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Beginner’s Guide to Farming

Last Updated: January 24th 2024

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Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Farming in Torchlight Infinite. This strategy is not the most currency per hour, but it has a low barrier to entry and remains consistent across different Seasons. The strategy is intended for farming Timemark 7-0 as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want a build which has a lot of area of effect and high movement speed for the best experience.

To augment this strategy we strongly recommend you complete the current Seasonal mechanic, this usually doubles your Flame Elementium achieved per hour.

Because the strategy is primarily intended for 7-0, it focuses on mechanics which do not scale off of loot quantity bonuses. As a result the strategy does not require specific loot pets and isn't suitable for use in 8-4 Deep Space farming.

Timemark 7 Watchers drop Rank 5 Beacons and The Beginning

This strategy is a great way to make your initial currency on your first character at the start of a season. However, it provides consistent value throughout the season and can be used any time you're on a build which can't yet farm other things efficiently.

Progressing the Netherrealm

Once you enter the Netherrealm your first goal is to progress to Timemark 7. Do this by defeating Watchers to collect their Cinders and progress your Netherrealm quests.

  • Try to get through Timemarks 1-6 as quickly as possible.
  • While progressing try to unlock/level up cards related to Dark Surge and Beacons.
    • Some examples include:
    • Pity
    • Mourning
    • Desire - Dark Surge
    • Magnanimous - Dark Surge
  • Use Netherrealm resonance to purchase more Beacons.
    • Don't waste it adding modifiers to your maps when running this strategy!
  • You do not need to defeat the Realm Lord when using this farming strategy.
    • But your build needs to be able to efficiently defeat 7-0 Watchers.
  • You want to farm 7-0 instead of 7-2 to get more Watchers per hour.

For more information about how to Progress the Netherrealm check out our guide here!

Chaos Invasion

There are two ways to run the strategy. You can use the Rational Trait card, and always select Agile. The goal is to run through stages quickly to accumulate Stage Attention Points. Bosses are a great source of Legendary Items and Rank 5 Beacons. Alternatively, you can hunt for Chaos Cards which reward Beacons and Flame Elementium, or run a fast stage like Plaza of Everest over and over (or a different layout depending on the current stage rotation).

The goal is speed, so you don't want to get caught up running slower Six Gods mechanics. If you find a God of War encounter at the start of your map activate it. Then rush to the boss, killing enemies you encounter along the way. After defeating the boss, activate the Dark Surge until you run out of Corrosion Energy defeating the spawned monsters as you go. The faster you build up Stage Attention Points, the faster you can challenge the Watcher for additional loot. This is especially effective at the start of the season when Precise Skills and boss Legendaries are highly valuable.

Each Season brings new mechanics to Torchlight Infinite and most of these seasons are highly rewarding. Therefore it is worth interacting with the current Seasonal mechanic. Even if the time you take to clear the Stage is doubled, your loot should double as well and most Seasonal mechanics drop large quantities of Flame Elementium.

Your deck should include all the Trait cards for Dark Surge and all the cards for Beacon drops minus Solemnity and Pity. This uses 11 of your total 12 slots, for the 12th, run Rational for the Agile variant, or a generic card for drops, Flame Sand, Netherrealm resonance, or a seasonal mechanic of your choice.

For more information about the Chaos Invasion System check out our guide here!

The Loot

A majority of your profits from the strategy outlined in our beginner's guide to farming are easy to sell via the Trade House without the need to price check things or understand which items are used by other builds. As part of your farming you'll get a lot of raw Flame Elementium, in addition there's a few key drops to look out for:

Beacons - Obtained from Bosses & Trait Cards

Boss Keys

Boss Drops

What to do Next

The strategy we recommend with our Beginner's guide to farming is great early in the season, or when you need a bit of currency to continue your build. However, it's not going to be the most profitable or efficient way to farm. Later farming strategies require a stronger build and may rely on pets primarily acquired with real money to maximize your profits. If you want to continue farming, there's a few strategies to consider.

  • Farming Timemark 8 yields much higher loot via Drop Quantity bonuses, better craftable bases and exclusive drops.
  • 8-4 Deep Space farming is usually the most profitable way to find Flame Elementium.
  • You can focus on other seasonal mechanics like Blacksail, Cube of Rapacity, or City of Aeterna.
    • WARNING: Many seasonal mechanics rely on the season exclusive pet for maximum profits.
  • Path of the Brave is another consistently rewarding mechanic, which isn't as influenced by pets.
  • If your build is extremely strong consider farming Torchlight Infinite's pinnacle bosses.
    • Due to the nature of boss farming, this is a risky strategy.

With that said, the best farming strategy in Torchlight Infinite is the one you enjoy. You'll farm more currency doing something you love than forcing yourself to play an optimal strategy which burns you out after a couple days. Most content yields a profit and most seasonal mechanics enhance that profit giving you a wide variety of options when pursuing your next major upgrade.


The Beginner's guide to farming in Torchlight Infinite has everything you need to start farming and build up currency.

  • The strategy focuses on 7-0 which is accessible to a wide range of builds with a very low barrier to entry.
  • No mandatory pets.
  • Not the best Flame Elementium per hour but highly consistent.
    • Interact with the Seasonal mechanic for even more profit!
  • Use the Trade House to quickly sell the loot you obtain.
  • The faster you are, the better this strategy is.


Written by Tenkiei

Reviewed by Dredscythe

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