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Skills, Passives & Energy

Last Updated: May 7th 2023

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Learn about the Skills, Passives and Energy Distribution for the Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Build.

Active Skills

Berserking Blade - Main Skill

Berserking Blade is a Slash Strike that deals damage in a circular area around your character; attacking with the skill has a chance to generate a Steep Strike which causes that attack to have a larger area of effect and deal more damage.

  • Critical Strike Damage Increase increases the value of all of the Critical Strike Chance the build gets.
  • Slash Duet gives a massive 200% increased attack speed with Steep Strikes. This bonus is then scaled by all of the additional Attack Speed granted by your Tenacity Blessings.
  • Multistrike allows you to generate more Steep Strikes but also grants your Seething Spirit the ability to attack more times whilst he is active.
  • Elemental Fusion provides an additional 40% damage since you only deal fire damage.
  • Raging Slash grants a 56% additional damage multiplier to Steep Strikes.
Main Skill

Other Active Skills

  • Life Source is the best recovery skill you do not need any mana recovery. Since you are always consider Low-Life, Emergency restoration provides a large increase the total amount of life recovered.
  • Fearless Warcry grants a large additional multiplier to Steep Strikes that is increased by each enemy in it's radius.
  • Leap Attack is the build's Mobility Skill and is your main method of generating Rage.
  • Bull's Rage is a massive multiplier to all Melee Damage. The effect is scaled with the use of Mania, Extended Duration and Mass Effect. The HP penalty is bypassed with Deathwill.
Active Skills

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills seal a portion of your Mana in exchange for giving a bonus while active.

Link Curse on Hit with Scorch to increase the Fire Damage dealt enemies.

Precise: Weapon Amplification is an additional damage multiplier that also gives the build a source of Paralyze.

Precise: Charged Flames and Precise: Acuteness Imbue are additional damage multipliers to further scale your Physical and Fire damage.

Precise: Death Pact automatically casts linked activation skills. Link it to Bloodthirst and Fixate.

It is important to use the Precise version of Death Pact as it has a 100% chance to refresh the linked activation skills duration.

Passive Skills

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.

Energy Distribution

When distributing Energy, each support slot costs more than the last so prioritize skills as demonstrated below.

If you do not have max energy on your items, prioritize completing your Main Skill; Berserking Blade.

From there, assure that all of your Passive Skills are allocated and supported by Restrain and Stand as One.

Finally put the rest of your Energy into your other Active Skills, distribute things evenly until you have all your Energy Allocated.

Energy Distribution

Learn more about the Energy System in our Energy Guide.

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