Order Calling Moto Decayed Mind Machine Guard Guide

Commander Moto Summon Machine Guard gives you an army of Golems who charge enemies and deal Melee Area Damage. This build uses Decayed Mind to convert Minion damage from Physical to Erosion making it easier to scale.

Commander Moto - Order Calling starts with the Summon Machine Guard Skill, meaning you can play this build from level 1. However the gear changes quite a lot as you progress into the endgame and gain the ability to equip high level items such as Fiend Crown. When gearing keep in mind that unless an affix uses the word "Minion," it probably doesn't apply to Minion Skills.

The biggest advantage this build has is your Summon Machine Guard Minions cannot die and constantly Taunts enemies. A lot of boss skills target your Minions, completely missing you. This build can take down almost everything, including Uber Traveler, and Uber Keegan. If you want a lower budget version, read the guide to get a good understanding of the build's core mechanics then check out the non-corrosion variant.

Best in Slot Gear
Core Overview

All Content Viable
Super Easy to Gear ✔

Minions Tank For You
Extremely Mobile Friendly Build

Minion Can Be Dumb
Gamer Glasses advised
Low Erosion Resistance
Mobility Skill With a Cooldown

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Moto Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!