Learn about different Variants for the Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Build to maximize your build in different endgame content.

Budget Gear


Future Burnt Offering enables the build and once acquired you can put together the budget variant. It focuses on the same core method of scaling; Tenacity Blessings.


Focus on scaling Area Damage with Sky Devourer - Strength Armor and Pale Mist's Embrace.

Without Guttural of the Drowned you are not always considered Low Life. For this reason; swap No Lose Ends for Life Path.

The priority for transitioning this variant into the Endgame guide is as follow;

  1. Chaotic Oracle
  2. Circular Killing
  3. Fool's Crown
  4. Guttural of the Drowned
  5. Crafted Rare Items
Budget Variant Gear.