Ember & Memory Fragment Deck

Last Updated: 12 January 2023

Season 1 - Dark Surge

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DISCLAIMER: This strategy was devised during Season 1. A lot of the core elements were altered during Season 2; this will be updated as soon as we get enough data to provide the best Guides for farming all the Flame Elementium.

Ember and Memory Fragment farming is a fantastic way to reliably generate currency. It is most effective at the early stages of a Season while Embers are at their most valuable. The primary goal of this strategy is to farm the Zeal and Yearning cards in combination with Magic Monsters to generate a large amount of valuable Embers and Memory Fragments.

WARNING: This guide assumes you understand the basics of the Chaos Invasion System from our resources guide. Read that first before continuing!

Blistering Lava Beacons have a chance to drop A Terrible Price


This strategy is one of the most reliable ways to generate currency. Zeal and Yearning cards have set drop rates, meaning we do not worry about Drops% and instead; put as many packs of Magic Monsters into the map as possible.

The Currency you earn from Ember & Memory Fragment comes in the following forms;

  • Basic Embers
  • Rare Embers
  • Legendary Embers
  • Memory Fragments such as:
    • Wheel of Time
    • Lost History
    • A Terrible Price
  • Raw Currency
  • Rank 5 Beacons
  • Handing in Memory Fragments provides a large amount of Legendary Items


To farm this strategy you need an understanding of the Chaos Invasion System and have a build capable of clearing Rank 4 Beacons at the minimum. The ability to clear Timemark 7 Watchers is not essential for this strategy, only kill them if you can do so quickly. If you are unsure on any of the Watchers mechanics check out our Boss Guides here.

Adding additional compasses to the map increases rewards, but also makes them more difficult. If you're doing this on a higher level of investment you need a strong build, capable of clearing Rank 5 Beacons for maximum rewards.

Zone Selection

Due to our focus on Memory Fragments it is important that we select the appropriate zone:

  • Blistering Lava is the first choice as it has a great map selection meaning little to no backtracking and access to one of the Highest Mob count maps in the game Savage Grasslands. It also contains the A Terrible Price Memory Fragment offering additional profit.
  • Glacial Abyss is a great alternative, for its has good layouts. The Watcher can be killed before any immunity phases and it contains a valuable Memory Fragment, Sanguine Moon which is worth a lot of Flame Elementium.

Trait Deck Order

This deck centers around Zeal and Yearning
. Our goal is to fill the map with as many Magic Monsters as possible due to them providing us with a % chance to drop Embers or Memory Fragments when killed. While this is relatively straightforward, understanding how to effectively sequence our cards makes a huge difference.

As a general rule of thumb, use Zeal first and add Magic Monsters with Doughty. When you draw Yearning you instead add them before.

  • Just is used to awaken our key Trait Deck Cards
  • Cautious is used to Place 3 Confusion Cards on the stages. There are some very lucrative options, such as Obstinate, Sly or Mania.
  • Reserved allows us to draw more Trait Deck Cards in the event of missing some of our Key choices.
  • Honest provides us with the opportunity to do all the above without the expense of one our Chaos Invasion Attempts.

Below are multiple example of combinations you should aim towards:

Example 1
Example 2

With Doughty providing us with up to 11 packs of Magic Monster, this strategy can be farmed without any investment!

  • Zeal
  • Doughty
  • Tolerant
  • Yearning
  • Yearning

This combination means on Beacon 5 of the sequence we have 11 packs of Magic Monsters each with a 9.1% chance to drop Memory Fragments and a 16.9% chance to drop Embers. These embers have a 30% chance to be duplicated.

Doughty adds valuable Magic Monsters to the map!



Preparation is essential for profit in any strategy. Have a set of at least 20 Tier 4 Beacons for whichever zone you have decided to run before you start mapping. You can farm these Beacons or buy them from other players.

Rolling Maps: Use Netherrealm resonance to increase the Drop Quantity and Rarity of your Beacons. For Tier 4 Beacons use 120% Drop Quantity and for Tier 5 use 140%.

Tier Selection: Tier 5 Beacons are a method of further increasing your rewards, they should only be used when you are capable of efficiently clearing them and when you have used your Chaos Invasion attempts to create a more lucrative map. In Example 2, you would begin to use Tier 5 beacons upon using Tolerant.

Return to Tier 4 Beacons when you have finished your Chaos Invasion Attempts.

WARNING: Netherrealm resonance also increases the difficulty of the maps by adding various modifiers. Be sure to check these in case your build is incompatible, as the modifiers could make the Beacon very difficult to complete.

Netherrealm resonance adds Quantity and Rarity to the Beacon!
Compasses add powerful bonuses at the cost of dangerous Offset Degrees!

Compasses: Efficiently using compasses is the best way to increase the rewards from our Beacons. We use those that best synergize with our Trait Deck selections.

Use the following Compasses:

  • Dated Samurai Compass or Shiny Samurai Compass
  • Dated Prosperity Compass or Shiny Prosperity Compass
  • Dated Profiling Compass or Shiny Profiling Compass

WARNING: Compasses add Offset Degrees. These increase the difficulty of your Beacons depending on the rarity of the compass used. Stacking multiple compasses can be very dangerous.


Higher Tier Compasses

Higher tiers of compasses provide the biggest boost to the rewards you can expect from Beacons, but they come with significant drawbacks.

  • Make the map much more dangerous
  • Expensive
  • Cannot be sustained

Due to these drawbacks, only use them when you have an optimal card sequence (see Example 1, 2).

Use these higher-tier compasses to increase profits. Start with the lower-tiers whilst you familiarize yourself with the deck and combinations, then work your way up to Dazzling Compasses if you feel confident.

Profiling compasses can triple the rewards, but are very dangerous!

Selling Memory Fragments

Many of the rewards from Memory Fragments are random. Turning them into the Spacetime Wanderer can be considered a gamble. These can be sold to other players looking to take this risk, for a more consistent return.

Notable Memories:

  • Queen's Makeup Kit
  • Windfall
  • A Terrible Price
  • Sanguine Moon

For Queen's Makeup Kit and other common cards that reward a random Legendary it is better to sell them in stacks of 99 as they are easier to price.

Check out our Trade House Guide to learn how to Price Check and Sell full stacks of items.


  • Embers are commodities used to craft gear
  • Memory Fragments can be exchanged for valuable rewards or sold to players for Flame Elementium
  • Use Zeal and Yearning while adding Magic monsters to receive Memory Fragments and Embers
  • Honest, Reserved and Just are used to more consistently hit your sequence
  • Zeal should always be used before adding Magic monsters
  • Yearning should always be used to finish your sequence
  • Add Shiny Samurai Compass and Shiny Profiling Compass to scale your rewards
  • Change to Rank 5 Beacons once you have combo'd Doughty with Zeal or Yearning
  • Sell any RNG related memory fragments for guaranteed returns


Written by Milkybk_.

Reviewed by Mike1Up, Raxxanterax.


  • 5 January 2023
    Published for Season 2

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