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Advanced Trade House Guide

Last Updated: January 11th 2024

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Season 2 - Blacksail

Welcome to the Advanced Trade House guide for Torchlight infinite. This guide assumes that you already understand how to use the basic features of the Trade House.

The focus is on advanced item filtering, using parameters to price check sales or purchase upgrades. It also covers how to search for Aember mods, maximize the value of the items you sell, and minimize the cost of the items you buy.

Trade House

If you're new or need to know basic information about the Trade House check out our Trade House for Beginners Guide here!

Selling Legendary Items

To maximize your profit when selling Legendary items it's important to check if you should sell the item without identifying or corroding it. Doing both of these things can be a gamble which may greatly increase the item's value but is more likely to reduce it.

Selling Uncorroded Items

Check the uncorroded price of Legendary items.

Not all Legendary items are the same value, even when they have the same stats! Some items have rare Aember modifiers only added through Corrosion which greatly elevate their power level and usefulness. However, corroding an item is always a gamble, sometimes it's better to just sell an item as is.

When price checking Legendary items it will show the Corroded state by default so you can always compare the Corroded, and Uncorroded prices to see how much you'd lose in attempting to chase a profitable corrosion.

High Variance Items

Identifying a high variance item like False God's Skin is a risky gamble. If you identify False God's Skin it could be worth 4 Flame Elementium, or over 1000 Flame Elementium.

Whereas an unidentified False God's Skin might be around 100. This price is much higher than the bad outcomes you receive when identifying the item. Yes it is lower than the perfect outcome but those results are very rare.

To price check the unidentified version of an item go to the advanced trade tab, and select "Random Affixes" near the top of the list and set the maximum to 1. Unidentified items are labeled with a question mark over the icon.

Some items sell for more when unidentified.

Pro Tip: Many high variance items like False God's Skin can roll multiple instances of the same modifier, such as +3 Intelligence per 4 Levels. To search for this select the mod multiple times when setting parameters.


Parameters are used to more accurately narrow down your search. These Advanced Trade House options make it easier to accurately price check, but be careful about getting too specific in your searches because you may find nothing.

Advanced Trade House Price Checking

Don't get too specific when setting parameters.

The minimum requires the value to be equal or higher to it for the item to show up in search. The maximum requires the value to be lower for the item to show up in search. Generally minimums are more helpful than maximums when it comes to trading items.

When setting minimum parameters, round down to the minimum of the mod tier. So if I'm selling an item with tier 1 Erosion Resistance (33-36%), my minimum would be 33%. Only use maximum parameters when selling items with modifiers that have negative values.

When looking for items on the Trade House, an estimation of the modifier's tier appears in your search window. Use this to get an idea of the tier to search for.

WARNING: If you add too many parameters, you won't find any matching results unless the item is 100% identical.

Advanced Trade House Buying

If you come across something that's clearly underpriced, consider buying it then re-listing the item at the correct price for a quick profit. You almost always use the Advanced Trade House tab when buying items.

Parameters are required to purchase the best version of an item for the lowest price possible. The modifier list is populated based on what can roll on the item including Aember mods. Start with the modifiers you're looking for, then set the minimum to the lowest you'll accept for each roll. If the modifier is negative you need to use a maximum parameter instead. The most efficient way to do this is by selecting the desired tier using "drop down to select the affix level".

If you're still having trouble narrowing down the list after you've set your search try raising values on a couple of optional modifiers. If you find no results or everything is too expensive, try widening the range of searchable values or use a Condition Group to search for items with 2-3 matches out of a larger pool of mods.

Advanced Search gives control over filters.

WARNING: When buying or selling expensive items, always double check your search before purchasing. Try looking for items whose modifiers rolled above the median value.

Have Some Patience

Although overall item order is randomized, newer listings show up within the first few pages on the Trade House. If you refresh your search a couple of times, you're often able to find a better deal when a newly listed trade becomes visible.

Patience is key when buying or selling items! Expensive items often take a few days or even as long as a week to sell. Prices often fluctuate morning vs night and weekend vs weekday. So while you're saving for your next big upgrade keep an eye on the prices in the Trade House. If you're lucky you might snag a cheap deal and get the upgrade early.

This took a week to sell but was well worth the wait!

Pro Tip: Corroded items are often much cheaper to purchase than craft! This is because the wealthiest players will craft dozens while chasing a specific Aember mod. Then sell the rest cheaply just to get rid of them and recover some of the crafting costs.

Video Guide


Here are some Advanced Trade House Tips and Tricks to master trade in Torchlight Infinite!

  • See if a Legendary item is more valuable if sold unidentified or uncorroded.
  • When selling items, use search parameters to set minimum values based on tiers
    • IE if tier 1 Erosion resistance is 33-36%, set a 33% minimum.
  • Select the modifiers you value the most on a rare to narrow down the results.
    • Then set the minimum value to choose the lowest tier of mod you want to see.
    • In the case of mods with negative values instead set a maximum.
  • Have patience when selling expensive items, if the price is correct it can still take a week.
  • Have patience when buying expensive items. Check on different days as you save up, since prices change based on time of day and day of the week.
  • If you see something for sale that is clearly underpriced, buy it and resell it for a profit!


Written by Tenkiei.

Reviewed by Facefoot, Xtra37.

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