Learn about the Gear Progression for the Charge Calling Commander Moto Boss Killer Build.

Gear Setup

The equipment shown is core to the build. Great care must be placed to make sure all defensive/offensive thresholds are met in order for the build to operate at its best. If you wish to learn about how to craft your own gear like this please refer to our crafting guides.

This is an Endgame build, and all Legendary items used are essential unless stated otherwise in the following embed.

Make sure to get +6 Maximum Synthetic Troop Minion Quantity total from gear to reach required threshold to be able to summon 6 Minions with just one Skill.

Gear Setup.

Vindicator Maul

Minion Skill Level, Minion Life, Minion Damage, Minion Critical Strike Damage, Minion Critical Strike Rating are the best ways ways to scale Spider Tanks damage.
% Critical Strike Damage is applied to your minions thanks to Warden's Breastpin and Isomorphic Arms that you get thanks to the Pedigree of Gods and yes it is being applied twice!


Long Night Sorcerer's Mask

The main goal for a Helmet is capping Resistances and getting Max Life, if you can get damage through Critical Strike Damage and Minion Max Life. -8% Sealed Mana is required to be able to fit all Auras.

Stat Priority:

  • Erosion Resistance
  • -8% Sealed Mana
  • Minion Max Life
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Fire, Cold, Lightning Resistance

Fallen Knight's Armor

The main goal for a Body Armor is capping Resistances and getting Max Life, if you can get damage through Minion Max Life. +2 Active Skill Level provides massive amounts of damage.

Stat Priority:

  • Erosion Resistance
  • % Max Life
  • Minion Max Life
  • Fire, Cold, Lightning Resistance

Miniature Void Sea

These Gloves provide massive amounts of damage thanks to up to 5% Minion Damage for every additional Minion you have mod. Because most of the time you summon a total of 8 Minions you gain at least 40% additional damage from this mod alone. Minions that triggered Self-Destruct Protocol and didn't detonate yet no longer count towards Minions limit allowing you to get more than 56% additional damage from this mod. On top of that these Gloves let you Summon Spider Tank automatically every 3s when you move.

Make sure to use a pair with Corroded Restoration Skills: 80% Restoration Duration. If you use an uncorroded version your Compound Potion has significantly reduced effect.


Mind Infusion

Desired Stats:

  • Corroded +2 Maximum Synthetic Troop Quality is required to reach 6 Spider Tanks cap.
  • +1 to Minion Skill Level helps to scale your Spider Tanks to have more Life and deal more damage. Try to get a Corroded version with +2 Minion Skill Level for even more damage!
  • +Max Life and % gear Armor provides a massive boost to your defense
  • Try to get as low % Skill Cost as possible.

Warden's Breastpin

Desired Stats:

  • Because Self-Destruct Protocol damage is converted to Erosion make sure to get Corroded version of Your Minions cannot deal Physical Damage modifier otherwise your minions will deal no damage!
  • % of Critical Strike Rating and Critical Strike Damage are also applied to Minions scales their damage further by using your own Critical Strike Rating and Critical Strike Damage.

Decayed Mind

Desired Stats:

  • You need both Rings with Corroded +2 Maximum Synthetic Troop Quality to be able to summon 6 Spider Tanks with just 1 Skill.
  • Aim for Corroded % Elemental Resistance if you need more Resistances, otherwise get Adds % of Max Life to Minions Energy Shield.
  • WARNING: if your -% Sealed Mana roll is too low you cannot activate all of the necessary Auras.

Winter of Origin

This belt provides a massive amount of damage by providing up to 6 stacks of Focus Blessing and converting the effect of each stack to +6% additional Minion Damage. Make sure to get one with equal or higher roll of Own x additional stacks of Focus Blessing than the roll of 10-20% Additional Cooldown Recovery Speed when you have less than x stacks of Focus Blessing.

Hero Relic & Memories

Hero Relics

The best relic for this build is Void Eater with 3 unlocked engrams in position 1, 3 and 5. The reason why position of engrams matters is because this relic provides additional Hero Memory effect for even-numbered engrams per empty odd-numbered engram and increased effect for odd-numbered engrams per empty even-numbered engram. This means that the Memories you put in slots 1, 3 and 5 have 200-240% increased effect depending on the roll. Void Eater with perfect combination of locked and unlocked engrams might be expensive so getting a cheaper one with a different combination is also a good option. If you can't afford even cheaper version use Overloading Core with % Hero Memory Effect and Adds 1-2 Physical Damage to Attacks for every 212-408 Max Life of Minion modifiers.

Hero Memories

On your Excess Capacity look for a tier 1 additional Self-Destruct Damage triggered by Self-Destruct Protocol. For the second modifier go for Adds 5-25% of player's Max Life to the Base Life of Minions which lets you scale your Minions damage with your own Life.

Mistakes to Avoid

1. Make sure your Summon Spider Tank is your Main Skill

The reason why we want to be able to summon 6 Spider Tanks with just 1 Skill is so that we can use Corruption and to save some energy for extra Auras. Make sure Summon Spider Tank is in your first Skill Slot to benefit from that modifier. More on Skill types in our Skill System Overview guide.

2. Use Corroded Miniature Void Sea

Make sure to use a pair with Corroded Restoration Skills: 80% Restoration Duration. If you use an uncorroded version your Compound Potion has significantly reduced effect.

3. Do not summon minions too fast

If you hold Summon Spider Tank Skill button some of the Minions resummon before they trigger Self-Destruct Protocol which means they are gonna die instantly and not deal any damage. Pay attention to the number of active Minions on your skill bar and summon new ones once you have less than 6 active.

2. Avoid using an Uncorroded Warden's Breastpin

If your Minions can only deal Physical damage, but also have their Physical damage converted to Erosion damage, they are unable to deal damage at all.