Learn about the Charge Calling Moto Season Starter Variant.


Season Starter Summon Grim Phantom Variant


If you can't affort this entire build check out our cheaper Charge Calling Moto Season Starter Guide. This version can clear Timemark 8 zones without any issues allowing you to farm for the full build. Summoning minions with this version of the build is fully automated which provides much smoother mapping experience.


  • ReplaceSummon Spider Tank and Corruption with 2 copies of Summon Grim Phantom Skills to be able to summon 6 Minions with lower Maximum Quantity of Synthetic Troops limit.
  • Get rare Gloves, Rings and Amulet with +Max Life, Resistances, +1 Minions Skill Level on Amulet and Minion Damage on Rings. You can use Horn Ring instead on a rare Ring for more damage and less defense.
  • Use 2 Interlocking Soul preferably with Corroded Restores 3% of Max Life when Summon Skills are used.
Season Starter Variant Gear.