Trial of Might Farming

DISCLAIMER: This strategy was devised during Season 1. A lot of the core elements were altered during Season 2; this will be updated as soon as we get enough data to provide the best Guides for farming all the Flame Elementium.

Trial of Might farming is one the aspirational farms in Torchlight Infinite, for maximum rewards it requires a very strong build and prerequisite currency to buy compasses. In Rank 5 Beacons, with the correct Trait Deck you can expect enormous piles of valuable rewards such as Flame Elementium, Compasses or Memory Fragments.

This strategy can be performed on a lower investment but due to how the Trials scale with Timemark, the rewards will be severely reduced.

Disclaimer: This guide assumes you understand the basics of the Chaos Invasion System from our resources guide. Read that first before continuing!

Trial of Might Trait Deck Cards give you 20% chance each to see a Trial of Might in your Beacon!


This strategy has a lot of variance as the Trials have some reward tiles that could be considered "bricks." However with some clever use of Compass' you can mitigate some of the downsides of those less lucrative reward options. Your goal is to stack Perseverance with Generous and Yearning as well as compasses that provide additional Memory Fragments and Flame Fuel.

The Currency you earn from Trial of Might farming comes in the following forms;

  • Flame Fuel (Flame Dust, Flame Sand, Flame Elementium)
  • Basic Embers for Crafting
  • Valuable Memory Fragments (A Terrible Price, Sanguine Moon, Dragonslayer's Notes, Wheel of Time)
  • Common Memory Fragments that can be exchanged for random Legendary Items (Uros' Legacy, Queen's Makeup Kit, Six Gods' Boon)
  • Exclusive Trial of Might Legendary items (Imperial Might, Forlorn Crystal, Polygonal Enclosure, Last Words of Chaos).
  • Compass'
  • Item Level 76+ Rare Bases (All Magic Grip, Ranger's Dirty Boots, Old King's Crown)


To farm this strategy you need an understanding of the Chaos Invasion System and have a build capable of clearing Rank 5 Beacons with added Offset Degrees. The ability to clear Timemark 7 and 8 Watchers is not essential for this strategy, only kill them if you can do so quickly. If you are unsure on any of the Watchers mechanics check out our Boss Guides here.

Trial of Might is also a very demanding mechanic in regards to your build, you need a source of life regeneration to sustain the incoming fire damage from the pools it spawns.

Zone Selection

Due to how generic our Goals are with this strategy, we want to select a zone that has high mob counts combined with good density to maximize the amount of mobs you can kill in a given amount of time. A few good options are:

Blistering Lava

  • Access to the highest Mob count map in the game, Savage Grasslands.
  • Very good layouts which means little to no backtracking.
  • Exclusive Memory Fragment drop Terrible Price which is worth a lot of Flame Elementium.

Glacial Abyss

  • Glacial Abyss has 12 layouts, 10 of which are very linear and require little to no backtracking.
  • Exclusive Memory Fragment drop Sanguine moon which is worth a lot of Flame Elementium.

Trait Deck Order

The goal with this deck is to stack both Perseverance cards, Generous and Yearning. Unlike other strategies, hitting this combination does not guarantee rewards as the Trial of Might can still provide useless rewards (Armour, Weapons and Jewelry).

Your dependence on Multiple Cards and the importance of an Awakened Generous to maximize rewards means you also run the following cards:

  • Just is used to potentially Awaken your GenerousTrait Deck Card.
  • Reserved allows you to draw more Trait Deck Cards in the event of missing some of your key choices.
  • Honest lets you do all the above without the expense of one of your Chaos Invasion attempts.
  • Cautious draws 3 Rare Confusion Cards and places them on Stages, these are often Brutal, Mania or Obstinate which synergize with the strategy.

Below are multiple examples of combinations you should aim for:

Lower Investment

Perseverance cards give a flat %chance for the Stage to include a Trial of Might, this effect stacks. Meaning when using this deck you can get a maximum of 40% chance for an area to contain a Trial of Might from your Trait Deck.

TIP: Chance for an area to contain an Trial of Might does not stack with the base chance, meaning you can have multiple in one Beacon!

  • Sharp
  • Perseverance
  • Generous
  • Perseverance
  • Yearning

The variance for this strategy is the result of still only having a chance for the area to include a Trial of Might, despite using 2 of your Trait Deck slots on the Perseverance cards.

Rich Elite Robots have higher tier rewards, such as Tier 1 Base Gear!
Higher Investment
Yearning drops big loot

At higher levels use Dazzling Brilliance Compasses to potentially DOUBLE any Flame Fuel that drops, this can also apply to stacks of Flame Fuel resulting in 10s of Flame Elementium from a single Trial if you get the commodity reward type.

