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  • Summon Spider Tank Charge Calling Moto is a high damage and high Survivability build designed to take down all of the Pinnacle Encounters in the game.
  • It's one of the easiest builds to start the season with, it requires zero investment to be able to clear Timemark 7 maps without any issues.
  • Swap gloves for Gloves of the Mage's Assistant and Blink for Leap Attack for high mobility while mapping.
  • Most of the Pinnacle Encounters deal Erosion damage so try to reach as close as possible to 75% Erosion Resistance from Helmet, Body Armor and Divinity Slates.
  • Make sure to pick up enough Mechanical Parts to keep up 25 stacks of increased Overload effect per stack.


Written by: Zen_M,
Reviewed by: Tenkiei


May 19th 2023
Changed Skill of choice from Machine Guards to Spider Tanks

May 9th 2023
Published for Season 3