Talents, Hero Traits, Pacts

Learn about the Talents, Hero Traits and Pacts for the Wind Stalker Erika Dex Stacker Build.

Talent Tree

Talents give you passive bonuses and are acquired by leveling up and completing key story quests. Use these Minor, Medium, and Major Talents to harness the power of the gods by investing in 3 unique Talent Trees.

Talent Tree Progression
Use the Slider to select a talent tree, Ronin is well rounded, Steel Vanguard is tankier, and Brave is higher damage when mapping.

Goddess of Hunting

Start with 20 points in Goddess of Hunting, this tree has bonuses focused on Lightning Damage, Dexterity, and Attack Speed. This is the highest damage endgame setup, but early on God of War is a strong alternative (use the yellow slider to check it out).


This tree is insane for Erika as it has many bonuses to Multistrike, get 36 points here to unlock Quick Advancement.

Ronin or Brave

Ronin gives you more flexibility with your Infinity. Alternatively, the Brave tree offers more Multistrike while Dual Wielding at the cost of Mana efficiency. and Steel Vanguard is a great defensive tree on any build. (use the yellow slider to check it out).

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Goddess of Hunting

This tree offers Dexterity bonuses including Medium Talent, Maximum damage from Medium Talent to improve your average damage and attack speed via Medium Talent. If you want a cheat death effect and Fervor for more crit, try God of War instead (left-most option on the yellow slider).


Between Attack speed and Multistrike you hit rapidly. Therefore Paralyzed stacks quickly providing -32% to enemy Lightning Resistance.


Lowering the Minimum damage, while raising the Maximum damage increases your average damage. Lightning has a wide damage range so this is a great boost to your single target. Rushed is a good alternative when you're just speed clearing beacons.

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Bladerunner is the Multistrike tree, so you need to rush 36 points here. With Erika's major focus on the Multistrike mechanic, Medium Talent is a priority. This adds an increasing damage bonus based off of Multistrike Count. So your first Multistrike gains 18%, and your 6th gains 108% damage.

Transition or Conductive

These two Talents are unusually close in damage. Conductive wins out when you have gear to support Shock scaling Conductive gives you higher base Shock damage, for more information on how Shock works check out our Ailments guide. On the other hand, Transition gives you huge bursts of damage without any additional support from gear but only works with Lightning Skills like Thunder Slash.

Quick Advancement

Like with the Medium Talent referenced above Quick Advancement adds escalating damage based on your Multistrike Count. Erika has an extremely high Multistrike Count due to Stalker stacks so this talent gives MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Ronin or Brave


When using Thunder Slash Steep Strike chance translates into Multistrike chance. Ronin also gives you a source of Fervor from Medium Talent. You can block while dual wielding, keep in mind once you have the Fervor buff you need to generate Fervor rating with Medium Talent.


While not the most impactful choice, this is a good way to get a bigger area of effect in addition to some Melee damage.

Falling Leaves

Most of your damage comes from the 1-5 Lightning damage per Dexterity modifier, which is not local to your weapon. The downside of Falling Leaves is reducing the weapon's local damage. So you get 60% additional Attack Damage dealt with a minimal downside. This is a large part of why the Ronin tree is so powerful.


If you have a Falling Leaves Infinity, Brave is another tree that offers Multistrike and Armor bonuses. Rush Medium Talent as soon as possible because increasing damage from Multistrike is one of the best ways for you to scale damage. You can also use Steel Vanguard for more defenses.

Judgment or Joined Force

Paralysis causes enemies to take 10% more damage, and effectively gives you +50% Critical Strike Multiplier. This is a great talent for boosting damage when you have high crit. Alternatively you can use Joined Force and turn your off-hand into a stat stick.

Well Matched

Because Multistrikes do escalating damage every time you increase your Multistrike Count you exponentially increase your damage. As you get more area of effect on your attacks remember the distance for Nearby.

Learn more about Talents here in our Talent Tree Guide.

Hero Traits

Hero Traits are a distinct set of abilities unique to each Hero that set them apart from the other playable characters. You get a Hero Ability at level 1, and 5 Hero Trait Specialization Points to choose different powerful effects by level 80.

Level 32 unlock Interest to extend the duration of Cat's Agility and grant 60% Movement Speed at 6 Stalker stacks.

Level 62 choose Cat's Scratch to preserve your Multistrike Count while moving.

Level 80 Select Cat's Vision to increase your maximum Stalker stacks.

Hero Trail Progression

Hero Relics & Memories

Hero Relics and Memories are new to the Blacksail Season. They let you further customize your Hero Trait offering bonuses to make your build better at what it does best.

Hero Relic

On your Cat Travel Log try to get +1 Maximum Stalker stacks but this is an extremely rare mod. Other stats to look out for are Multistrike deals Additional damage with each strike for every 1 stack of Stalker you have and Multistrikes deal increasing damage.

Hero Memories

On your Tips for Cats the most important stats to look out for are Multistrike deals Additional damage with each strike for every 1 stack of Stalker you have and Multistrikes Deal Increasing Damage. When you have a higher budget Butterfly Hunting unlocks Cat Dive for even more damage. Your best in slot memories are Star Shooting, one because the bonus is per Memory, the more you have the more powerful the bonus. Alternatively consider Balancing Hypocrisy Before the Scales in your even numbered Engram slots for % Dexterity scaling if you have a lot of flat Dexterity elsewhere.


Pactspirits are not a part of a build's core gameplay, but offer small optional bonuses. You can use different Pactspirits to customize your Pact Points.

The build already does a lot of damage, so Survival Pactspirits are a great way to add extra Resistances or Health.

Wanting more damage instead? Look for Attack Pactspirits as these give damage over time bonuses.

If your damage and survivability are fine and you want more loot when farming easy content, try Drop Pactspirits.

This is how you allocate your Pact Points.

Learn more about Pacts in our Boons and Pacts Guide