Charge Calling Moto Boss Killer Guide

Welcome to the Charge Calling Moto Boss Killer Build Guide. This version of the build takes advantage of insane damage dealt by exploding minions to take down bosses extremely fast and utilizes strong defensive mechanics such as Barrier to survive their attacks.

This build can take down the hardest pinnacle encounters such as 3 Invitation Lord of the Void Sea, Uber Keegan and Path of the Brave level 5 but these are only possible with proper investment. If you are looking for a cheaper version please check out our Charge Calling Moto Season Starter Guide.

Best in Slot Gear
Best In Slot Hero Overview
Best in Slot Hero Relic and Memories

Minion Build
Strong Defense ✔
Clears All Content

Can Start On Low Budget ✔

Charge Calling Boss Killer

Minion Build
Minions May Cause Lag
Many Legendary Items
Need To Swap Items For Mapping

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 80+. Check out the Moto Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!

Gameplay & Key Build Info

  • To deal damage with this build use Summon Spider Tank to summon Minions that trigger Self-Destruct Protocol as long as you triggered Overload in the past 5s. Summon more Minions continuously as soon as previous ones trigger Self-Destruct Protocol by picking up Mechanical Parts.
  • Use Corruption to deal more damage to bosses.
  • Use Compound Potion to quickly recover your Life.
  • Use Protection Field on cooldown, or time it well to reduce damage taken from big hits by transferring portion of damage taken to Minions.
  • For much faster mapping swap Blink for Leap Attack and Miniature Void Sea for Gloves of the Mage's Assistant.
  • While it may be expensive to put together, you can play it on a low budget and farm Timemark 7 and 8 zones until you can afford all items.

Build Scaling

<mark class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Offense</mark>

When it comes to Minion builds, a good rule of thumb to follow is: if the affix doesn't have the word "Minion," it probably doesn't scale your damage. But because Self-Destruct Protocol deals Melee damage, you should use supports such as Steamroll. The best way to scale Minions Skills is with skill level, so try to get Spell Skill Level, Active Skill Level, Minion Skill Level, or Synthetic Troop Skill Level. Because Quick Battle adds portion of Minion Life and Energy Shield to damage, Minion Life Modifiers are another way to get bigger explosions. Hero Memories like Excess Capacity add a massive amount of damage as you stack Life.

It's very important to put your Summon Spider Tank in your Main Skill Slot. Guerilla Tactics and Miniature Void Sea automatically trigger your Main Skill, if you cast the skill manually at the same time it overrides the summoned Minions killing them instantly before they explode. Pay attention to the number of active Minions on your skill bar and summon new ones once you have less than 6 active. Once Minions trigger Self-Destruct Protocol there is a short period of time before they detonate. During that time they are no longer counted towards Minion limit allowing you to have more that 6 minions active at the same time.

Isomorphic Arms lets modifiers on your weapon affect your minions so you can scale them with modifiers like Increased Critical Strike Damage.

Scaling Minion Critical Strike Chance and Minion Critical Strike Damage is a great way to get your Spider Tanks to hit harder. When you get Warden's Breastpin Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage applies to your Minions as well.

<mark style="background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" class="has-inline-color has-light-gray-color">Defense</mark>

Barrier is a powerful defensive bonus which absorbs 50% of your damage taken while active allowing you to survive hits which would otherwise kill you. You gain Barrier after moving and when receiving a Savage Hit. Because Barrier can absorb damage equal to 20% of your combined Life and Energy Shield the more Life you have, the larger the Barrier.

When you reach full Mana (accounting for Sealed Mana) Active Superflux applies Mana Regeneration to Life. This means the build has incredible recovery healing up from large hits within seconds. To increase the healing, % Mana Regenerated Per Second, and Life Regeneration Rate are great stats to grab. This is also why the build uses Summon Frost Spirit for more Mana regeneration.

Kinetic Conversion gives you damage reduction while moving, so whenever you are not summoning Minions make sure to move for additional defenses. Remember that you still deal damage while moving by picking up Mechanical Parts that trigger your Main skill. Most of the Pinnacle Encounters deal a lot of Erosion damage so try to get as close as possible to 75% Erosion Resistance cap using corroded Fallen Knight's Armor, Long Night Sorcerer's Maskand Divinity Slates.