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How To Spend Jagged Primocrysts

Last Updated: April 15th 2024

Season 2 - Blacksail

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Jagged Primocryst is Torchlight Infinite's FREE currency. Players can use their acquired Jagged Primocrysts to purchase Pactspirits, Bag Space, additional Stash Tabs, Revival Tokens and Elixir of Oblivions. Though, only some of these things are worth your Jagged Primocrysts!

Torchlight Infinite has many ways for players to gain FREE Jagged Primocryst:

  • Daily login Rewards
  • Merits (Path of Achievement, Path of Progression).
  • Season Pass (free and paid)
  • Clicking the Help Notifications (first time only).
  • Events hosted in game and out of the game.
  • Promotional Codes
  • Joining the official Discord
  • Maintenance compensation
  • Linking your Email to your account
30 Jagged Primocryst

Bag Space & Stash Tabs

In Torchlight Infinite you have 4 different Inventory tabs: Gear, Skill, Commodity and Other. You can buy more space for each of these Inventory Tabs at a separate scaling price starting at 10 Jagged Primocrysts for 4 slots in that Tab with every new purchase adding 10 Jagged Primocrysts to the cost (10>20>30>40>etc).

We recommend getting storage upgrades for Gear, Skill, and Other inventory tabs. Commodity has plenty of space at base. The amount of times you do this is up to you.

Stash Tabs can be purchased for 400 Jagged Primiocrysts and come with 35 slots for storage, accessed in town. You have 1 at base. They can be used to transfer items between your characters on the same server. This price does not scale like the Bag Space and always costs 400 Jagged Primocrysts for a new Tab of 35 Slots. You can have up to 20 Stash Tabs.

If you fancy yourself as a hoarder, then by all means buy more Stash Tabs.

Every new purchase adds 10 Jagged Primocrysts to the cost (10-20-30-40-ex)
Town Stash Tabs come with 35 Slots and are shared across all Characters on all servers.

Pactspirits (Pets)

Hunter's Journey Banner
The Default Banner

The Boons page is found in Town or the Torchlight flame icon (F3 for PC) and offers a variety of ways to buy Pactspirits. For most banners, each draw costs 160 Jagged Primocrysts.

Pactspirits do not notably impact gameplay and are simply nice to have, but not needed. If you are satisfied with your Bag space and Stash Tab quantity, then spend your Jagged Primocrysts here.

Pactspirits come in 3 rarities: Magic, Rare, and Legendary. Obtaining a duplicate Pactspirit allows you to level it up, and the maximum level is 6. Each level grants small benefit to your Pact tree when using that Pactspirit.

Magic Pactspirits are common and allow customization over the Pact tree's inner ring.

Rare Pactspirits are assured every 10 draws and allow customization over the Pact tree's inner and middle ring.

Legendary Pactspirits allow customization over all 3 of the Pact tree's rings.

Legendary Pactspirits have a base 1.5% chance to be drawn, and after 50 draws without a Legendary, each subsequent draw has a 1.5% increased chance to draw a Legendary Pactspirit. This is called Pity, and while it never resets, it also doesn't transfer between different banners.

Hunter's Journey offers a guaranteed Legendary Pactspirit within the first 30 draws. This banner disappears after obtaining a Legendary Pactspirit from it. Players should draw from this banner first.

Revival Tokens & Elixir of Oblivion

Torchlight Infinite gives players the option to buy Revival Token and Elixir of Oblivion for Jagged Primocryst. Revival Token allow you to keep the experience you would normally lose on death after reaching level 60. WARNING: this item is disabled after reaching level 99.

Elixir of Oblivion grants one Respec point, these are needed after reaching level 81.


Respec points are obtained for free by using Elixir of Oblivion which is very common, they can also be purchased from the Trade House.

Plenty of Revival Token are given out through free events. Getting XP is not difficult enough to justify using Jagged Primocryst on getting more of these.

Both can be bought at x1 for 10 Jagged, x10 for 95 Jagged and x100 at 900 Jagged. We do not recommend buying this.


  • Earn Jagged Primocrysts from these sources:
    • Daily Login Rewards
    • Path of Achievement (once only)
    • Path of Progression (refreshes every season)
    • Season Pass (Free and Paid tracks)
    • Help notifications (once only)
    • Linking your E-mail in game (once only)
    • Events in and out of game
    • Promotional codes
    • Joining their Discord (once only)
    • Maintenance Compensation
  • Spend Jagged Primocrysts on these:
    • Inventory space (Bag) and additional Stash Tabs.
    • Pactspirits (Pets)

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Written by: Xtra37
Reviewed by: Facefoot, Milkybk_

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