Order Calling Moto Decayed Mind Summon Spider Tank Guide

Last Updated: 31 May 2023

Season 2 - Blacksail

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The Commander Moto - Order Calling Summon Spider Tank build summons an army of Spiders who shoot at enemies with a barrage of projectiles. This build uses Decayed Mind to convert Minion damage from Physical to Erosion making it easier to scale.

Commander Moto - Order Calling unlocks the Summon Spider Tank Skill at level 7, meaning you can play this build from Chapter 1. However the gear changes quite a lot as you progress into the endgame and gain the ability to equip high level items such as Warden's Breastpin. When gearing keep in mind that unless an affix uses the word "Minion" it probably doesn't apply to Minion Skills.

The biggest advantage this build has is that your Summon Spider Tank Minions cannot die and usually stand still. A lot of Boss Skills target your Minions, completely missing you. This build can take down many pinnacle encounters, including Uber Traveler, Path of the Brave 45, and Uber Keegan. If you want to start this build on a budget, read the guide to get a good understanding of the build's core mechanics then check out the season starter variant.

Best in Slot Gear
Core Overview
Hero Relic & Memories

High Damage ✔
Content Viable ✔
Extremely Mobile Friendly Build
Mobility Skill With No
Cooldown ✔

Bad Defense
May Cause Lag
Needs Very Specific Gear
Relies Corroded Aember mods

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Moto Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!

Gameplay & Build Info

  • Once you have all 6 of your Summon Spider Tanks active, a lot of the work is done. You get to sit back and focus on dodging while the Spiders kill enemies for you.
  • Overload is Moto's Hero Skill which gives your Minions a powerful buff. Last Stand prevents Minions from dying so long as Overload is active, therefore you need to keep Overload active. This is achieved by using Minion buff Skills, use Machine Army on cooldown and Dark Gate when you need to pull Minions towards yourself, if Overload is off cooldown and when you want to temporarily increase their damage by generating Command.
  • The build excels at clearing Beacons quickly, can take down bosses like End of Confusion Traveler or 4 Edict Tidemaster Keegan, and won't run into issues clearing Path of the Brave Stage 45.
  • Combining Gloves of the Mage's Assistant with Winter of Origin lets you use Leap Attack for an extremely fast, very smooth mapping experience.
  • The weakest part of this build is its defenses especially against Erosion damage. Make sure to utilize your Leap Attack to dodge enemy attacks.
  • This build is very easy to get going, and doesn't require any items outside of Decayed Mind to function, making it an excellent choice for your first build of the Season.

Build Scaling


When it comes to Minion builds, a good rule of thumb to follow is: if the affix doesn't have the word "Minion" it probably doesn't scale your damage. Summon Spider Tank is a Synthetic Troop Minion that uses Ranged attacks to deal damage. The best way to scale Minions Skills is with Skill level, so try to get Main Skill Level, Spell Skill Level, Active Skill Level, Minion Skill Level, or Synthetic Troop Skill Level. Because the build uses Recklessness, Minion Life Modifiers are another way to add base damage to your minions.

Remember that once you equip Warden's Breastpin Critical Strike Rating and Critical Strike Damage are also applied to Minions. Isomorphic Arms talent makes modifiers on your Main Weapon also apply to your Minions.

Reaching 6 Summon Spider Tanks through just 1 Skill while using Mechanical Modification is a key part of the build. To achieve that your Synthetic Troop Limit needs to be 12. Summon Spider Tank Level 18+ gives 4, 2x Corroded Decayed Mind adds +4, Corroded Mind Infusion adds +2 and Endless Fortress adds +2. Having 6 Summon Spider Tanks from 1 Skill maximizes their Attack Speed bonus.

Decayed Mind is extremely important to scaling your damage. Physical damage as Extra Erosion damage acts as an Additional Damage multiplier. This lets you support Summon Spider Tank with Passivation which has a significant damage multiplier against high health enemies.

Maintaining Overload is a core Skill for any Moto Player. By default Overload lasts 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 9 seconds. For example, Rest & Ready gives 40% Overload Duration raising the duration to 5.6 seconds. Don't worry, you won't have to do the math and calculate your Overload cooldown or duration. If you trigger Overload on cooldown and never have any Minions die you're good. Otherwise get some more Cooldown Recovery Speed or Skill Effect Duration.

Command is a special buff that you generate automatically thanks to some talents like Medium Talent and by casting Dark Gate. Try to keep Command above 50 while mapping for additional 2 projectiles fired by Summon Spider Tanks and to allow them to penetrate all enemies. While fighting bosses try to generate close to 100 Command when your Minions can deal damage freely.

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