Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Guide

Welcome to the Seething Rehan Berserking Blade Guide! The goal of this build is to generate and lose Rage to forcefully summon your Seething Spirit allowing you to the demolish screens of enemies without lifting a finger. This is made possible with Future Burnt Offering which causes the spirit to appear whenever Berserk is activated.

This build stacks Tenacity Blessings to gain huge amounts of attack speed via Sacrifice and Varagon Shroud. These high levels of attack speed mean you can Leap Attack rapidly through Beacons and let your Seething Spirit take care of business. All you have to do is loot.

With the Gear shown in this guide the build is capable of completing all the content the game has to offer, but if you're not quite there yet the Budget Variant is going to have you flying through Beacons to farm up more Flame Elementium.

Season 3 added the Statue of the new God and Divinity Slates, granting the build even more power. While some offensive and defensive power was lost with nerfs to Hysteria, Circular Killing and Guttural of the Drowned, Seething Rehan Beserking Blade remains as viable as ever.

Please read the Talents, Hero Traits, Pacts section of this guide for Divinity Slate information!

Best in Slot Gear
Hero Overview

Cheat Death
Insanely Fast ✔
All Content Viable ✔

Multi-strike whilst moving ✔

Weak to Degen
Skill swap for bossing
To fast to pick up loot
Requires specific Legendary items

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Seething Rehan Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!