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Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Guide

Last Updated: April 20th 2024

Whispering Mist

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Welcome to the Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Guide. Embracing the Void, Youga's Spacetime Elapse Hero Trait is good for all things damage over time - aka DoT. Whether it's Frost Terra, Ignite or anything in-between, Reap deadly Afflictions from your foes!

This Hero Trait is focused on Damage over Time, a highly complex mechanic. We recommend new players read our dedicated guide to DoT and Reaping.

The Youga Spacetime Elapse leveling guide is intended to take your character to Level 80.
This is the last level with unlimited free respec points.
Be sure to check the final section of the guide for recommendations on how to transition into the Endgame!
Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Gear Preview
Level 80 Hero Overview
  • Absurdly Fast
  • Automatic Damage
  • Scales Extremely Well
  • Skill Respec
  • Talent Respec
  • DoT is Very Confusing

Check out the Complete Story Walkthrough for tips on how to complete the Campaign.

Treasure Troves

Treasure Troves are a way to super-charge your leveling experience. They give vastly more experience than regular zones and yield exclusive Legendary items. You need to complete each of them once for a Talent Point. For an easier leveling experience, you repeat the Treasure Trove until you're 8-10 levels above the zone, then rush through the next few areas. Follow your side quest to find the Treasure Trove locations.

Keep an eye out for the following Legendary items as you clear Treasure Troves.

New Ear Hills (L7): Look out for Elemental Whisper Belt
Nectar Valley (L16): Look out for Born in Fire
Dawn Avenue (L27): Look out for Clay Doll's Broken Finger
Sanctuary of Solitude (L35): Look out for Omniscient Prototype
Silver Sands' End (L44): Look out for Omniscient Prototype and Corrupted Marrow
Hall of Grandiosity (L54): Look out for Omniscient Prototype

Leveling Tips and Tricks

  • Your first active skill slot (top left in the Skills menu) is your "Main Skill," this matters because many items and Hero Traits have effects that only apply to the Main Skill.
  • If you're ever in doubt of where to go, click the campaign quest on the left of your screen and a golden path shows you the way.
  • This guide assumes you get most of your levels through Treasure Troves and rush to the objectives in other zones for maximum efficiency.
  • When allocating Pact Points, prioritize Life first, then select Damage nodes until you fill the section. If you have leftover points, put them into Drop nodes as you begin farming the Netherrealm.
  • Complete all 10 Levels of the Hero Forge to unlock all of your Hero Trait abilities and gain 6 additional Talent Points.
  • All support Skills become available from the Skill Shop at level 55. At this stage cross reference with the embeds to make sure you're set up for the Netherrealm.
  • In Chapter 3 gear you find comes with varying amounts of Energy, after changing your gear, be sure to go to the Energy Menu under Skills to reassign missing Energy.

Equipment & Stat Priorities

Main stats to look for.

Look for these Offensive stats:

  • Reap X seconds when dealing Damage.
  • DoT Damage
  • Erosion Damage
  • Skill Duration
  • Spell Damage
  • Erosion Penetration

Look for these Defensive stats:

  • Life (Before reaching level 55 & 125 Energy)
  • Energy Shield (After reaching level 55 & 125 Energy)
  • Elemental Resistances
  • Erosion Resistance

Core Skills

  • Mind Control automatically links to enemies within its radius, dealing Erosion damage over time. Ensure the "Auto Guide" setting is enabled for this Skill, found under the "Battle" tab of the settings menu.
    • This Skill's high base duration makes it extremely lethal when Reaped with Reap Purification allocated.
  • Flame Jet creates an incendiary puddle, dealing Fire damage over time. It also periodically erupts, dealing high hit damage and creating parabolic projectiles that creates smaller, weaker incendiary puddles.
    • This Skill's instant cast time allows it to be used alongside Mind Control when "Auto Guide" is enabled.
    • While strong early on, Flame Jet eventually falls off and is removed.
  • Mana Boil grants a massive boost to Spell damage and has an infinite duration. Its Mana consumption helps charge your Hero Trait.
  • Use Compound Source to quickly regenerate Life and Mana whenever needed, and Forced Start after transitioning to Low-Life.

Leveling Progression

WARNING: The following levels are a guideline, you might complete the quest/unlock the Skill a few levels early, or a few levels later!

This Leveling Guide requires major Skill Respecs after reaching Level 55 with at least 125 Energy!

Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool
Passive Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Level 2: Support Flame Jet with Speed-up Formation
Level 3: Equip; Blink.
Level 6: Support Flame Jet with Control Spell, and Compound Source with Auto-Charge.
Level 16: Equip; Mind Control and support it with Control Spell.
Level 20: Equip; Mana Boil, support Mind Control with Shortened Duration.
Level 25: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Spacetime Diversion.
32 Talent Points Acquired: Replace Shortened Duration and Speed-up Formation with Reaping Agony.
Level 31: Support Mind Control with Erosion Penetration.
Level 45: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Spacetime Diversion.
Level 50: Equip; Deep Pain
Level 55: Support Mana Boil with Mania.

