Charge Calling Moto Season Starter Guide

This Commander Moto Charge Calling Summon Spider Tank Endgame Guide teaches you everything you need to know about how to play this powerful and unique playstyle. Everyone likes explosions and with Charge Calling your minions become walking bombs. This build is a great season starter and clears an incredible amount of content on minimal gear. Legendary items account for a huge amount of damage later in the endgame but aren't required to get started and clear Timemark 7.

Moto Charge Calling has some of the strangest damage scaling in Torchlight Infinite. Self-Destruct is a Melee attack, even when executed by Projectile minions such as Summon Spider Tank. Therefore supports like Steamroll work but Slow Projectile doesn't. Self-Destruct's damage is determined by the Minion's base damage in combination with the sum of its Life and Energy Shield due to Quick Battle. When gearing, keep in mind that unless an affix uses the word "Minion," it probably doesn't apply to Minion Skills.

Guerilla Tactics triggers your Summon Spider Tank constantly as you pick up Mechanical Parts. So even as you run around dodging boss abilities you still do damage. If your Synthetic Troop Minion Limit is less than 6 from your Main Skill, you need to run 2 Summon Spider Tank setups to prevent a damage loss due to overriding a triggered Summon Spider Tank before it can detonate. With enough investment this build can take down everything, including Uber Traveler, Uber Keegan, and Lord of the Void Sea.

Season Starter Gear
Core Overview

All Content Viable
Super Easy to Gear ✔

Great Defenses and Recovery
Extremely Mobile Friendly Build

Janky Playstyle
Active Gameplay
Low Overall Mobility
Extremely Confusing Mechanics

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Moto Leveling Guide (Coming Soon) and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!