Talents, Hero Traits & Pacts

Learn about the Talents, Hero Traits and Pacts for the Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Build.

Talent Tree

Talents give you passive bonuses and are acquired by leveling up and completing key story quests. Use these Minor, Medium, and Major Talents to harness the power of the gods by investing in 3 unique Talent Trees.

Talent Tree Progression

God of Might

A must have for many Fire based attack builds, providing Attack Damage, Critical Strike Rating, Attack Speed and Skill Radius. Medium Talent also converts 50% of Physical Damage to Fire Damage which is essential to fully convert Berserking Blade.


Converts the remaining 50% of your Physical Damage to Fire Damage. The tree also grants bonuses on Area Damage, Fire Damage and causes you to Weaken nearby enemies.


Provides huge amounts of Attack Speed, Skill Radius, Life Regain and also an invaluable defensive Medium Talent which cause you to restore 35% of your missing life when you take a Severe Injury.

<mark style="background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">God of Might</mark>


Provides Tenacity Blessing generation when hitting enemies. It also grants an additional Maximum Tenacity Blessing, this is very important as you need to reach 10 in order to gain the benefit of Varagon Shroud.


Causes you to ignore the enemy Fire Resistance, this applies even if the enemies resistance is lower than 0 making penetration a completely useless stat for this build and something you should never include. This makes damage scaling much simpler as you can focus on other stats, such as Fervor Effect, Multistrike and additional Tenacity Blessings.

<mark style="background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Warlord</mark>


Provides 2 additional Tenacity Blessings, essential for reaching the required 10. It also grants 15% Fire Damage for every Tenacity Blessing you have which scales all of your damage.

Focused Strike

Is a massive 40% additional damage multiplier with the condition that you deal damage as close to the enemy as possible. This synergises perfectly with your skill swap for bosses, Flame Slash, as it gains Steep Strike directions that can overlap and deal multiple instances of damage. This talent can be exchanged for True Flame during Beacons to increase clear speed.

<mark style="background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Bloodstriker</mark>


Changes the effects granted by Tenacity Blessings to instead grant 8% additional Attack Speed and 8% increased Skill Radius. This exchanges the damage reduction granted by Tenacity Blessings for an enormous amount of clear speed and damage for both your Leap Attack and Berserking Blade.

No Lose Ends

Grants an additional 35% damage when you are on Low Life, this state is achieved all the time due to Guttural of the Drowned.

If you do not have the corroded necklace, take Life Path instead.

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Hero Traits

Hero Traits are a distinct set of abilities unique to each Hero that set them apart from the other playable characters. You get a Hero Ability at level 1, and 5 Hero Trait Specialization Points to choose different powerful effects by level 80.

Level 32: Select Rampant Emotions, giving your Seething Spirit an increased chance to deal double damage. This synergises with the Level 50 trait Growing Anger.

Level 62: Select Hysteria, due to the build relying on generating and losing Rage as quickly as possible to re-summon your Seething Spirit; this serves as 40% additional damage.

Level 80: Select Rage Infusion. This is core to the build, allowing it to instantly generate and lose 100 Rage with every Multistrike causing you to rapidly summon your Seething Spirit over and over.

Hero Trail Progression

Hero Relics & Memories

Hero Relics and Memories are new to the Season 2: Blacksail. They let you further customize your Hero Trait offering bonuses to make your build better at what it does best.

Hero Relic

  • Remains of the Father causes enemies to explode when killed dealing up to 10% of their life as Physical Damage. This is then converted to Fire damage from your Talents and is scaled by all your additional Physical and Fire damage resulting in screen wide explosions when one mob dies. The second stat grants 30% increased attack speed because of how frequently you gain and lose Rage.

Hero Memories

  • Chaotic Oracle is essential for the build as it grants you the ability to gain Fervor. This is required to gain the benefits granted by Circular Killing.
  • Sullen Spirit is the final Memory used; look for modifiers with Weapon Damage% and Attack Speed%.
  • Future Burnt Offering is what makes the build work. Every time you reach 100 Rage, you summon your Seething Spirit to deal consecutive Multistrikes; these can be performed while you are moving! This means you can Leap Attack through an entire map and have your Seething Spirit deal all the damage for you.

WARNING: Do not equip Future Burnt Offering in your 5th Engram Slot. Doing so causes you to be Disarmed during Berserk which results in you being unable to attack.


Pactspirits are not a part of a build's core gameplay, but offer small optional bonuses. You can use different Pactspirits to customize your Pact Points.

The build already does a lot of damage, so Survival Pactspirits are a great way to add extra Resistances or Health.

Wanting more damage instead? Look for Attack Pactspirits as these give Multistrike and Critical Strike Damage bonuses.

If your damage and survivability are fine and you want more loot when farming easy content, try Drop Pactspirits.

This is how you allocate your Pact Points.

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