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Check out the Video guide and other resources for the Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Build.

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  • Seething Silhouette Rehan is one of the newest additions to Torchlight Infinite!
  • Future Burnt Offering allows you to deterministically summon your Seething Spirit every time you hit 100 Rage.
  • Combine this with Varagon Shroud and Sacrifice to clear entire beacons simply by Leap Attacking through.
  • Chaotic Oracle is essential to gain Fervor so that you can scale the amount of Multistrikes granted by your Circular Killing.
  • Guttural of the Drowned with a specific corroded modifier prevents any hit from being fatal on an 8 second cooldown.
  • Swap to Flame Slash when fighting bosses to deal substantially more damage.


Written by: Milkybk_,
Reviewed by: Xtra37, Fyregrass


Jan 6th 2023
Published for Season 2