  • Honest (Tier 4 Beacon)
  • Reserved (Tier 4 Beacon)
  • Just (Tier 4 Beacon)
  • Perseverance (Tier 4 Beacon)
  • Perseverance (Tier 4 Beacon)
  • Generous (Tier 5 Beacon)
  • Yearning (Tier 5 Beacon)
  • Yearning (Tier 5 Beacon)

In this scenario, Yearning and Trials have excellent synergy as for each individual Flame Fuel or Ember that drops, you have a 30% chance to also drop 1 additional Memory Fragment.


In the event you do not draw your full combo, drawing Generous is enough for you to invest some compasses into you Beacon.

TIP: This conversion applies to stacks of Flame Sand too! So don't be surprised if you drop a stack of 10 Flame Elementium!

  • Just (Attempting to awaken Generous)
  • 2
  • Generous (Rank 5 Beacon)
  • 4 (Rank 5 Beacon)
  • 5 (Rank 5 Beacon)
Generous is one of the best Trait Deck cards in the game - Never skip this!



Preparation is essential for profit in any strategy. Have a set of at least 20 Tier 5 Beacons for whichever zone you decide to run before you start mapping. You can farm these Beacons or buy them from other players.

Rolling Maps: Use Netherrealm Essence to increase the Drop Quantity and Rarity of your beacons. For Tier 4 Beacons use >120% Drop Quantity and for Tier 5 use >140% Drop Quantity.

Tier Selection: Tier 5 Beacons are a method of further increasing rewards, they should only be used when you are capable of efficiently clearing them and when you have used your Chaos Invasion attempts to create a more lucrative map. In the "High Investment" tab above, you would begin to use Tier 5 beacons upon using Generous.

Return to Tier 4 Beacons when you have finished your Chaos Invasion Attempts.

WARNING: Netherrealm Essence also increases the difficulty of the maps by adding various modifiers. Be sure to check these in case your build is incompatible, as the modifiers could make the Beacon very difficult to complete.

Netherrealm Essence adds Quantity and Rarity to the Beacon!
Compasses add affixes but dangerous Offset Degrees

Compasses: Efficiently using compasses is the best way to increase rewards. Use the following Compasses that best synergize with your Trait Deck selections.

  • Dazzling Brilliance Compass
  • Dazzling Profiling Compass
  • Dazzling Abundance Compass
  • Dazzling Prosperity Compass

WARNING: Compasses add Offset Degrees that increase the difficulty of Beacons depending on the rarity of Compass used. Stacking multiple Compasses can be very dangerous.


Higher Tier Compasses

Higher tiers of compasses provide the biggest boost to the rewards you can expect from Beacons, but they come with significant drawbacks.

  • Make the map much more dangerous
  • Expensive
  • Cannot be self sustained
  • Only efficient in Rank 5 Beacons

Due to these drawbacks, only use them when you have an optimal card sequence (see Higher Investment Example).

Use these higher-tier compasses to increase profits. Start with the lower-tiers whilst you familiarize yourself with the deck and combinations, then work your way up to Dazzling Compasses if you feel confident.

Profiling Compass' can triple the rewards, but are very dangerous!

Trial Compasses

Trial Compass

Scaling this strategy to it's maximum potential requires using some incredibly expensive Compasses. Might Compasses guarantee that the area contains a Trial of Might and Mechanical Compasses guarantee that the area contains a Trial of Machines.

Trial of Machines is much more consistent than Trial of Might as it's reward pool does not include Armour, Weapons and Jewelry, which do not scale with our Brilliance and Profiling Compasses.

If you can afford to use Might and Mechanical Compasses, swap ... for Sharp in your Trait Deck so that the gear reward tiles from Trial of Might often convert the gear into Flame Fuel.

WARNING: Due to the expense of these Trial compass', only use them when you have the following combination of Trait Deck cards:

  • Perseverance
  • Perseverance
  • Generous (Rank 5 Beacon w/ Compasses)
  • Yearning (Rank 5 Beacon w/ Compasses)
  • Yearning(Rank 5 Beacon w/ Compasses)


  • Might Compass
  • Mechanical Compass
  • Dazzling Brilliance Compass
  • Dazzling Profiling Compass
Flame Fuel Card


  • Trial of Might scales very well with Timemark, completing them in Timemark 8 provides a huge amount of rewards. (Armour, Weapons, Jewelry, Commodities, Memory Fragments, Compasses)
  • Combine Perseverance with Generous so when you hit the commodity reward from Trial of Might, a lot of it is converted to Flame Elementium.
  • Use Honest, Cautious, Just and Reserved to increase the consistency of your Trait Deck.
  • Include these compasses to scale the rewards from Trial of Might:
    • Dazzling Brilliance Compass
    • Dazzling Prosperity Compass
    • Dazzling Profiling Compass
    • Dazzling Abundance Compass
  • When you have 2x Perseverance and Awakened Generous, swap Prosperity and Abundance Compasses for Might and Mechanical Compasses.


Trial of Might Farming


Written by Milkybk_.

Reviewed by Facefoot, Mike1Up.


Jan 4th 2023
Published for Season 2