Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma Flame Slash Guide

Last Updated: 17 May 2023

Season 3 - Cube of Rapacity

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Welcome to the Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma Flame Slash build! This powerhouse is capable of destroying even the strongest bosses in mere seconds. The combination of Flame Slash and Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma is very popular as it can easily be put together as your first build for the Season. It scales to insane levels of damage and survivability with the correct gear.

While the build demonstrated in this guide is aspirational and requires heavy investment, with some alterations it can be used as early as Level 55, learn more about that in our Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma Leveling Guide here.

Season 3 added the Statue of the new God and Divinity Slates, granting the build even more power. While some defensive power was lost with nerfs Guttural of the Drowned, Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma Flame Slash remains as viable as ever.

Please read the Talents, Hero Traits, Pacts section of this guide for Divinity Slate information!

Best in Slot Gear
Hero Overview

Insane Damage
All Content Viable

Budget Variant Available ✔

Disorienting visuals
❌ Requires specific Legendary Items
Hard to obtain Crafted Items

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Ice-Fire Fusion and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!

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