Skills, Passives & Energy

Learn about the Skills, Passives and Energy Distribution for the Wind Stalker Erika Dex Stacker Build.

Active Skills

Skills determine your damage pattern. Your Main Skill does the bulk of the build's damage, and the other Active Skills cover recovery, mobility, defenses, and temporary damage buffs.

Thunder Slash - Main Skill

This new Slash-Strike added in the Blacksail Season is your primary damage dealer. Thunder Slash converts Steep Strike chance into Multistrike chance and prevents you from gaining further Steep Strikes. With Hot Pursuit the higher your Multistrike Count the harder each successive attack hits. Thunder Slash is great for single target, but doesn't clear well so when mapping swap to Berserking Blade. Here are the most important support skills:

  • Multistrike is a crucial support, that's core to how Erika deals damage.
  • Electric Overload grants Additional Lightning damage, and triggers a buff for even more damage when you deal a Critical Strike.
  • High Voltage helps you cap your Shock chance in addition to providing a significant Lightning damage bonus.
  • Raging Slash ramps your Berserking Blade stacks faster for more AoE, and provides more Multistrike to your Thunder Slash.
  • Lightning Penetration increases your damage against enemies with high resistances.
Main Skill Supports

Optionally, Mark makes it easier to hit enemies and gives crit damage which is helpful while clearing large groups of enemies. But you can run this on your Mobility skill instead when fighting bosses.

Other Active Skills

  • Resurrection Warcry is your main source of recovery and Armor Infusion adds additional defenses.
  • Leap Attack is your mobility skill used to traverse from pack to pack, maintain Hardened and Mark enemies.
  • Fearless Warcry provides damage through Steep Strike Chance and enhancing the Steep Strike form of your skills. Electrocute is a viable alternative.
  • Bull's Rage provides a powerful damage boost at the cost of Life, use Deathwill to turn the cost into a degeneration you can bypass it with Resurrection Warcry. If the degeneration is too severe use Electrocute instead.
Active Skills
Use the Slider to swap between the Main and Alternative Setup

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills seal a portion of your Mana in exchange for giving a bonus while active.

Because this build doesn't have access to much -Sealed Mana, so you only use Fearless and Electric Conversion. If you don't have the mana for 2 40% auras, drop Electric Conversion for Erosion Enhancement. Damage to Life is a multiplier to all damage dealt to enemies.

Use Auto Defense with Stoneskin to help round out your defenses.

Finally, Death Pact triggers Fixate and Bloodthirst. Use Seal Conversion to Seal a small portion of your Life. While it is normally not advisable to seal Life in a build that doesn't utilize Energy Shield, the defense you gain far outweighs the Life lost.

Passive Skills

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.

Energy Distribution

When distributing Energy, each support slot costs more than the last so always prioritize our Main Skill.

Prioritize Energy for Berserking Blade. You want to get to 5 supports for it as soon as possible.

From there distribute Energy to the remaining Passive Skills.

Finally put the rest of your Energy into your other Active Skills to get it as high as possible, distribute things evenly, and try to get at least 2-3 supports per skill.

Energy Distribution

Learn more about the Energy System in our Energy Guide.