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Dexterity Stacking ErikaWind Stalker

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Cat Girl, I mean Cateye Erika - Wind Stalker is the "assassin" or rogue archetype of Leptis, and this build is a great way to start your Blacksail season journey!

  • Turn movement speed into Attack Damage with Cat's Agility.
  • Dexterity Stacking is one of the easiest archetypes to gear at the start of the season.
  • You use Berserking Blade to clear quickly, and Thunder Slash to destroy bosses.
  • The build is great for everything from speed clearing, to taking on some of the toughest bosses Leptis has to offer.
  • Unlike many other builds, Dexterity stackers rely on Rare items as opposed to Legendary items, but if you can get Everlasting Cloud, False God's Skin and Endless Night.
  • Remember to refresh your Stalker stacks by moving so you can maintain Multistrike Count for maximum damage.
  • This build doesn't stack a ton of defenses, but if you are comfortable with boss attack patterns you can survive a stray hit.
  • Multistrike damage escalates with every hit, if you like big numbers this is the build for you!


Written by: Tenkiei
Reviewed by: Xtra37, Facefoot


Jan 19th 2023
Gear section updated and crafting recipe lists redone.

Jan 8th 2023
Published for Season 2.