Level 55 & 125 Energy:

  • Support Mana Boil with Self-Sacrifice.
  • Remove Flame Jet and its Supports, replace them with Corruption, Abysmal Hatred, and Terrain of Malice.
  • Remove Blink and its Supports, replace them with Blurry Steps, Extended Duration, and Pain Amplification.
  • Support Deep Pain with Seal Conversion and Aura Amplification.
  • Equip; Erosion Enhancement, support it with Selfishness and Stand as One.
  • Equip; Energy Fortress, support it with Stand as One and Selfishness.
  • Equip; Magical Source, support it with Aura Amplification.

Level 60: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Spacetime Turbulence, support your Hero Trait with Increased Area.

Level 75: Complete the Hero Trial to allocate; Spacetime Cutting.

To learn more check out the Skills and Passives Guide.


WARNING: This leveling guide requires a major Talent Point Respec after obtaining 32 total Talent Points!

Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Talent Tree
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Goddess of Deception

Reaching level 12 grants Plague, allowing Mind Control's damage over time to spread to nearby enemies, massively increasing clear speed.


This tree is the lifeblood of many damage over time builds, offering excellent damage multipliers with Affliction and the build defining Reap Purification.


A well-rounded Talent Tree whose Major Talents snapshot to massively increased the damage of Mind Control.

There are tons of different Talent Trees to explore, if you want to learn more about this robust system check out our Talent Tree Guide.

Traits, Relics and Memories

Hero Traits

Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Hero Traits, Relics & Memories

Level 45: Spacetime Delay pairs with Mana Boil, providing more than enough Spacetime Energy to power your Hero Trait.

Level 75: Spacetime Cutting effectively multiplies Reaping's damage output. This bonus is stronger against stationary enemies who sit in your Twisted Spacetime.

Level 90: Spacetime Upheaval has similar total damage output to Spacetime Pause, but scales better later on.

Relics and Memories

When following this Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling Guide, look for any combination of the following stats on your Hero Relics and Memories;

Hero RelicHero Memories
Additional Reap Cooldown Recovery Speed per Spacetime EnergyReap DoT damage from enemies within Twisted Spacetime
Additional Affliction per Spacetime EnergyAdds X% of Reap and Reap Purification damage to Twisted Spacetime's recorded Damage
Additional DoT Damage per Spacetime EnergyReap Cooldown Recovery Speed
Enemies with Spacetime Turbulence are deemed as being within Twisted Spacetime, + maximum Spacetime Energy

To learn more, check out our Hero Relic and Hero Memory Guide.


To learn more, check out our Pacts and Pets Guide.

The Netherrealm

Racing through your Netherrealm quests as quickly as possible results in you becoming under leveled for the required zones to progress further, stay within 3 levels of the zones you're completing to avoid a harsh experience penalty. As you continue leveling Youga Spacetime Elapse check out our, How to Progress the Netherrealm if you're unsure of anything.

Here's a list of things to do while progressing the early stages of the Netherrealm;

  • Level 60: the Trade House is unlocked. Be sure to read and understand our Trade House for Beginners Guide before making any big purchases.
  • Higher item levels of gear come with higher quantities of Energy. Look to improve your current gear with items that have increased Energy so that you can use more Support Skills.
  • Utilize Prototype Crafting and Enchanting to greatly increase the power of non-legendary gear you come across. It costs very low amounts of Flame Dust and Flame Sand to lock 1 good affix in place and reroll up to 4 new modifiers.

Transitioning to Endgame


  • Reap sources DRASTICALLY improve your damage output. The Reap duration stat doesn't matter, and Reap cooldown is very important. Look to add as many Reap sources as possible via crafted modifiers on;
    • Wands: Available at Item Level 70.
    • Gloves: Available at Item Level 60.
    • Belt: Available at Item Level 60.
    • Amulet: Available at Item Level 60.

Energy Shield

  • Converting from a Life build into an Energy Shield build allows you to Seal more of your life, this gives you access to more Aura Skills. Look for the following modifiers on Armor and Jewelry to increase survivability;
    • Gear Energy Shield
    • Increased % Maximum Energy Shield
    • Resistances

Legendary Items


  • Spring Resurrection is a great option for any Spell based build while leveling.

Voyager's Journey

This leveling build has no need for Voyager's Journey set Legendary Items, since the lower set-bonuses are worthless and Reap sources on equipment are far more important than the 6-piece-set-bonus.


  • Supreme Throne is the ultimate weapon for Mind Control, granting Skill levels, max channel stacks, an 80% additional damage boost, and an insane 50% damage resistance.
  • Feline Steps grants constant Deflection, generates Agility Blessings, and includes some handy Reap Cooldown Recovery Speed.
  • Twilight Vestment Are you a fan of not dying? Great! You won't die with this. Not great for high investment scaling.

Continue the Journey

Congratulations on completing the Youga Spacetime Elapse Leveling guide! To continue your Endgame journey, browse community made builds in our Builder!

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