completion of the Chapter, you receive a bonus Talent Point.

Starti of Chapter 2


  • Skills (through the Energy System) become increasingly more customizable as you play. Adding Support Skills to your Skills add extra effects or bonuses that can make your build stronger. To aid your decisions, read your heroes leveling guide for the best choice.
  • Gearing becomes more interesting as Rare, 6 Mod Rare and Legendary items start dropping. Pay attention to the properties and be sure the overall item is good to equip. Some items may be small downgrades, but having amazing procs or buffs can make up for any Damage or Survival lost in equipping said item.
Game System Unlocks
Vendor Unlocks

Pactspirits for the Pact System (After completing Chapter 2-1) - Unlock each Pactspirit at levels 10, 20, & 30

Boon (After completing Chapter 2-1) - Found in town or Torchlight flame icon.

Note: Check out our Skill System Overview to help you pick the right supports.

Chapter 3 Rusted Sand (Levels 32 - 44)

Your journey takes you to the desert, where you stumble around until you encounter Esmeraalda. King Lionheart has been deceived and the Ichi along with him. Esmeraalda is leading a rebellion against him with her fellow Nightstar. After fighting King Lionheart the stakes rise to end with an ultimate fight! Upon completion of the Chapter, you receive a bonus Talent point. This concludes the Story part of the game.

Start of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Netherrealm Invasion 1 (Levels 44 - 52)

At the beginning of chapter 4 you are rewarded your first Energy gear in the form of a Chest armor. Select the Chest best suited for your build and start to look at gears Energy levels instead of just checking damage stats. Move from zone to zone, quickly clearing out zones. Each zone has an end boss that should be familiar to you at this point. Remember how to handle their respective regular and special attacks. This chapter is a hack and slash that will prepare you for the Endgame Netherrealm. Upon completion of the Chapter, you receive a bonus Talent Point.

Start of Chapter 4
Game System Unlocks
Vendor Unlocks

Energy gear begins to drop.
Dark Surge Seasonal Theme.
Blacksail Seasonal Theme. - Hero relics and Memories begin to drop.

Gear Empower - Maud, the Arms Dealer NPC in Town, can now empower your Gear's Energy.
Gear corrosion - Zenoth, the lightless, found in towns.

Note: Check out our Energy System Overview.

Chapter 5 Netherrealm Invasion 2 (Levels 52 - 58)

Keep blasting forward, clearing zones quickly and taking down their respective bosses. Chapter 5 is unfinished content at this point and is just a repeat of Chapter 4. You’ll tear through these last 2 chapters quickly as you prepare to finally move into the Netherrealm. Upon completion of the Chapter, you receive a bonus Talent Point.

Start of Chapter 5
Game System Unlocks
Vendor Unlocks

All Basic Skills become available to purchase from the skill vendor. - At level 55

Netherrealm Device (Around Level 58) - End of Chapter 5

Trade House (Level 60) - As soon as you hit 60

Trade House (Level 60) - Found in town or Torchlight flame icon (F3 for PC)

Endgame - The Netherrealm Device (Level 58+)

At this point, you have completed the full game and are now introduced to the end game system - The Netherrealm! This is where you work through different difficulties of 5 different zones for great loot and further leveling your character. See the links below for what you should go learn about next:

Note: Check out our Progressing the Netherrealm Guide to help you get started.


  • Follow the golden diamonds by clicking any quest if you ever get lost.
  • Stick to the main storyline quest to get through the chapters as quickly as possible.
  • Every few zones, inspect gear you pick up to swap out for possible upgrades. Green values for Damage and Survival indicators help you out the most.
  • Select Talents that work the best with your Hero and the Skills/Support Skills you have chosen. Don't forget that there are Minor, Medium, and Major Nodes.
  • Customize your Skills & Passives by adding Support Skills to them and move Energy around to open more possibilities.
  • Make sure to select the best Hero Trait choices that support your build when unlocked.


Written by Milkybk_
Contributions by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Facefoot

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