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Video Guide and other resources for the Bing: Blast Nova Leveling Build.

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  • Bing is a solid starting class, with accessible gearing options all the way into the endgame.
  • Unique playstyle. Essentially a trapper/miner, this won't be for everyone!
  • Attack and Cast speed increase the number of bombs thrown and your overall damage, this makes Dexterity Stacking a very potent option for endgame scaling.
  • Pay attention to the Energy on gear from level 42 onward. Use the Gear Empower feature to enhance the Energy on quality items as you approach level 80.
  • Prioritize Pact Points in this order: Elemental Resistance, Damage, Reduced damage taken, Drops.


Written by: Milkybk_
Reviewed by: Facefoot, Xtra


May 9th 2023
Published for Season 3