Spacetime Elapse Youga Shadow Swamp Shadow Shot Guide

Spacetime Elapse Youga Shadow Swamp Shadow Shot clears beacons quickly and smoothly even on a budget. Single target was initially a problem, but Memory solves that as well. If you are a fan of Spiral Strike or explosions then this is the endgame build guide for you. With the buffs to Spacetime Elapse, this build is a great choice for farming Flame Elementium at the start of a season, provided you're willing to skip bosses until after you improve your gear.

This build leverages Corrosion only Aember modifiers and rare Legendary items for optimal damage and defense, but can be played without most of them (see the Budget Variant for more info). You also need a good understanding of how Ailments and Reaping work.

Shadow Swamp automatically recasts when Shadow Shot hits an enemy. This not only raises the consistency of your damage, but counts as a hit for the purposes of inflicting Wilt, allowing you to stack Wilts rapidly while clearing. Memory causes enemies to explode when killed giving the build godly clear speed, and applies Skill damage to Wilt damage greatly boosting single target damage. While not made for bossing, with enough investment this build can easily take down T8 content, including the Uber Traveler!

Best in Slot gear
Core Overview

It's a Tenkiei build
Zoom Zoom Speed

Fill the Screen with Explosions
Good Single Target with Memory ✔

It's a Tenkiei Build
Reaping is Confusing
Explosions cause Lag
❌ Low Single Target Without Memory

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Youga Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!