Talents, Hero Traits, Pacts

Learn about the Talents, Hero Traits and Pacts for the Charge Calling Moto Bossing Build.

Talent Tree

Talents give you passive bonuses and are acquired by leveling up and completing key story quests. Use these Minor, Medium, and Major Talents to harness the power of the gods by investing in 3 unique Talent Trees.

Talent Tree Progression

God of Machines

This is your core Talent Tree where you put your first 20 points before moving onto Machinist, then returning here to allocate additional points later.


Allocate 36 points in Machinist. Boss helps reach number of 6 Summon Spider Tank, and Kinetic Conversion provides almost permanent Barrier uptime.


Finally, allocate 36 points in Alchemist and select Source and Active Superflux.

<mark class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">God of Machines</mark>

God of Machines is the core Minion Tree in Torchlight Infinite, with important talents like Medium Talent and Medium Talent. Medium Talent scales your damage via Quick Battle.


On top of providing big bonuses to your Minions damage it lets you summon them much faster. Because your Minions explode immediately after being summoned it is crucial to summon them as fast as possible.

Mighty Guard

+2 Minion Skill Level means yourSpider Tanks gain a significant amount of Life and damage. +4 Command per second with enough investment into other sources of Command generation provides additional damage scaling to your Spider Tanks.

<mark data-darkreader-inline-bgcolor="" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Machinis</mark><mark class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">t</mark>

This is a great supporting tree for Minion builds, offering powerful damage bonuses like Medium Talent, and defensive nodes including, Minor Talent.


Helps reach the Synthetic Troop count required to summon 6 Spider Tanks at once.

Kinetic Conversion

-20% Additional damage taken while moving is nice to have but on top of that every time you move you get Barrier buff which absorbs 50% of damage taken.

<mark data-darkreader-inline-bgcolor="" style="background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Alchemist</mark>

Alchemist offers unparalleled utility. Medium Talent is a life saver on tough boss encounters, many of which inflict DoTs that kill you in under a second.


Lets you use Summon Flame Spirit and Summon Frost Spirit without sealing mana allowing you to use many additional Auras.

Active Superflux

This build is very tanky but doesn't have great recovery. This talent provides additional Life Recovery by converting Mana Regeneration into Life Regeneration once you reach full recoverable Mana. Once you have it, allocate Minor Talent and use Magical Source.

Learn more about Talents here in our Talent Tree Guide.

Divinity Slate

Pedigree of Gods can be used to obtain a Major Talent from anywhere in the tree. Use one with Isomorphic Arms to make modifiers on your weapon apply to your minions as well. If you can't fit all of your Auras try to get Divinity Slates with -% Sealed Mana modifiers. On the remaining ones focus on modifiers listed below:

Damage Medium Talents

  • +1 Minion Skill Level
  • +1 Synthetic Troop Skill Level
  • % Minion Max Life
  • + 3 Command per second

Defensive Medium Talents

  • Erosion Resistance
  • 8% of damage taken is transferredto a random Minion
  • % Max Life
  • % Barrier Absorption

Beyond that, look for Command generation, -% Sealed Mana, Minion Damage increases, Minion Critical Strike modifiers, Erosion Resistance and Maximum Life on Divinity Slate Minor Talent Affixes.

Hero Traits

Hero Traits are a distinct set of abilities unique to each Hero that set them apart from the other playable characters. You get a Hero Ability at level 1, and 5 Hero Trait Specialization Points to choose different powerful effects by level 80.

Level 32 unlock Quick Battle to scale your Self-Destruct damage with Minion Life and Energy Shield. This also causes Minions to initiate Self-Destruct Protocol when gaining overload as opposed to when losing it.

Level 62 choose Guerilla Tactics, this automates a lot of your damage by triggering your Main Skill if it is a Synthetic Troop when you pick up Mechanical Parts. On top of that, picking up Mechanical Parts increases the damage of Self-Destruct Protocol by up to 60%.

Level 80 Select Meaningful Death up to 125% Overload effect and 1% additional damage for every 2% Overload effect.

Hero Trait Progression


Pactspirits are not a part of a build's core gameplay, but offer small optional bonuses. You can use different Pactspirits to customize your Pact Points.

The build already does a lot of damage, so Survival Pactspirits are a great way to add extra Resistances or Health.

Wanting more damage instead? Look for Summon Pactspirits as these give critical strike bonuses.

If your damage and survivability are fine and you want more loot when farming easy content, try Drop Pactspirits.

This is how you allocate your Pact Points.

Learn more about Pacts in our Boons and Pacts Guide