Skills & Passives

Summon Spider Tank - Main Skill

Use Summon Spider Tank to summon charging minions that initiate Self-Destruct Protocol as long as you triggered Overload in the past 5s. Summon Spider Tank is the Skill of choice because Spider Tanks gain 6% additional damage per summoned Spider Tank which affects Self-Destruct Protocol damage. You summon 3 minions with one cast thanks to Preparation and you can have up to 6 minions at once thanks to Boss, Mind Infusion, 2 Decayed Mind and at least level 18 of Summon Spider Tank.

On top of casting Summon Spider Tank yourself you can trigger it automatically with Miniature Void Sea and Guerilla Tactics as long as Summon Spider Tank is your Main Skill. For more information on Skill types check out our Skill System Overview guide.

  • Mechanical Modification halves the number of Synthetic Troops the supported skill summons in exchange for making them much more powerful.
  • Maniacal Army is required to reach the 6 minion limit.
  • Steamroll and Precision Strike increases the damage dealt by Self-Destruct Protocol because it is considered as Melee Area Attack.
  • Your Critical Strike Chance is close to 100% so Critical Strike Damage Increase greatly increases your damage.
Summon Spider Tank 6 link setup.

Other Active Skills

  • Blink is your primary movement skill. Use it to dodge attacks from bosses. Swap to Leap Attack for mapping.
  • Compound Potion is your main source of Life recovery. Thanks to Medium Talent it also removes any damage over time applied to you.
  • Protection Field is a great defensive ability for Minions builds which transfers portion of damage taken to Minions.
  • Corruption is a curse that increases Erosion damage taken by enemies affected by it. Make sure to cast it frequently on bosses to ensure high uptime.
Active Skills

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills seal a portion of your Mana in exchange for giving a bonus while active.

In the first Passive Skill link we use Auras that increase damage dealt by minions. Precise: Weapon Amplification increases Physical damage dealt. Your Minions deal Erosion damage thanks to Decayed Mind so Erosion Enhancement increases their damage further.

Because you only care about these Auras affecting Minions you can take advantage of Selfless support to reduce Mana Sealed by these Auras. Restrain and Stand as One are used to reduce the amount of Sealed Mana even more as well as give a boost to the aura effect of supported Skills.

Passive Skills

In the second Passive Skill link use Summon Flame Spirit and Summon Frost Spirit to summon 2 additional minions that increase damage deal by Summon Spider Tank thanks to Miniature Void Sea. On top of that Summon Flame Spirit provides increased Critical Strike Rating to you which thanks to Warden's Breastpin is provided to Minions as well. Summon Frost Spirit increases your Mana regeneration rate which is also applied to your Life thanks to Active Superflux.

In the final Passive skill link use the Auras that you want to be applied both to yourself as well as the Minions. Precise: Fearless increases critical strike rating and critical strike damage dealt by Minions. Thanks to Warden's Breastpin these Critical bonuses are applied to Minions second time. Precise: Rejuvenation increases your Life regeneration rate and Precise: Magical Source increases it further thanks to Active Superflux.

Learn more about the Active & Passive Skill System in our Skill System Overview.